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Why fear truth? [Jesuit soldier Van Rompuy knows why]


     EUROGENDFOR/Carabineers General Command of Rome visiting the blog nwo-truthresearch with the key words "perchè temere i gesuiti?" or "why fear Jesuits?":

Above image - the screenshot of the detection of the Carabineers/EUROGENDFOR visit at nwo-truthresearch blog.

But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.
[Luke 12:5, KJV]

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


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     Van Rompuy openly pushing for the cult of the Jesuitism:

"....."But it is not in this place, at the Pontifical Gregorian University, that I need to convince. And it is no coincidence that the '" acclimatization "of the Christian message in different civilizations is more than four hundred years the way, I dare say the" brand factory ", the Jesuits, to conceive in a globalization of particular cultures. a religious globalization, through faith, hope and charity, but through faith combined with the reason why the contribution of the Society of Jesus to the sciences is absolutely prodigious.
 .......This is why I do not believe that individual rights or human rights may, tomorrow, alone constitute a transcendence or, as Régis Debray, a vertical axis around which the Europeans can find each other.....".


sabato 6 aprile 2013

Il Soldato dei Gesuiti Herman Van Rompuy loda l'Europa della Compagnia di Gesù 

 The Soldier Jesuit Herman Van Rompuy praises the Europe of the Society of Jesus

     Practically Van Rompuy  is openly telling you that the modern world  "without God" is a creation of the Jesuitism, the SS of the Roman Catholicism. I says [and others before me] this from years, and his finality is the total destruction of the Creationism, aka of the Bible. Ledochowsky's XX century crusade simply wiped away from Eurasia the un-wanted modernism, the modernism not-controlled by Rome.             
    Please, see a (false) enemy of Van Rompuy, the lickers of Jesuit popes, Beppe Grillo, how he praises the new pope:


".... Here is the opening words [of the post of Beppe Grillo]:
"The Importance of being named Francis. No pope has ever had the courage, because of real courage is, his name is Francis."
Dear Grillo, we would like to respond as follows:
"The Importance of Being ass-licker. No
comic leader of a movement-party-sect has never had the courage, because of real courage is, to be called ass-licker"
Beppe Grillo, the billionaire, then continues:
"Politics without money is sublime, as it could become a church without money, a return to the origins of Christianity."
"There are many similarities between the Franciscans and the M5S [Grillo's and Casaleggio's personal political 'movement', now a party]. Is there anything new in this spring 2013, a
sweet earthquake . The name Francesco chosen by pope Bergoglio, a Jesuit of Genoese mother, is already a lot, for now it is enough to me, then we'll see. It 's the first pope "low cost". They are already digging into his past, letters from school companions, his life before becoming a priest, relations with the Argentine dictatorship, to find every little shadow and this makes me funny. "...."

    Please, note the 'finesse' of such Jesuitical snakes, when they talk about the "return of the church to the origin", and at the same time they hide some 'details' about the "difference" of the today's church and the "origin's" church: just only to remain in recent times, the Jesuit and Vatican tens of millions of murdered of the Second Thirty Years war in Eurasia.

    Therefore,  "Why fear Jesuits?": 

martedì 2 aprile 2013

Grillo: L'importanza di Chiamarsi Leccaculo 

 Grillo: The Importance to be named Ass-licker

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