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You Cannot Buy The Judgment Of The Lord.




    Above image - from Preziosi's blog: "On April 3, sixty-nine years ago, at the dawn of Holy Monday, was brutally murdered at the Fort Bravetta, between the Via Aurelia and the Via Portuense in Rome, a young Vincentian priest of just 31 years, who died in a cowardly ambush, accused that it had "exercised arms trafficking and espionage 'in favor of the Anglo-Americans, his name was Don Giuseppe Morosini. Just at that time, in fact, many men gave their contribution to the Resistance hiding Allied prisoners, deserters Germans, Jews and partisans of any political color. Not even Don Morosini escaped to this commendable so much so that, as in the following years will tell Menichelli father Joseph, a small port Leonine College where he lived, "was passed from the military hospital [set in a wing of the College] , patriots, Jews and people hide from the Germans. "In addition, 21 October 1943, a few days after the infamous roundup of Rome's Jewish ghetto by the Nazis, Don Joseph, with the help of his friend Marcello Bucchi, having learned that the church of Santa Maria in Campitelli had taken refuge sixty Jews to escape the dragnet, immediately ran to pick them up with two trucks, and lead in Monte Mario and the same Leonine College away from prying eyes..." - URL:

    This is why you were able to buy all the treasuries of the world and to govern it from the peaks of your cursed wealth, because you are skilled to trade with human souls in order to gain profits for your master Satan, pouring for his sake countless masses of souls in the Hell. How much you were able to let to die some of your legionaries of the army of Isis Horus and Seth  to purchase a mild judgment of the earthly courts and of the confused heart of the blind people? Don't you remember anymore your legionaries putted to death for the plot against Hitler? And how much you were able to pay, with some Jews saved from the pawns of your dark knights - your servants - the price to corrupt the earthly courts and the confused hearts of the blind people in order to get a mild judgment and to appear in the falsified books of history on the same page written with the blood of your victims?

    I tell it to you: you saved them only to not pay the judgment of the righteous, you paid with those saved lives to gain false documents, you paid with those saved lives to buy the costumes to hide your true body, a bloodthirsty monster.

    Do you tell me that I'm saying the false? But you are the one who is telling the truth, when your priests were dying to save those Jews, you were saying that you knew well that the Jews were the whole to be murdered, meanwhile you did nothing and said nothing to avoid the massacre. You are the one who now is saying the truth because you are now admitting that you lie when you say that your Cesar didn't move a finger because he didn't know.

    You know it well and for this reason you saved those Jews. And for this reason you the same are saying with that the truth.

    What are you saying to me? That I have no proof? But you are condemning yourself now, because you admit that you search the earthly judgment and therefore you are an empire, you are a legion, you are the descendent of Ham. As said by our Lord Jesus the Savior and King of the World, with these proofs you will be judged by another court, well higher than any other on this earth, whose judge you can no buy with no wealth, even if you are since the beginning of the times massing it like the Babel's tower of your ancestors, to try to reach the Highest with a ladder made out of your gold bullion. With them you can buy the judgment of all the earthly judges, but with them you already bought also the Judgment of the Highest because you are all destined to burn eternally in the lake of fire and the false words of love you pronounce are only the lust of your tongues wet by the saliva of Satan and will not save you.

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     See the Second Thirty Years' War from an article of the nwo-truthresearch blog which summons a lot of publications and books on the theme:

giovedì 4 aprile 2013

La Seconda Guerra Mondiale dei Gesuiti 

The World War II of the Jesuit

    See the principal blog on this planet who deals with the Jesuits' XX century Eurasian massacre, and the only one who started to expose systematically and widely the most important mastermind of it, Jesuit general Wladimir Ledochowsky - by Douglas Willinger:

Continuing Counter Reformation blog

    Some examples of the gold bullion Babel's tower the Vatican/Babylon is building since after the Flood in order to desperately try to purchase the Judgement of the Last Days:

Monday, March 25, 2013

 Nino Lo Bello's "L'Oro del Vaticano" ["The Gold of the Vatican"]

In order they don't confuse you erasing some images, above you see from top downward three pics: first the Babel's tower, below of it the Jesuit pope in a collage by nwo-truthresearch blog (with gold bullion in hands), and below him the screenshot of Preziosi's article on the priests who were executed for saving Jews.

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