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I stay with Klingsor


Above video - from "Wagner - Parsifal Vorspiel": very fascinating the central theme of the intro and of the whole Wagnerian drama. Especially fitted for advertisements of mineral waters coming from the Alpine peaks and praised by Reinhold Messner. URL:

To tell the truth probably the spies around me are fewer than I imagined, at the job and everywhere else. You don't need of many spies. Then to manipulate that little social environment where I dilute my free-time is a more difficult task than to think it. And inside my home the stealth cameras are probably not working well. As you can see for the hope there's always a space. But this question, the sexual question, it exists, no matter how you cover or hide it.

Things have to be cleaned from ambiguity. The more you are alone the more you become obsessed with sex. You make thousands of times more sins than people who materially fornicates because the Bible is clear: “only to look a woman with lust this is adultery”. This means that the ones who have a sexual partner, quite an unlawful (from the point of view of the Bible) partner, commit lesser adultery than you who are alone. In fact starving people thinks to food more intensely and more frequently than the ones who can regularly eat. If you don't believe it go in Biafra or Black Africa and do there an opinion poll. Make me know. Sexuality is no different. When you haven't the attention of a potential partner you are obsessed by the lack of it. Consequence: the willing Christian start to fight his/her instinct with the Bible. Soon the Bible receives sexual colors because the use of it is built on the sexual obsession.

At a certain point the situation arrives to a cul de sac: a psychological martyrdom till death. The condition of the subject quickly becomes worse. First I should no more exit those pair of days per week in some pubs or bars. In fact you don’t go in pubs to preach but to see for a potential partner, let’s be sincere. You go to search an exit from solitude, loneliness, stress at job, etc. Therefore you should remain at home praying. But all that could easily heavier the psychological condition, in a vicious circle. Of hypocrisies.

There it would be only way of exit: castration. Bear in mind, I’m no joking. Did the Bible prohibit willing castration? Or any similar modern chemical method to erase the sexual desire? For what I know the Bible not. In any case, if I’m wrong, please, inform me. Therefore if for the good (in my case male) Christian it doesn’t matter how to gain it but the result, i.e. to not satisfy the sexuality, this is only what matters and it should be not difficult to imagine that a sort of castration could finally liberate him from that deep desire against which he is fighting in vane with all his will. But how many Christians would castrate themselves?

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Of course they answer that “you must have descendants”, but the problem is well contained in the other verse of the New Testament where Jesus told you that …”if your eye lead you to the Hell, pluck it out!” [see Mt 5:29 - KJV]. Here of course it deals not only of eyes but of other organs, genital organs. If you answer to me that Jesus intended not what he said, this could make ruing the entire Bible as we should start to doubt the word of God. If you answer to me that sexual desire is permitted by God in order to see how much intensity and sincerity there's in your faith then.... the deprivation of so important organs, shouldn't it be a test for the sincerity and depth of your faith? At the end of all you can always adopt others’ sons and daughters if you cannot have yours. And as you saw above castration can be avoided and chemicals can do the job.

Yes, really, once I thought to castration. I didn't have the courage to thought to it as applied directly to me but at least as a sort of speculative hypothesis respect the “sexual and Bible question”. Before you start to launch against me your stones, wait a moment and go further with what I am going to tell to you.

Significantly in the most Roman Catholic work of Wagner (a betrayal of his Protestant original faith), the antisemitic drama “Parsifal”, Klingsor castrated himself in order to gain the purity from sin, meanwhile the knights (he betrayed) not. Useless to say that Klingsor who “plucked out” his genital organ in order to not fall in temptation is the Bad Guy, meanwhile the knights are the Good Guys. Klingsor, who eradicated the biological source of the desire is the “villain” and the “coward” who refuse to face the desire the same and is only able to “escape from it” (with the support of the “witch” Kundri). At the opposite we are ordered to believe that the knights are “heroes” because they courageously are fighting against the satanic desire in every moment of their life. But unfortunately our Richard Wagner didn’t point out if in order to appear more “heroic”, the 'Good' knights used also to provoke their desire with images of naked women in order to demonstrate that they are able to fight any level of satanic excitement, and not only the usual low level of excitement typical of a solitary retreat. When you want to demonstrate your force in a duel, to personally chose the rival means a fake.

The true sense of this Jesuitical anti-semite drama is that the knights are thousands of times more hypocrite than Klingsor.

Klingsor is a sincere man. With the tragic self-castration Klingsor admitted the truth: “I cannot resist my desire”. This is true sincerity. At the opposite the knights are the climax of falsity and hypocrisy. They too uses 'external' aids to overwhelm the desire: isolation and a context enemy to the sexual desire. A strict control of the environment. No more or less artificial, no more or less 'spiritual' than the scissors of Lorena Bobbit (and Klingsor). The hypocrite 'Good Guys' didn't pluck out their bowls but only in order to exhibit a falsity, the alleged capability to resist the desire. They are 'Good' but not stupid. Their scissors cut the external source of excitement. And as their scissors are invisible they of course are the 'heroes'. Meanwhile Klingsor....

The true satanic juice of this Wagnerian fable tells us that the proper impotence respect a successful fight against the sexual desire must never be declared and this is the greatest sin. I intend the declaration of impotence, of defeat, this is the enemy N. 1 for this Romish and Jesuitical sexual moral of end XIX century.

Not a coincidence that Richard Wagner with his Parsifal implemented and created the artistic standard for the later ecumenical policy of the Jesuit order. Hitler was enthusiast of Wagner. In Vienna he watched the Lohengrin hundreds of times. The Jesuits' policy of cultural and ideological trickery was aimed to appease Protestant Prussia and push her to a new friendly approach towards the secular enemy, the Jesuit order, in the name of a new Alliance, the one to be signed with the Arian blood against the Jewish blood. Final product of this ecumenism – as well explained by me in my The Amber Path Blog – was a Titanic named “Nazism” where the rescue boats were ready only for the Roman Catholic and traitor Protestant Germany. And the false Fliegender Austrian Hitler did the job.

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Confront the date

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