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Above image - entry of tunnel at Podbrdo, by Fascism italianized in "Piedicolle", on the former Austrian kkstb railroad line Wocheinerbahn/Bohinjska proga. URL:

From: Model Trains - a therapeutic tool or old junk? 
 [Modellbahn - therapeutisches Instrument oder alter Krempel?] 


"....Love small and large workers:

In the last profile

there is an interesting association:

The trees are trimmed perfectly, the traffic signs placed neatly, and the firefighters who cavort beside the tracks, have given the proper instructions. About the cardboard scenery of the eight year old Paul, in this moment perched drivers, and ranks cars in the small stations of his model railway. He looks like a normal boy with an old fashioned hobby.

Not only that, the model railway is old fashioned, it turns out also that our model railroaders is a little something serving:

The Wiener, the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, a special form of autism. He is very talented, but the development of his social skills are lagging behind striking.

It is significative that the Modellbahn (i use the German term for cultural influx and stand for railroad modelling) is not very much compatible with the construction of the Jesuit/SJ Teilhard de Chardin Nooshpere, where everything must exist if only monitored by an Internet web. You cannot monitor the process of creation of a landscape in low scale, where the need of escape from this horror called "reality" take a material shape. From the Jesuits to the psychiatrists, it is at work also a war to destroy the forms of hobby, amusement, passions etc. who are not in line with the Roman Catholic World Democratic Government ("N.W.O."). Then if you add the innate original characteristic of the steam machines, they are dangerous as they continue to recall the ghosts of the Vatican and the Jesuit order in the XIX century, when they started to build their "model layout" on which to shape the today world, through the "hobby" of the Second Thirty Years War 1914-1945. 

Therefore anything refusing to go in synthony with this world, World Democratic Government and the existential imperatives, is an "autist" or generally suffering of a "psychiatric pathology". At the end of all Communism was described by Jesuitical Masonic Karl Marx as the "movement which destroys the actual state of the world to build another one"..... 

Participate to the destruction or to be destroyed.

PS: don't know, but I have like a sensation, that Michael Meinold, sin of a Protestant preacher, was killed. The same for Rolf Knipper. Both died in about the same year.

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28 JUNE 1914 - Berlin-Baghdad Railway is dead.

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