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a dignitose way to detroy my blogs


just to tell you about me-

Frideay evewning was at a party in abar plenty of women and girl who plesantly were interacting with other mlale preparing for the sexual enccounetres and I waS LOOKING as acroos abullett proof glass another wolrd probibited to me. NO i cannot have entercourse with women is prohibited to mefor this reason am im in cue by national helath psychiatric departmente. THen I went home and slept only on hour, then I wake up and started to walp upa and donw by my corridor for three hour as usually doing in my night obsessed by the idea: why I caNNOT have a partner, social and sexual? WHich is the force hiondering it to me
? I walked till th emoment to go job than afterjob I went to Psychiatric dept. where they told me the matter is serious and shoted some powerful mediccin e tto me wqho ar dkeepoing me calm downn. NO hopo n thies world, the one who fuck rules the one who don't fuck

Dj Food - The Riff



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My blofgs arw asurrofgateof my mental ill onwhere I tru to calm il todwn,expecially my inesxitent and painful relation with the womens' worol who recently caused me a recpveru in he psychiatricsercice, due to imossibility to hav a relation wit the other part of ujnierse, to whom i'm commdanned frfom the fbith of my life. <<I didn' sleep no morew and the3yu conrtratinee me to slee p wirth chemicals .Yçou can hav eA reltion any tiew tryihnf ro ao it fails youi aare constraoomed to see around ou nor,al sexjual relation witjh paar of pèepole menawhile a fprcekeèpè all tahat awaòy from  you you mur only see don' touchj necau ypu ,iust die opf siufferemce. it òlile apartheid or Missisipi burning. òypu are the nigger and you must not tp wjhat the opther "withes" are doong (lpove, exual ecnouters) if you try to do they assaULT Youk and destroy youe i licw betwwen demonsa ANDS WOMNW who wihtrthwie bwhAVIOUE Provokr you in orfer to instigate reaction of destrestriction. I m writing on effect of poerful medcine as i annot jhav wo,em I askede erasomg mu sexaò desore-

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Remember, my blogs will survive my death.

".......Hallo, the blogger nwotruthresearch wrote to me to know if in Redmond Washington there's a particular intelligence center. He received multiple and at the same time visits from various IP there located (as for example they were in a single office or building). I answered that probably it could have been Douglas Willinger the one who could have caused such a visit (informing other people of a post with interesting matter - But they didn't use Google translator .  ) as I thought Washington as y our city. Then I discovered that Washington is the state, not the city: "Redmond is best known as the home of Microsoft, for which Redmond has become a metonym."........".

On Costumes, masques and portraits


Above image - the Counter Reformation wearing a masque.

The Devil Wears Merkel - by Beppe Grillo

[reported also in References]

    As regards costumes and masques, the recent article by Beppe Grillo is plenty of old echoes....:

 Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Pope Fawkes


Never ask himself who is behind Germany and his economy, only use the name in a negative way:

The Devil Wears Merkel [by Beppe Grillo]

diavolo_veste_merkel.jpg The last time there was a default in Italy was 3 September 1992 when the President of the Council, Amato went on TV and announced the devaluation of the lira. Devaluing the currency that you control and that is used to give a value to your public debt is equivalent to restructuring the debt in relation to foreign creditors. Italy’s devaluation was triggered by the fact that it couldn’t pay the interest on the public debt at the exchange rates fixed by the European Monetary System (EMS). Twenty one years later, Italy still has its hands tied, then it was the EMS, now it’s the Euro. Italy has to pay interest on the public debt amounting to 2,047 billion, and that amount is increasing. Just in the month of May, the debt increased by 32 billion and we’ll have to pay about 1.5 billion euro extra in interest for the year.
What’s happened in the past is useful to understand what’s going to happen in our country in the future. In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, the debt/GDP ratio nearly doubled: it went up from 60% to 110%, and this happened because in 1981 the Treasury gained full autonomy (in what is referred to as a “divorce”) from the Bank of Italy. Since that moment, the State has not been able to count on an internal lender to borrow from and it has had to offer ever increasing interest rates to finance the debt. If in 1982 Italy paid real interest rates close to zero on its debt, in the ten year period that followed, that reached an average of 5.5% with spikes of 8%. It is thus the explosion of the interest on the accumulated debt that has taken the debt to unsustainable levels. An immense Ponzi-scheme where, in the absence of growth, the interest is paid by issuing new debt. As Alberto Bagnai says in his book "Tramonto dell’Euro“ {Sunset of the Euro}, basically, the result is a net transfer of national income from the provision of primary services to the tax payers (health, education, security) to those to whom the debt is owing, mainly Italian and foreign banks. But why is there this absurd divide? Because that’s what Europe is asking us to do , the Europe of the EMS that we joined in 1978 tying our hands and feet to a rigid and penalising exchange rate that obliged us to give up the possibility of using devaluation as a tool.


It would have been enough to insist on the equalization of the balance of trade rather than having a requirement to balance the budget, to have a completely different story that would have clipped the wings of Northern Europe’s mercantilism. Because Italian politics is bowing down to the will of Germany, what has become the priority is the protection of the debt (public or private) held abroad, and most of this debt is generated by the perverse mechanism of the Euro and the EMS. Italian politics has sold its soul to the Teutonic devil in exchange for its own survival but at the expense of the population that is suffering under the conditions of austerity and deflation that have been imposed on it.
If Italy doesn’t react, then the market will do so using its universal language: there’ll soon be a rise in the interest rates required to such a point that our debt will not be sustainable.

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Pope Fawkes


Well, clear why they liquidated the masque "Guy Chavez" in Jesuits' Cuba?

Was I wrong when I wrote this?
    Saturday, March 23, 2013

    The Emperor's thumb: bye bye Chavez [and Tyndale].

Bye bye Hugo. Now the scenes are for the world emperor only.

Perfectly confirmed by the visit of Jesuit's' operative  SJ Jorge Mario "emperor Francis" Bergoglio in Brazil. The scenes of hysteria remind to me the Tavistock's mass-psychiatry experiments with the Beatles:

        Pope In Brazil:Thousands Mob Pontiff's Car

        10:40am UK, Tuesday 23 July 2013
        The Pope stays calm after a security blunder lets the public get a little too close for comfort on the streets of Rio de Janiero.


With the great world distraction of the "royal baby":

        It's a boy! Catherine gives birth to royal baby
        By Dana Ford. Laura Smith-Spark and Richard Allen Greene, CNN
        July 23, 2013 -- Updated 0607 GMT (1407 HKT)
        URL :

And this, were all those previous riots in Brazil planned just-in-time to prepare the atmosphere of hysteria for the arrival of SJ Bergoglio?

        Brazil—Riots, World Youth Day and Pope Francis

        July 10, 2013  •  From
        What possible connection could there be between recent riots in Brazil, the Vatican’s World Youth Day and Pope Francis?
        As one observer commented, “Something changed in Brazil and we’re still trying to figure out what really happened. Suddenly everybody is out on the streets protesting against problems that are so old they are considered part of the Brazilian culture by now. [O]ne aspect really stands out and that is how big of a role online social networks played in the planning and organization of all these movements” (Collaborative Consumption, July 4). 


        [warning: has an ideological line quite anti-Germanic one, repeating the usual naivness about the rising of the Third Reich and denying the Jesuit/Ledochowsky agenda for the destruction of the Protestant Prussia. But the question here lying are OK]

And all those masques of Jesuit agent Guy Fawkes, aren't they now more clearly interpretable with the arrival of Jesuit Bergoglio, the "world emperor", in Brazil? I just watched the third channel RAI tv news, they  just showed a Brazilian Guy Fawkes masque in the same report of the visit of the pope there. But where do they produce those Jesuit masques? 

Suspance and Surprise:

        "Guy Fawkes masks, immortalised in the movie V for Vendetta, have become a global symbol of protest and anonymity through the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Arab Spring.

        At the top of Reddit today is somewhat ironic image of this icon of rebellion being mass-produced in a factory in Sao Goncalo near Rio de Janeiro."

         [see References]

Yes, you read exactly, is in the same country and in the same city where the Jesuit coup d'etat against the secular state has been baptised today with an hysterical bath of the "world emperor" in the waters of the rioting mob.

Economical crisis, corruption and criminality as secular  battering rams at the service of the Jesuits' global Ultramontane revanchism.

I'm telling that since years.

*   *   *

Monday, January 14, 2013

The religious theological roots of the actual economic and financial crisis [a summary by links]

[warning - I observed that the link to this above post has been changed. Better to copy and paste the URL ]


 Warning: the images you should see [but CIA could boycott as KGB/FSB and Italian intelligence cannot as they are too much honest and moral] here:

Top: an image of the factory where they produce the Guy Fawkes' masques.

Second image: a dolly [puppet] reproducing Hugo Chavez.

Third and last image: Guy Fawkes' masque produced in Rio de Janeiro.

 Guy Fawkes' masques production location:

        Where Those Iconic Guy Fawkes Masks That So Many Protesters Wear Are Manufactured
        Michael Kelley 2 July 2013 11:58 PM

        Guy Fawkes masks, immortalised in the movie V for Vendetta, have become a global symbol of protest and anonymity through the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Arab Spring.

        At the top of Reddit today is somewhat ironic image of this icon of rebellion being mass-produced in a factory in Sao Goncalo near Rio de Janeiro.


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Calderoli = ROMAN CATHOLIC North League; Cécile Kyenge = loyal ROMAN CATHOLIC.



 Above three images - description: see REFERENCES. An excerpt from Wikipedia page: "Missionaries were allowed only on sufferance and Leopold was able to keep quiet the Belgian Catholics. Nevertheless, rumours circulated so Leopold ran an enormous publicity campaign to discredit them, even creating a bogus Commission for the Protection of the Natives to root out the "few isolated instances" of abuse. Publishers were bribed, critics accused of running secret campaigns to further other nations' colonial ambitions, and eyewitness reports from missionaries such as William Henry Sheppard dismissed as attempts by Protestants to smear honest Roman Catholic priests. For at least a decade, Leopold was successful. The secret was out, but few believed it. (See: The Congo Free State Propaganda War)".

*   *   *

 “We know some see it this way, 
and some see it that way, 
but you know God knows”

[a pastor's preach after 
Zimmerman sentence]

    Roman Catholicism has very much to hide respect the topic "racism". Just see the history of Congo Belga  and various business with 'nigger' slaves (a businness held together with Islamic traders). But a well engineered world theatrical played farce, can re-build (like in the North Adriatic regions and Istria) a Roman Catholic never-existed virginity.

"Top Italian senator Roberto Calderoli slammed for comparing black minister Cecile Kyenge to orang-utan 

Sunday 14 July 2013

Right-wing leader Roberto Calderoli faces calls from Italian cabinet to resign"


    Remember that the standard of North League of Calderoli is Alberto da Giussano, the [probably never existed] commander of the papal army which defeated Barbarossa. Therefore Alberto da Giussano is the symbol of the ULTRAMONTANE ideology and the North League a tool of ULTRAMONTANISM. Remember how six years ago I explained to you in the first The Unhived Mind how the ULTRAMONTANE ROMAN CATHOLIC North League was backed also from (old Ledochowsky's & Wittelsbach's Himmler's) München:

"It is very well understood, however, that Monaco is entirely under the control of Ledochowski, that proud, imperious, and able Pole who made Bismarck such worlds of trouble in the old Kulturkampf day and who has been able to impose his will very often upon even the present Pope. This powerful man was in a German prison when Pius IX created him a Cardinal in 1875.


and reported in:

 *   *   *

       A worl-wide coordination with the recent facts in U.S.A.? Knights of Columbus? C.I.A.?? (Catholics In Action)?....:

"Utah pastors react to Zimmerman verdict"


    ....and then of course it came NELSON MANDELA. Without offense, but was the "apartheid" another tool of Rome to re-build never-existed virginity?

  'Sweet' tribute to Nelson Mandela


A portrait of the former South African President Nelson Mandela has been made with 5,000 cupcakes.
The tribute was created by children with cancer and volunteers from a charity in Johannesburg as part of the celebrations for his 95th birthday on 18 July


    Remember the 95 Thesis of Martin Luther with which it  started the greatest Christian schism. 

".....dismissed as attempts by Protestants to smear honest Roman Catholic priests".

 *   *   *

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Loyolist/Vatican swinery in Congo [and Italy].

And see the same dynamics of erasing/manipulating the memory in North Adriatic regions performed and implemented by the same forces loyalist to the pope and to the Jesuits [I just came in knowledge of recent acts of physical terrorism against individuals in Istria and of which at the moment I cannot say the more, meanwhile the media here and there are singing the false trumpets of a fake appeasement, and this in the name of the policy of annihilation of the historical true connivance between three ethnic groups, Italians, Croatians and Slovenian in Istria]:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Virginity of Rome rebuilt with the Foibe of Illyria


In case they erased the two pictures at the top of the post, here's the URL:

".....Mutilated people from Congo Free State......." 

".....Monument in Arlon (Belgium)."I have undertaken the work in Congo in the interest of civilisation and for the good of Belgium."....."


 ".....King Leopold's Soliloquy by Mark Twain [Paperback]......."

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Above image - "MEETING
his friend Putin  over the weekend
Travel to Russia on 13 and 14 July. Private visit of former Prime Minister.

 Silvio Berlusconi is expected to fly to Russia for a private visit to Vladimir Putin over the weekend of 13-14 July.
The departure of the knight [Berlusconi is labelled as "the knight"], it turns out, is expected
Saturday 13 to return  Sunday 14 in Milan.
Already in recent days,, the former prime minister had said to
his loyalists to have planned a meeting with by his friend Putin.

Friday, July 12, 2013"


 *   *   *

"Obama speaks with Putin on Snowden, but no sign of movement

 By Steve Holland and Arshad Mohammed
WASHINGTON | Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:05pm EDT
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama raised U.S. concerns directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday over Moscow's handling of former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden, but there was no sign of a breakthrough on Washington's demand that Russia expel him."


 *   *   *

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ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN and PORTUGAL are the pillars of EUROGENDFOR [FO(U)R Horsemen?...].


Monday, July 01, 2013

C.I.A. is guilty [from the Dingle bay to the Strait of Bering.]

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I stay with Klingsor


Above video - from "Wagner - Parsifal Vorspiel": very fascinating the central theme of the intro and of the whole Wagnerian drama. Especially fitted for advertisements of mineral waters coming from the Alpine peaks and praised by Reinhold Messner. URL:

To tell the truth probably the spies around me are fewer than I imagined, at the job and everywhere else. You don't need of many spies. Then to manipulate that little social environment where I dilute my free-time is a more difficult task than to think it. And inside my home the stealth cameras are probably not working well. As you can see for the hope there's always a space. But this question, the sexual question, it exists, no matter how you cover or hide it.

Things have to be cleaned from ambiguity. The more you are alone the more you become obsessed with sex. You make thousands of times more sins than people who materially fornicates because the Bible is clear: “only to look a woman with lust this is adultery”. This means that the ones who have a sexual partner, quite an unlawful (from the point of view of the Bible) partner, commit lesser adultery than you who are alone. In fact starving people thinks to food more intensely and more frequently than the ones who can regularly eat. If you don't believe it go in Biafra or Black Africa and do there an opinion poll. Make me know. Sexuality is no different. When you haven't the attention of a potential partner you are obsessed by the lack of it. Consequence: the willing Christian start to fight his/her instinct with the Bible. Soon the Bible receives sexual colors because the use of it is built on the sexual obsession.

At a certain point the situation arrives to a cul de sac: a psychological martyrdom till death. The condition of the subject quickly becomes worse. First I should no more exit those pair of days per week in some pubs or bars. In fact you don’t go in pubs to preach but to see for a potential partner, let’s be sincere. You go to search an exit from solitude, loneliness, stress at job, etc. Therefore you should remain at home praying. But all that could easily heavier the psychological condition, in a vicious circle. Of hypocrisies.

There it would be only way of exit: castration. Bear in mind, I’m no joking. Did the Bible prohibit willing castration? Or any similar modern chemical method to erase the sexual desire? For what I know the Bible not. In any case, if I’m wrong, please, inform me. Therefore if for the good (in my case male) Christian it doesn’t matter how to gain it but the result, i.e. to not satisfy the sexuality, this is only what matters and it should be not difficult to imagine that a sort of castration could finally liberate him from that deep desire against which he is fighting in vane with all his will. But how many Christians would castrate themselves?

“methods to reduce sexual desire”,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.bGE&fp=18dc553959b63866&biw=1176&bih=604

Of course they answer that “you must have descendants”, but the problem is well contained in the other verse of the New Testament where Jesus told you that …”if your eye lead you to the Hell, pluck it out!” [see Mt 5:29 - KJV]. Here of course it deals not only of eyes but of other organs, genital organs. If you answer to me that Jesus intended not what he said, this could make ruing the entire Bible as we should start to doubt the word of God. If you answer to me that sexual desire is permitted by God in order to see how much intensity and sincerity there's in your faith then.... the deprivation of so important organs, shouldn't it be a test for the sincerity and depth of your faith? At the end of all you can always adopt others’ sons and daughters if you cannot have yours. And as you saw above castration can be avoided and chemicals can do the job.

Yes, really, once I thought to castration. I didn't have the courage to thought to it as applied directly to me but at least as a sort of speculative hypothesis respect the “sexual and Bible question”. Before you start to launch against me your stones, wait a moment and go further with what I am going to tell to you.

Significantly in the most Roman Catholic work of Wagner (a betrayal of his Protestant original faith), the antisemitic drama “Parsifal”, Klingsor castrated himself in order to gain the purity from sin, meanwhile the knights (he betrayed) not. Useless to say that Klingsor who “plucked out” his genital organ in order to not fall in temptation is the Bad Guy, meanwhile the knights are the Good Guys. Klingsor, who eradicated the biological source of the desire is the “villain” and the “coward” who refuse to face the desire the same and is only able to “escape from it” (with the support of the “witch” Kundri). At the opposite we are ordered to believe that the knights are “heroes” because they courageously are fighting against the satanic desire in every moment of their life. But unfortunately our Richard Wagner didn’t point out if in order to appear more “heroic”, the 'Good' knights used also to provoke their desire with images of naked women in order to demonstrate that they are able to fight any level of satanic excitement, and not only the usual low level of excitement typical of a solitary retreat. When you want to demonstrate your force in a duel, to personally chose the rival means a fake.

The true sense of this Jesuitical anti-semite drama is that the knights are thousands of times more hypocrite than Klingsor.

Klingsor is a sincere man. With the tragic self-castration Klingsor admitted the truth: “I cannot resist my desire”. This is true sincerity. At the opposite the knights are the climax of falsity and hypocrisy. They too uses 'external' aids to overwhelm the desire: isolation and a context enemy to the sexual desire. A strict control of the environment. No more or less artificial, no more or less 'spiritual' than the scissors of Lorena Bobbit (and Klingsor). The hypocrite 'Good Guys' didn't pluck out their bowls but only in order to exhibit a falsity, the alleged capability to resist the desire. They are 'Good' but not stupid. Their scissors cut the external source of excitement. And as their scissors are invisible they of course are the 'heroes'. Meanwhile Klingsor....

The true satanic juice of this Wagnerian fable tells us that the proper impotence respect a successful fight against the sexual desire must never be declared and this is the greatest sin. I intend the declaration of impotence, of defeat, this is the enemy N. 1 for this Romish and Jesuitical sexual moral of end XIX century.

Not a coincidence that Richard Wagner with his Parsifal implemented and created the artistic standard for the later ecumenical policy of the Jesuit order. Hitler was enthusiast of Wagner. In Vienna he watched the Lohengrin hundreds of times. The Jesuits' policy of cultural and ideological trickery was aimed to appease Protestant Prussia and push her to a new friendly approach towards the secular enemy, the Jesuit order, in the name of a new Alliance, the one to be signed with the Arian blood against the Jewish blood. Final product of this ecumenism – as well explained by me in my The Amber Path Blog – was a Titanic named “Nazism” where the rescue boats were ready only for the Roman Catholic and traitor Protestant Germany. And the false Fliegender Austrian Hitler did the job.

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Confront the date

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Confront the date


Jesuit-Masonic intelligence forced me to change decisions I took before and I cannot no more subscribe.

Above image - please control the data of the download of the pictures above enlisted. And confront it with the comment appeared in the Douglas Willinger blog:


Post a Comment On: Continuing Counter Reformation

1 – 1 of 1
Blogger nikki said...
This blog is very informative and well written please check out mine also at thank you and god bless
July 8, 2013 at 6:59 PM

Under the post:

    The same day 8 July I for the first time in my life downoladed pornographic pictures from the web. Yes, I know that it is against the Bible. Amen. But what interest to me here is to make you aware how much you are monitored in your web surfing. They are controlling me every second of my life, I just know that nearly all the colleagues in my job are simply spies (just to make an example). I know that they are even shaping this little environment of semi-friends I have built outside my home and the job. I know that they are monitoring me even inside my home (with the today technology is a joke). 

My idea - after this provocation - is to really use that pornographic site. I challenge the Jesuits in to disclose my eventual future sexual virtual encounters. 

The problem is: why Douglas Willinger allowed to publish a comment with such a pornographic content? Didn't he visited this site before to allow the publication? Or he too know something?

Mexicans, Mazurians and Slovenes.


"The standard reaction against Mexican immigration into the U.S.A. is a trap somewhat akin to that of the government of Otto Von Bismarck against Polish peoples, largely out of fear of Roman Catholics.  Its a trap historically seen in places as Texas or East Prussia, for responding in a fearful manner designed to ultimately further Roman Catholic demographics.  Attack a largely Roman Catholic ethnic group to further their identity with that church, as did Bismarck., and infinity worse so via Hitler.

    "I say, welcome the Mexicans with open arms throughout the U.S.A. as Jesus would do- ultimately subverting Roman Catholicism via creating a friendly climate for conversions to various forms of Protestantism, including marriage to non-Mexicans further engendering the melting pot.  East Prussia had its Mazurians who where largely ethnically Polish yet German in self identity, and were Protestant."

[by Douglas Willinger - see entire post reported in References; red bold characters are mine].

     As regard this kind of problems, obviously Trieste and Slovenian question aren't secondary respect any other similar question in the world, better, it should be placed among the first examples to study for all the planet:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Panslavism and the systematic brutalization of the Slovenes of Trieste


Monday, June 10, 2013

In Both Directions - Countering the Immigration Counter Reformation


The standard reaction against Mexican immigration into the U.S.A. is a trap somewhat akin to that of the government of Otto Von Bismarck against Polish peoples, largely out of fear of Roman Catholics.  Its a trap historically seen in places as Texas or East Prussia, for responding in a fearful manner designed to ultimately further Roman Catholic demographics.  Attack a largely Roman Catholic ethnic group to further their identity with that church, as did Bismarck., and infinity worse so via Hitler.
I say, welcome the Mexicans with open arms throughout the U.S.A. as Jesus would do- ultimately subverting Roman Catholicism via creating a friendly climate for conversions to various forms of Protestantism, including marriage to non-Mexicans further engendering the melting pot.  East Prussia had its Mazurians who where largely ethnically Polish yet German in self identity, and were Protestant.

Mazuria in People’s Poland:

The defeat of the Nazis was an unmitigated disaster for the Mazurian people, their plight graphically depicted in Wojciech Smarzowski’s film Róża (Rose). Mazurians were simply treated as the German ‘enemy’ by the victorious Red Army, and were murdered, imprisoned, dispossessed from their farms, forced into prison camps, and the women repeatedly raped, causing an epidemic of venereal disease. The establishment of Polish civilian rule brought no relief for the unfortunate Mazurians, and they were subjected to the negative propaganda of the Catholic church which equated ‘Polishness’ with Catholicism, and Protestantism with Germans. Many Mazurians insisted on identifying themselves as ‘Germans’, and only those willing to undergo a humiliating verification process to prove they were ‘Poles’ were allowed to remain in Poland.

The whole epoch of People’s Poland was simply one of continuous repression and ethnic cleansing for the Mazurian people. Communist party bosses wishing to build their own dachas in the beautiful Mazurian lakeland, forcibly sold farms owned by Mazurians, thus emptying several villages of their inhabitants. Protestant cemetaries were devastated, with anything written in German or Gothic script chiseled out. Even Protestant hymn books donated by Swedish churches were not allowed to enter Poland.

It is estimated that, out of a Mazurian population of around 600,000 at the start of World War 2, only around 6,000 people of Mazurian descent remain in Poland today.

Personal conclusions:

Some years ago, my wife and I went to stay with a German friend and his ‘German’ girlfriend. We all, as people these days generally do, spoke broken English with each other. Then, after a few days, the girl suddenly revealed a hitherto unknown ability to speak Polish, and from that point spoke to my wife in what was obviously her mother tongue. For me, as a native speaker of English, I find it inconceivable that I would speak to a fellow native speaker of English in any language other than English. What societal or psychological forces are at play to make others choose to hide or deny their ‘true’ ethnic identities?

Regarding the treatment of the Mazurians, I believe all people have the write to choose their own identities for themselves, and I believe no-one has the right to impose an unwanted identity on others. If Ulster Protestants see themselves as ‘British’, then no-one has the right to impose Irishness upon them, and if the Mazurians wanted to be ‘German’, then the choice was theirs alone to make.

Having said this, and fully respecting the decision to choose the German option in the 1920 plebiscite, their decision to enthusiastically support the N.S.D.A.P., a party that openly sought to eradicate the Poles as a people, can only be condemned, and their famous 1932 endorsement of the Nazis must go down as one of the most blatant examples in human history of turkeys voting for an early Christmas. All we can say in their defense is that, as a rural and largely unsophisticated people, they may not have been fully aware of what exactly they were voting for. But is collective punishment ever truly justified, and did the Mazurians deserve their grim fate in the aftermath of World War 2. ...

Mazurians and the Nazis:

Although many, if not most, felt more at home speaking their own Lechitic Slav dialect than German, and almost all had surnames betraying their Slavic roots, the majority of Mazurians fitted the ideal demographic profile for supporting the N.S.D.A.P. They were rural, unsophisticated, economically disadvantaged Protestants, living in a contested border area. Just as the sons of Ulster often appear more loyal to Britain than the British themselves, so the Mazurians attempted to be more loyal to Germany than the average German speaking German. In 1932, astonishingly, Mazuria was the region of Germany with the greatest percentage of votes for the Nazi party. That year, the N.S.D.A.P. received 37% of the vote in Germany as a whole, 47% in East Prussia, and 65% in Mazuria. In 1932, Hitler himself declared, “I do not belive there is another land in the whole of Germany with the loyalty of the Mazurians.”

You will not hear about the crimes of the driving out of the Mazurs (nor any of the other peoples expelled during the 1940s with the exception of the Palestinian peoples by exclusionary zionist militia forces during Israel's war for independence).  Yet their existence attests to the importance of factors asides from DNA (or ethnicity nor race) in the matter of identity of nationality.  Especially with Prussia, which got its name from its initial inhabitants who were conquered by the Teutonic order and either killed or assimilated into the influx of German and Polish settlers, and which became its own identity of the 'Prussians'.

Nor do we hear anything about the concept of immigration equality.  In other words, talk about Mexicans and other Spanish speaking countries into the U.S.A., but never the reverse, of people in the U.S. moving to Mexico.  As if its okay for people from overwhelmingly Roman Catholic countries to move into other places, but not with those from non Roman Catholic majority countries to move into the former.  Just twist the issue with both sides crafted to ultimately end up advancing the Roman Catholic demographics, as with WW2 and the U.S.-N.A.T.O. involvement in the breakup of Yugoslavia..

Address the immigration restrictions upon U.S.A. citizens into Mexico and other such nations, with "dial 1 for English, 2 for Spanish" and "dial 1 for Spanish, 2 for English" respectively on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.  With more U.S. citizens moving south of the border, their wealth moves with them to assist in the local economies, such as building and maintaining houses, and hence the increase in local property taxes to assist infrastructure development.  

Do that and one has gone a significant way for explaining some of the reasons driving the Mexican and Central American immigration into the U.S.A., namely the poor economies there that would benefit from an influx of people from the U.S.A. and their wealth towards improving the economy there.

Jesuitical Ledochowskisque Set Up

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