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Hutchison effect: verified. ["The Gatekeepers of 911 Truth Exposed" video]


Above image - "Hutchison effect: verified". From the video of dr Judy Wood conference presented in the previous post.
...and the Gatekeepers:
Above video - "The Gatekeepers of 911 Truth Exposed" - URL:

      You have here [above video] only the the visible, official part of the conspiracy to hide the truth. The 'middle level' manpower.  Remember that the dustification, jellification, levitation etc. of metals are typical Hutchison effects and are related with the cold fusion

     Probably the vote with which cold fusion was definitively buried in 1989 was simply a step in the project for the future spectacular dustification of the Twin Towers, twelve years later. They needed to clean from culture and knoweledge all the scientific elements which could have revealed what really happened. And substituted them with a typical XIX century romantic scenario with "masked agents" putting the "powder" under the "parliament"/Towers.

    "Nano-thermite" (or "nuclear CD" for the fans of Putin) as distraction to cover a completely, invisible and different world. It appeared for some instants in front of the eyes of the man that September of 2001. Logically, the world of the direct energy appeared in an event which transmitted the message of the slavery to the opposite world, the kinetic/mechanic and thermic world. 

    They cannot make you believe they needed to invade Iraq for "oil" when at the same time they have the technology who could bring to them all the oil of the world without fatigue. To keep the world in two dimensions, the one based on the kinetic and thermic technology for the large masses - the world based on the direct energy for the one "who are in command". 

     As regard this double-world [Hegelian dialectic], remember that it starts with the culture, the education and the knoweledge and that the Jesuits and their church "....have always dealt with the knowledge and its interpretation....". By Beppe Grillo [references].
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"We look forward to a Scientific Committee by the Jesuits"

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