Saturday, April 20, 2013

Larry proves it.


    In reading those words of Barry I felt great relief. At least I am not alone in my torment:

    "Without Atzomn in charge of Newark and Logan Airports, 9-11 could not have happened. We repeat; Without Atzmon's supervision of passports, cargo and screening at Logan and Newark Airports, no terrorist or anyone else could ever have boarded the planes.

    Lest you believe I'm blaming Israel for 9-11, think again. The entire United States Air Force stepped down, the government stepped up, and this required massive American cooperation. And this was in a Bush administration. But the Obama administration knows and if Ehud Barak doesn't play their game, Israel will pay the price. This Netanyahu knows, and he is cooperating. If he doesn't... (index finger under throat)."

     Great Barry, the only one who says the right thing (I count myself as zero). And this zero, what is telling since years? Am I telling you that they WANTED you to sight the lateral explosions? Am I telling you that the controlled demolition and the entire conceptual idea of 9-11 attack was thought to expose itself as "false flag"? Can you prove the opposite? No, you can't. If you want to hide a conspiracy you must use another conspiracy. But if you want people to discover a conspiracy you cannot order them with a governmental decree published on the Washington Post: "Hey, there's a Mossad/CIA conspiracy to blah blah blah. You must believe it". People would never buy it. But if you build the farce in order to throw in the eyes the (choreographed) proofs of a (scenical) conspiracy WITHOUT to declare it on the official media, you'll get the heart of the people forever. And why all such elaborate contortions? Read again the above Barry's words. The true product of "9-11 false flag attack" is the "9-11 Truth Movement" to blackmail Israel. Just give a look at the Vatican saliva on the Jerusalem U.N. sovereignty proposals...

    Larry Silverstein was paid to tell those words about the pulling down of WTC7 because he is a "Jew". McLuhan was right, "the Media is the Message" and the Larry proves it pretty right. WTC7 had to be pulled down in front of the cameras of the whole world because he had painted on itself the giant graffiti: "9-11 is a Jewish job".

    [Uh, what an ingenue!... This is why they launched two military drones in the Twin Towers, because they didn't feel 100% comfort with those Jews who could have – in the last moment – stabbed in the back the American partners blocking any hijacking attempt at the Newark and Logan Airports. Atzmon, Larry and C. were only actors with plastic guns in their hands. Jesuits do not trust anyone else].

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


[Larry pulls it]


Saturday, March 24, 2012

"In every place where necessity makes law"

 Sunday, April 14, 2013

" The reason why Christians should not be blind supporters of the Israeli government."

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