Sunday, July 28, 2013



My blofgs arw asurrofgateof my mental ill onwhere I tru to calm il todwn,expecially my inesxitent and painful relation with the womens' worol who recently caused me a recpveru in he psychiatricsercice, due to imossibility to hav a relation wit the other part of ujnierse, to whom i'm commdanned frfom the fbith of my life. <<I didn' sleep no morew and the3yu conrtratinee me to slee p wirth chemicals .Yçou can hav eA reltion any tiew tryihnf ro ao it fails youi aare constraoomed to see around ou nor,al sexjual relation witjh paar of pèepole menawhile a fprcekeèpè all tahat awaòy from  you you mur only see don' touchj necau ypu ,iust die opf siufferemce. it òlile apartheid or Missisipi burning. òypu are the nigger and you must not tp wjhat the opther "withes" are doong (lpove, exual ecnouters) if you try to do they assaULT Youk and destroy youe i licw betwwen demonsa ANDS WOMNW who wihtrthwie bwhAVIOUE Provokr you in orfer to instigate reaction of destrestriction. I m writing on effect of poerful medcine as i annot jhav wo,em I askede erasomg mu sexaò desore-

DJ Food - Full Bleed


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