Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big lie - big horror.


Well, if I'm talking about that in my blog, I, a person who was in the last years the most skeptic [years are passed since I don't believe no more in Chemtrails etc.], it means that I was hit by the argument. If all this is deception, well, I have been deceived. But please, give first a look and decide for yourself (if you don't yet know the matter of course!).

All started after visiting a sub link in the last post of nwotruthresearch blog,


....which was pointing to the revelations of Dimitri Khalezov about the alleged nuclear controlled demolition of WTC etc. on 9-11. And mind I haven't the idea to do this post till half an hour ago.

I believe Dimitri Khalezov to be linked with KGB/FSB. But didn't Russian intelligence know of 9-11 in advance:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Again TERRORISM to impose VATICAN/JESUIT agenda on Protestant America??? [coordinated with Euro(po)pean Union agenda] 


 The truth can be very creepy. First question: the Thermite proofs, have been developed in order to deceive? A theatrical deception? But not to hide the 'nuclear' CD. To hide something else. 150 Kt, even if I'm not an expert, I believe couldn't explode (and for three times!!!) under the Twin Towers and at the same time don't leave traces except 'dust and radiation'. >And the explosion cannot continue inside the towers, keeping the shock wave diligently inside the building. Here



"On this page, there is a re-posting of Dimitri’s analysis. In part 10 of the analysis we start getting to his rather detailed description of what happened when the supposed 150 kiloton nuclear device exploded. I have saved a couple of still shots below. Here we see his description of the nuke explosion being forced up into the tower."

"Being forced"????? How can you force the shock wave of a nuke explosion??????


 Only years ago I was interested by the technical discussion on 9-11. Then abandoned the matter.  But this time is different. I found this. Probably they don't want you know about the development of the Star Wars technology. Beam weapons


 As says the below video, "why such weapons are since more than half a century 'under development' and they don't tell nothing about 'em"??? KGB/FSB, CIA, etc. are only a Big Lie and are collaborating. It's the WDG of Vatican and Jesuits' order (other definition: the NWO). I tell you only this, to explore this site and to decide for yourself: 

The Star Wars Beam Weapons

Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)
(A focus of the Star Wars Program)

Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds
(originally posted: October 17, 2006)

Page 5: Toasted Cars


Star Wars in New York 911 Octopus Part Two
This video began playing by itself so has been removed. Please use the links to view it.
32:37 URL Video

 URL: http://www.livevideo.com/video/bsregistration/5C356C85FB844741BAA7D32C892F98AD/star-wars-in-new-york-911-octopus-part-two.aspx

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

9-11: NO terrorist captured


Monday, April 22, 2013

Pay attention.





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