Thursday, May 23, 2013

ISLAM, do you need also "Nazi" ? [a "dans la patrie de la coexistence" production].


      Uh yeah, like said that Jesuit, 'Protestants' learned to fear Jesuits, today Christians must learn to fear Islam?

If your blog praises the Islam you'll never fear this. My blog doesn't praise Islam.

    You, haters of Israel, anti-racist posers, friends of Islam, ask to this Islamic guy what he thinks about "gay marriages"...:

Above image - an "Mossad" agent with a "false flag" beheading???.... "Woolwich attack: Horrified witnesses tell how beheaded soldier was hacked at 'like a piece of meat'

He was butchered with knives and meat cleavers after a car mounted the pavement and ploughed into him

     .....and then ask yourself for the benefit of whom goes such butchery when the Nazi-Catholic NATO, opposing to a military support to the majority opposition against Assad, is helping the growth of the most brutal Nazi-Islam guerrilla in Syria, suffocating any more secular, liberal anti-Assad military competitor to Al Qaeda, and this having in sight the final attack to Israel. 

     I'll tell you that answer: The most moderate elements of the Syrian opposition to Assad must be exterminated/butchered like that English soldier in UK, so when the attack starts on Israel, there will be no moderates in order to calm down the coming mass-assassination of Jews,  only cannibals and bloody assassins and the Second Holocaust will go like water down the hill.

    They did the same in Slovenia when the Jesuits and the Vatican needed to consign the resistance in the hands of the Communism [Jesuit-Hegelian opposed fronts dialectic]. Little before the attack by Germany and Italy and till the arrival of the Italians in Ljubljana, the Vatican controlled democratic parties prohibited any kind of military resistance [with the alibi of the "anti-communism"!!!], and this under the inspiration of the bishopric of Ljubljana, assuring so to the Slovenian Communist party a total monopoly of the anti-Fascist resistance in the occupied Slovenia. Jesuits' methods as usual,  yesterday in Slovenia and the Balkans, today in Syria and Western world.

      [And of course the friends of the Islam, obeying to the orders of Jesuits, are just blaming the most liberal, secular opposition to Assad for "instigating" the Jihadists, further carrying propaganda water in the mill of the discredit against any more secular/liberal opposition to the regime of Assad and in order to give power only to the same Al Qaeda they, at the same time, are blaming for being "Zionists"!!!!!.  Notice how much refined and perfidious such 'alternative information' guys are!!!.  Exactly like the desires of the general superior!].

       And just a question to the  "gun-control movement": where are the cursed guns here????!!!!.....: you will be prohibited (like happen to me in Italy now) to carry a gun, meanwhile such Jihad guys who loves knives and machetes will have no resistance from you when they'll assault you. 


Jihadist with meat cleaver and knife in London

British soldier slaughtered in suspected Islamic terror attack in London. 


Arabs nationalists fly Nazi flag near Hebron

Residents of Gush Etzion astounded to see Nazi flag flying near the mosque of Beit Omar.

       Weren't the Nazi-Islamic uncle of Yasser Arafat - "Grand Muftì of Jerusalem" - and the Nazis and the Italian Fascists and the Ustasha allies in the Balkans????

Symbol of puppet Nazi-regime used in church in Norway

The parish in Nessoden shall be gathered in procession behind symbol of puppet Nazi-regime in Norway.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

29th Sept 2012: saint Mohammad, give us the NAZI-ISLAMIC pic of the day

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