Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Confront the date


Jesuit-Masonic intelligence forced me to change decisions I took before and I cannot no more subscribe.

Above image - please control the data of the download of the pictures above enlisted. And confront it with the comment appeared in the Douglas Willinger blog:


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Blogger nikki said...
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July 8, 2013 at 6:59 PM

Under the post:

    The same day 8 July I for the first time in my life downoladed pornographic pictures from the web. Yes, I know that it is against the Bible. Amen. But what interest to me here is to make you aware how much you are monitored in your web surfing. They are controlling me every second of my life, I just know that nearly all the colleagues in my job are simply spies (just to make an example). I know that they are even shaping this little environment of semi-friends I have built outside my home and the job. I know that they are monitoring me even inside my home (with the today technology is a joke). 

My idea - after this provocation - is to really use that pornographic site. I challenge the Jesuits in to disclose my eventual future sexual virtual encounters. 

The problem is: why Douglas Willinger allowed to publish a comment with such a pornographic content? Didn't he visited this site before to allow the publication? Or he too know something?


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Maybe because they added or changed the link? I have no recollection of ever approving porn in my blog comments.

avles said...

Boh, maybe it was an episode of cyberwar, as now I don't see the comment, meanwhile once it was present below the post, probably they add and cancel comments as they want.