Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Remember, my blogs will survive my death.

".......Hallo, the blogger nwotruthresearch wrote to me to know if in Redmond Washington there's a particular intelligence center. He received multiple and at the same time visits from various IP there located (as for example they were in a single office or building). I answered that probably it could have been Douglas Willinger the one who could have caused such a visit (informing other people of a post with interesting matter - But they didn't use Google translator .  ) as I thought Washington as y our city. Then I discovered that Washington is the state, not the city: "Redmond is best known as the home of Microsoft, for which Redmond has become a metonym."........".


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I get a disproportionate number of visits from Mountain-view CALIFORNIA and Sunneyvale CALIFORNIA - as if these are relays to prevent the viewer from being identified.

avles said...

I even don't trust my blogs as I am convinced that what I see after I wrote is different from what a visitor can see. I even don't trust that this comment will be issued as I wrote it.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I suspect the authorities use filtering to hide things from the public that we already see.