Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sacrificed for the Admiralty law?


     Remember the 2013 or the 800th anniversary of the 3rd October 1213 Indulgence with which the king of England, in exchange for the absolution of his sins (and debts) consigned the reign and the pertinences (future colonies) to the Vatican, which today owns America and India....


"(ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 6 - A detailed report of the 'Admiral Alexander Pegs Alessandro Piroli, the officer more' highest-ranking sent to India immediately after the incident of Enrica Lexie, published by 'La Repubblica', reconstructs the 33 minutes of 'attack, the facts, evidence and assumptions about the death of the two Indian fishermen.

The paper also reports the results of ballistics Indian that the caliber of the bullets found in the bodies of fishermen killed and 'the 5.56 mm NATO and the weapons that were shot are not those of TL and Latorre but those of two other maro' embarked on the same ship. Indian ballistic tests would identify not just the bullets are coming from Italian but also machine guns assigned to other two of the six members of the Core of the San Marco Battalion.

'' The tracer bullet extracted from the body of Valentine Jelestine and 'was fired from the rifle with serial number assigned to the Deputy Chief Andronicus,'' said the report. While the bullet extracted from the body of the second Indian sailor Ajiesh Pink'' and 'was fired from the rifle with serial number assigned to the Deputy Chief Vogliano''.

.....remember that North Korea is simply the "railroad model layout" of Jesuit Marxist China and is used by Beijing to provoke international crisis under the commitment of the Roman Catholic World Democratic Government/Descendants of Ham:

Friday, April 5, 2013

...“a more just world order” [for the spiritual descendants of Ham]

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

CHINA and JAPAN supplying IRAN with AMERICAN nuclear technology? [Antony Sutton was anti Vatican-II-Council-principles ]

  [Edited 08 April 2013 to correct the name of admiral Alessandro Piroli]

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