Monday, July 29, 2013

a dignitose way to detroy my blogs


just to tell you about me-

Frideay evewning was at a party in abar plenty of women and girl who plesantly were interacting with other mlale preparing for the sexual enccounetres and I waS LOOKING as acroos abullett proof glass another wolrd probibited to me. NO i cannot have entercourse with women is prohibited to mefor this reason am im in cue by national helath psychiatric departmente. THen I went home and slept only on hour, then I wake up and started to walp upa and donw by my corridor for three hour as usually doing in my night obsessed by the idea: why I caNNOT have a partner, social and sexual? WHich is the force hiondering it to me
? I walked till th emoment to go job than afterjob I went to Psychiatric dept. where they told me the matter is serious and shoted some powerful mediccin e tto me wqho ar dkeepoing me calm downn. NO hopo n thies world, the one who fuck rules the one who don't fuck

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