Monday, May 06, 2013

The thermite hoax.


Thermite can't transform the steel in dust:

Above image - original caption: "Figure 36. Steel columns disintegrate into steel dust with WTC7 and water tower in the foreground. ".

Above image - original caption: "Figure 13. The building turns to powder. Material is being launched upward and outward. The whitish material arcs over and begins to fall downward while the southern portion (away from the camera) appears to shoot straight up."

Images and captions from the article: "A Refutation of the Official Collapse Theory The Billiard Ball Example (BBE)", at the URL:

     Remember that  it is important to know how it was possible to transform 2 X 500,000 tons of buildings in dust. It is important not only to demonstrate the use of "Star Wars" weapons/technology, it is important to demonstrate that the "9-11 truth movement" and especially his political, ideological and religious instances are controlled by the same mastermind of 9-11.

     To allude to the use of "Star Wars" beam weapons in the film "War of the Worlds", it seems to be a preventive mockery of the ones who doesn't buy the "Thermite theory" or the "Nuclear controlled demolition" theory, therefore of the ones who could have doubt about the sincerity of the same "9-11 truth movement":

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An allusion to 9-11 truth?


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Excellent post!

Quite plausible!

Though sometimes it is paired with the no planes hypothesis, which - in the absence of holograms with mass - I do not buy.

On a related note, both light and dark plums of debris from the imploding towers has been noted, and may have something to do with the weird story of the Deutsch bank building across the street to the south, which was initially going to be repaired, but supposedly strange things developed like the steel frame was diseased and they then decided to do a full demolition.

avles said...

Is it not me but the author of the site the ones to be praised:

The "mystery" planes could have been real ones, the Russian guy [the one who proposed the Nuclear CD theory I absolutely don't believe] told it is impossible they crushed those steel fortresses - Twin Towers, but I think that the crew who organized 9-11 could have helped the penetration pulverizing/jellifying/weakening only the section of entry of the planes in synchrony with the impact.

Then the wreckages could have been stopped inside the towers by the opposite steel wall meanwhile the shock wave of the impact exited from it with various debris as it is visible from every image/video.

And now an OT question. In the video "Star Wars in New York 911 Octopus Part Two" ....


...there's a band with a song, who are those guys? Just because I like that sound...[they start just after the propaganda logo of Air Force Research Laboratory, at 6 mins and 25 secs before the end of video].

avles said...

It makes sense. 9-11 was a "technology demonstrator" (like those XB70 who were ordered to be built even if the military program to them related was cancelled). ...The demolition was an exhibition of technology... Then the naive mainstream "9-11 truth movement" continuing to hide the truth with the "thermite theory" to which [as democracy imposes!] the ideological opposition is held only by another controlled theory, the "nuclear bomb" CD theory....

avles said...

Breakthrough Energy Movement
Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland
from Breakthrough Energy Movement PRO 3 months ago not yet rated

Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough energy Movement conference,2012 Holland

Title: The dawn of a new age, evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

Run time : 2.24.57
Speaker : Dr Judy Wood
Price : Free

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Indeed, my take is that the planes where flown by remote control, especially regarding the Pentagon, where the plane was practically skimming the ground.