Sunday, April 28, 2013

9-11: NO terrorist captured


Why they didn't 'capture' at least one fanatical brainwashed terrorist?

Why CIA/Mossad didn't elaborate a 'failure' of at least one attack in order to be able to 'capture' an  Islamic Anders Breivik?

Why did they prepare for tens of years this "false flag" attack but now they have not a single fanatical cretin to expose to the public like the Norvegion one?

Do you imagine it? When they need of him they drag him (or them) out of the cells and expose him or them in a court. The media show the Islamic terrorists who "were going to hijack another plane" in order to "crush it against a kindergarten" (free licence in to elaborate a project of attack) saluting with "Allah is great" slogans. Like the Norvegian brainwashed psycho-killer is saluting in the court with the Templar's sign. Then in prison they further brainwash him or them so every year they are more fanatical. 

No. Instead of this CIA/Mossad is very generous, and help the "truth movement" eliminating any living member of the attack who could disturb the public opinion and make it more impenetrable for the propaganda of the (then easily predictable to arise movement) "9-11 is an inside job!".

In fact it was so predictable that they did purposely an Oklahoma bombing in order to start to spin the minds on the "government conspiracy" (uh, look at the coincidence! The year before Massimo Mazzucco went to America).

It seems it is time to pull down the masque, isn't it? And  confess that this CIA/Mossad organization is the best one the "truth" movement could ever dream of.

 Friday, April 26, 2013

Filthy Bitches.

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