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Moon Shadow.


    Dr. Judy Wood is a "liar". Because is Jew.

    And where else do you pretend to have a clearer proof?  Nothing to do with the Vatican pretence on Jerusalem?        
    Don't be confused by the fact that apparently you don't see yet a Vatican flag on Jerusalem. After 9-11 all happens in a discrete invisible parallel world. This is the blackmailing effect of the 9-11. I make explode a bomb and leave on it your identity card plus fingerprints. Then I block the judicial authorities from asking you about your involvement, but at the same time I use my 'alternative' information to make pressure on you.

    The identity card abandoned at Ground Zero had a giant David's star on it. Interesting to note how Jews are naturally assumed to "hide their plots  behind a gentile appearance", but at the same time a gentile evil is never assumed as hiding himself behind a "Jewish masque":

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 'makes perfect sense' to deflect from the Zionist-Mossad-Israel setup? Judy Wood: disputed & questionable, said to be a zionist jewess with dubious bio, shady academic releases ... ? CIA?
By:Jack Dancer
Date: 3/2/2011, 1:13 pm
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga Says 9/11 Attacks Carried Out by Mossad and the "Zionist World" to frame Arab countries
Attacks Carried Out by Mossad

Interview on Israeli television with some of the "five dancing Israelis"
Dancing Israelis

Julian Assange's Wiki-Leaks promotes alternative media while ridiculing 911truth conspiracies.
Wiki leaks' leaks get the mainstream media coverage that no other leak ever got, the biggest leaks with most implications are related to 9/11.
There are some leaks not covered by alternative media, especially if related to Directed Energy Weapons.
WTC911 WikiLeaks Hoax

Moon Shadows to be thrown on EVERYTHING that deflects from Israel? 
     Have been those "five dancing Jews" a Moon Shadow that deflects from the Vatican?
     Another criticism on dr. Judy Wood which betrays the use of Jewish/Zionist appearances and characters - like Larry Silverstein - in order to hide a gentile, Vatican conspiracy:

Bush blew up the WTC?
Note that one student commented "when she [dr Judy Wood - avles] wasn't trying to convince us Bush blew up the WTC".
That student makes it seem as if she was pushing 9-11 on the students. However, this report creates the impression that Michael discovered this 9/11 information on his own. So, was she pushing 9/11 on the students or wasn't she?
More importantly, the student says that she was blaming the Bush for destroying the WTC. If that student is correct, she belongs in the same group as Webster Tarpley, Wayne Madsen, Alex Jones, and virtually everybody else in this 9/11 truth movement who ignores or minimizes the Israeli / Zionist involvement.
None of these people are truly exposing the 9/11 attack. Rather, they are doing damage control for Israel.

    Therefore "it was not Bush" to blew up WTC, not his face, and the Jesuit blood in his veins, but his masque, the court of Jewish (true or apparent) characters gravitating around Washington and New York.
    But there's more on that. I nearly forgot: in 2006 an engineering student involved in the group related with studies on the 9-11 was murdered. He was working with dr Judy Wood. Again, note the double standard. Note how many doubts meanwhile they don't have a single one when they consider Bush secondary and Israel the mastermind in the 9-11 attack:
  Deceptive sites try to frighten us with Michael's murder
Some web sites are promoting the possibility that Michael was killed in order to frighten those of us who expose 9/11. However, some of those sites are the ones that Professor Wood and Scholars For 9/11 Truth recommend. In other words, some of the sites that deceive us about 9/11 are also trying to frighten us that Michael was murdered. The message they are sending to us is, "Don't talk about 9/11, or we might end up murdered like Michael."
For example, take a look at these two sites, the ideas they promote, and the sites they link to:
In this article, they mention the theories that Michael was killed by a government black op:

Notice that these conspiracy theorists never mention the possibility that he was killed by Zionists, or people within the Scholars For 9/11 Truth organization, or people within the 9/11 truth movement.
URL: as above.

    9-11 has been engineered to frame Israel [using the Shabtai Tzvi/Masonic Labour Zionism], and to start the operation "victimization of Islam", whose beneficiary is the gentile chief of staff of the Roman Catholicism.

   Still a quote. On the same page, another sentence of the author of that site:

"Professor Wood was not encouraging her students to learn about 9/11 because she was not really interested in exposing it. She was only interested in helping to saturate the Internet with nonsense. "
      "Not interested"? Saturating internet with "nonsense"? But how is that since 2003/2004, when I discovered that 9-11 was a false flag attack, they filled my head and covered my eyes with the magic "thermite" theory, whose special effects can be planned - with some explosive here and there positioned, in order to be captured by some cameras and then claimed to be the "smoking gun" for the thermite theory?  Taking advantage that Direct Energy is not so apparent like the usual explosions and flames?

      For years the thermite hoax made me blind from seeing the most evident proof of the Direct Energy/Cold Fusion technology used. The true smoking gun is the total lack of debris on Ground Zero. In an Ocean of Thermite supporters, it was recently only the research of dr Judy Wood that finally opened my eyes. 

      Here, in case yours are still closed:


     Oh yeah, you just understood what I was going to say. I was going to say that, as everything pronounced by the mouth of the pope and/or of a general superior of the Jesuits is considered "pure truth", at opposite, for the law of the Hegelian opposition,  anything pronounced by the mouth of a Jew is a perfect falsity

     Therefore the truth about not only the 9-11 but especially about the Cold Fusion, the Hutchison effect , the Direct Energy technology, the Tesla discoveries etc. must be proclaimed by a Jew.  Like Hutchison effect, this is the not-known but very much used "dr Wood effect". Probably just for this reason dr Judy Wood, the "Zionist lunatic scientist", had to be isolated from the rest of the 9-11 truth movement, with assassinations and "whispers in the laboratories", to avoid the 'contamination' the rest of the group who had to remain in the pure doctrine of the "Fundamental Innocence" of the gentile world opposed to the "Fundamental Evilness" of the Jewish people, doctrine which is the reason of existence of the same 9-11 false flag attack:


".... George Bush forced Yitzhak Rabin to begin the Oslo peace, the result of which is Israel being bombarded with deadly missile attacks to this day with no end in sight...." [Barry Chamish].

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