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Calderoli = ROMAN CATHOLIC North League; Cécile Kyenge = loyal ROMAN CATHOLIC.



 Above three images - description: see REFERENCES. An excerpt from Wikipedia page: "Missionaries were allowed only on sufferance and Leopold was able to keep quiet the Belgian Catholics. Nevertheless, rumours circulated so Leopold ran an enormous publicity campaign to discredit them, even creating a bogus Commission for the Protection of the Natives to root out the "few isolated instances" of abuse. Publishers were bribed, critics accused of running secret campaigns to further other nations' colonial ambitions, and eyewitness reports from missionaries such as William Henry Sheppard dismissed as attempts by Protestants to smear honest Roman Catholic priests. For at least a decade, Leopold was successful. The secret was out, but few believed it. (See: The Congo Free State Propaganda War)".

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 “We know some see it this way, 
and some see it that way, 
but you know God knows”

[a pastor's preach after 
Zimmerman sentence]

    Roman Catholicism has very much to hide respect the topic "racism". Just see the history of Congo Belga  and various business with 'nigger' slaves (a businness held together with Islamic traders). But a well engineered world theatrical played farce, can re-build (like in the North Adriatic regions and Istria) a Roman Catholic never-existed virginity.

"Top Italian senator Roberto Calderoli slammed for comparing black minister Cecile Kyenge to orang-utan 

Sunday 14 July 2013

Right-wing leader Roberto Calderoli faces calls from Italian cabinet to resign"


    Remember that the standard of North League of Calderoli is Alberto da Giussano, the [probably never existed] commander of the papal army which defeated Barbarossa. Therefore Alberto da Giussano is the symbol of the ULTRAMONTANE ideology and the North League a tool of ULTRAMONTANISM. Remember how six years ago I explained to you in the first The Unhived Mind how the ULTRAMONTANE ROMAN CATHOLIC North League was backed also from (old Ledochowsky's & Wittelsbach's Himmler's) München:

"It is very well understood, however, that Monaco is entirely under the control of Ledochowski, that proud, imperious, and able Pole who made Bismarck such worlds of trouble in the old Kulturkampf day and who has been able to impose his will very often upon even the present Pope. This powerful man was in a German prison when Pius IX created him a Cardinal in 1875.


and reported in:

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       A worl-wide coordination with the recent facts in U.S.A.? Knights of Columbus? C.I.A.?? (Catholics In Action)?....:

"Utah pastors react to Zimmerman verdict"


    ....and then of course it came NELSON MANDELA. Without offense, but was the "apartheid" another tool of Rome to re-build never-existed virginity?

  'Sweet' tribute to Nelson Mandela


A portrait of the former South African President Nelson Mandela has been made with 5,000 cupcakes.
The tribute was created by children with cancer and volunteers from a charity in Johannesburg as part of the celebrations for his 95th birthday on 18 July


    Remember the 95 Thesis of Martin Luther with which it  started the greatest Christian schism. 

".....dismissed as attempts by Protestants to smear honest Roman Catholic priests".

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Loyolist/Vatican swinery in Congo [and Italy].

And see the same dynamics of erasing/manipulating the memory in North Adriatic regions performed and implemented by the same forces loyalist to the pope and to the Jesuits [I just came in knowledge of recent acts of physical terrorism against individuals in Istria and of which at the moment I cannot say the more, meanwhile the media here and there are singing the false trumpets of a fake appeasement, and this in the name of the policy of annihilation of the historical true connivance between three ethnic groups, Italians, Croatians and Slovenian in Istria]:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Virginity of Rome rebuilt with the Foibe of Illyria


In case they erased the two pictures at the top of the post, here's the URL:

".....Mutilated people from Congo Free State......." 

".....Monument in Arlon (Belgium)."I have undertaken the work in Congo in the interest of civilisation and for the good of Belgium."....."


 ".....King Leopold's Soliloquy by Mark Twain [Paperback]......."

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