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An allusion to 9-11 truth?


Above image - "DAVID STRATTON: And there's the scene where Tom Cruise is covered with dust like some of the people who escaped from the buildings were. ",........."Remarks: Very good indeed. A faithful updating of the book with nice almost direct quotes at the beginning and end. The overall feeling I had from the movie was a cold chill. The scene where Cruise is covered with dust and he is asked "what is that on you" when you realise what it is ... yes a delicious chill. And more like it, with memorable scenes the: the machines 'fertilising' the red weed for instance.
I'll be going again, it is a disturbing look at what a powerful invader can contemplate and do when they have no resistance. A natural for Spielberg after Schindler's List.
". - URL: http://www.abc.net.au/atthemovies/txt/s1396868.htm

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Big lie - big horror. 


Big lie - big horror.


Well, if I'm talking about that in my blog, I, a person who was in the last years the most skeptic [years are passed since I don't believe no more in Chemtrails etc.], it means that I was hit by the argument. If all this is deception, well, I have been deceived. But please, give first a look and decide for yourself (if you don't yet know the matter of course!).

All started after visiting a sub link in the last post of nwotruthresearch blog,


....which was pointing to the revelations of Dimitri Khalezov about the alleged nuclear controlled demolition of WTC etc. on 9-11. And mind I haven't the idea to do this post till half an hour ago.

I believe Dimitri Khalezov to be linked with KGB/FSB. But didn't Russian intelligence know of 9-11 in advance:

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Again TERRORISM to impose VATICAN/JESUIT agenda on Protestant America??? [coordinated with Euro(po)pean Union agenda] 


 The truth can be very creepy. First question: the Thermite proofs, have been developed in order to deceive? A theatrical deception? But not to hide the 'nuclear' CD. To hide something else. 150 Kt, even if I'm not an expert, I believe couldn't explode (and for three times!!!) under the Twin Towers and at the same time don't leave traces except 'dust and radiation'. >And the explosion cannot continue inside the towers, keeping the shock wave diligently inside the building. Here



"On this page, there is a re-posting of Dimitri’s analysis. In part 10 of the analysis we start getting to his rather detailed description of what happened when the supposed 150 kiloton nuclear device exploded. I have saved a couple of still shots below. Here we see his description of the nuke explosion being forced up into the tower."

"Being forced"????? How can you force the shock wave of a nuke explosion??????


 Only years ago I was interested by the technical discussion on 9-11. Then abandoned the matter.  But this time is different. I found this. Probably they don't want you know about the development of the Star Wars technology. Beam weapons


 As says the below video, "why such weapons are since more than half a century 'under development' and they don't tell nothing about 'em"??? KGB/FSB, CIA, etc. are only a Big Lie and are collaborating. It's the WDG of Vatican and Jesuits' order (other definition: the NWO). I tell you only this, to explore this site and to decide for yourself: 

The Star Wars Beam Weapons

Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)
(A focus of the Star Wars Program)

Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds
(originally posted: October 17, 2006)

Page 5: Toasted Cars


Star Wars in New York 911 Octopus Part Two
This video began playing by itself so has been removed. Please use the links to view it.
32:37 URL Video

 URL: http://www.livevideo.com/video/bsregistration/5C356C85FB844741BAA7D32C892F98AD/star-wars-in-new-york-911-octopus-part-two.aspx

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9-11: NO terrorist captured


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Pay attention.





"...to talk about ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Mali." [Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.]


    Above image - Medvedev and pope Ratzinger, dec. 2011. "But we are talking about CIA!". But in fact, is the theme.

    Probably those Americans patriots who used long before me the term "Catholics In Action" to describe that sinister foreign body stuck in America were even not aware of the deep parallelism they used. Unfortunately the time lacks to make a parallel on the pages of this blog with the secret service in America and the Catholic Action of - for example - Slovenia in the thirties till the end of the war, under the patronage of the Jesuits and of bishop Gregorij Rožman (for example to appreciate how a Jesuit CIA allowed to Jesuit trained - and probably himself a fourth oath Jesuit priest - Castro to grasp the power in Cuba after eighteen years when in occupied Slovenia bishop Rožman  did all the efforts to openly appear friend of Mussolini instigating the - secretly cursed - 'heretic' liberal anti-Fascist Catholics of Slovenia to join the Liberation Front controlled by Moscow):

 Afghan Leader Confirms Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.
    It would be of interest to find that third character enjoying from the war between Islam on a side and Jews and Protestants ("USA" and "Israel") from the other. Better said, if "Jews" and "Protestants" are attacking Islam, who is the beneficiary? Certain Nazi-Islamic elites of Islam? The Vatican who now can play his global political international cards at her best?

     [To gather information on Jesuit/SMOM CIA you can find names and events in that source of vital information, the book "Vatican Assassins" of Eric John Phelps (also downloadable). Of course I don't share his religious racism neither his belief about the true origin of Sunny/Shia conflict.]

Above image - former head of CIA, Leon Pannetta, Jesuit trained.

Jan. 15, 2013 - 08:32PM:

Above image - Vatican city, Jan. 15, 2013 - 08:32PM. Pope Benedict XVI greets U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta after the pontiff's weekly general audience Jan. 16 in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican. Panetta, a staunch Catholic, is in Rome as part of a weeklong swing across Europe, meeting with defense ministers to talk about ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Mali.

...and found in (by D. Willinger):  http://continuingcounterreformation.blogspot.it/2013/01/us-defense-sec-panetta-kisses-up.html

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New pope of C.I.A.: Jesuit-trained. 


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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world 


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Castrist assault to Yoani Sanchez.


    As usual, like in Slovenia 1941-1945 [see bishop Rozman openly provoking the adhesion of liberal Catholics to the Communist controlled Liberation Front], Counter Reformation uses not only Fascism but also Communism as a weapon to destroy liberalism, and especially liberal Catholics who are natural-born dangerous "fifth columns" of the Reform inside the church (modernist 'evil')....

    Supporters of Castro and Communism assaulting a meeting with Yoani Sanchez [they call it "to demonstrate", just wait the next revolution and see how they will "demonstrate"...]:

Above image - "Contestazione festival Internationale del Giornalismo a Yoani Sanchez"/"Challenge to the International Journalism Festival against Yoani Sanchez" - URL: http://youtu.be/e_kkcekoQCU

Above image - "Yoani Sanchez contestata"/"Yoani Sanchez contestata" - URL: http://youtu.be/EVpYyUpVaxI

".....PERUGIA - Mario Calabresi, editor of La Stampa has just finished his brief presentation. Yoani Sanchez is going to take the floor. About thirty supporters-of-Castro protesters seizes the stage with flags and leaflets dropped in the air. For days, in one of the few local websites, activists of AsiCuba of region Umbria complained the arrival of the popular Cuban blogger, accusing her of being pampered, cared for and obviously paid by the West.

From the wings of the Sala dei Notari the anti-Castros, originating in Cuba, shouted themselves against demonstrators, who were  strictly from Umbria [the region where the meeting was held - avles]. Quite picturesque their way out, after a good ten minutes of protest, screams and invective against Sanchez, sat, protected by 194 cm Calabresi, singing "Bella Ciao".
The comment of Yoani Sanchez was terse: "We too would like to protest in Cuba as they did. It 'nice to see people free to express and for this I thank them. Their protests make higher my voice." Then, in a low voice, whispering to her friends: "I'm so used to these events if nothing happens that ends I'm bored"

URL: http://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli-e-cultura/2013/04/28/news/yoani_sanchez_contestata_a_perugia-57663227/

Perugia is a notorious important Masonic center. 

Above image is from "Vatican Assassins" third edition, by Eric John Phelps. Caption: "Fidel Castro with SMOM Grand Master Andrew Bertie, 1980s #563
Coadjutor Castro knows his real Vatican masters. Grand Master of the Knights
of Malta Andrew Bertie
could order the execution of this wicked tyrant with a
nod of his head. As long as he is obedient, Castro will remain untouchable.
Photo was forwarded to the author by an Internet researcher."
    ["..... Fra' Matthew Festing was elected by the Council as 79th Grand Master on 11 March 2008, succeeding Fra' Andrew Bertie, who was Grand Master until his death on 7 February 2008......" - Wiki]
 "....These acts of High Treason against the American People have now justified
our present Crusade against Islam, surnamed “the War Against Terrorism,” and
heartily endorsed by the Pope’s Masonic Jewish Zionists to the detriment of the
beloved, racially Jewish People in Israel. This “war on terrorism” is to the exclusion
of notorious Jesuit-trained terrorists and mass-murderers such as Fidel Castro of
communist Cuba and Gerry Adams of Ireland’s Irish Republican Army. Why?

[From "Vatican Assassins" third edition, by Eric John Phelps]

Yes, why?... Please, give a look to my label "Ugo Chavez", for example this post:

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Never trust a Jesuit, commander Chavez. 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction and Chavez 


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9-11: NO terrorist captured


Why they didn't 'capture' at least one fanatical brainwashed terrorist?

Why CIA/Mossad didn't elaborate a 'failure' of at least one attack in order to be able to 'capture' an  Islamic Anders Breivik?

Why did they prepare for tens of years this "false flag" attack but now they have not a single fanatical cretin to expose to the public like the Norvegion one?

Do you imagine it? When they need of him they drag him (or them) out of the cells and expose him or them in a court. The media show the Islamic terrorists who "were going to hijack another plane" in order to "crush it against a kindergarten" (free licence in to elaborate a project of attack) saluting with "Allah is great" slogans. Like the Norvegian brainwashed psycho-killer is saluting in the court with the Templar's sign. Then in prison they further brainwash him or them so every year they are more fanatical. 

No. Instead of this CIA/Mossad is very generous, and help the "truth movement" eliminating any living member of the attack who could disturb the public opinion and make it more impenetrable for the propaganda of the (then easily predictable to arise movement) "9-11 is an inside job!".

In fact it was so predictable that they did purposely an Oklahoma bombing in order to start to spin the minds on the "government conspiracy" (uh, look at the coincidence! The year before Massimo Mazzucco went to America).

It seems it is time to pull down the masque, isn't it? And  confess that this CIA/Mossad organization is the best one the "truth" movement could ever dream of.

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Filthy Bitches. 


Friday, April 26, 2013

Filthy Bitches.


Uh, look this strange fact! CIA has the capability to hire "hundred of thousands" of "Al-Qaeda-terrorists" and then???... She let her enemies to capture them and to show them confessing "we-are-CIA" to all the world???... But.... she is not able to hire a bunch of deficient fanatic religious cretins to embark on a pair of civil planes and crush 'em against a pair of f****** enormous buildings, and another pair of religious deficient manipulated guys to providentially stop before they embark on another civil plane and to make them confess in front of the whole world that "we-are-Islamic-terrorist"?????????????????


YOU, "anti-Zionists", "anti-imperialist", 9-11 "truth" movement (which "truth" please???), you are now definitively exposed as ideological longa manus of Jesuit CIA!

 Above image - from:
 "Syria (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Terrorist Thaer Mousa al-Aboud confessed to receiving military training in Jordan in the use of firearms and marksmanship under the supervision of Jordanian officers before sneaking into Syria and committing crimes in it."

URL:  http://abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&id=411643

      Globalresearch.org, after viewing the article of Chamish on the CIA's anti-Israeli hoax, can be considered a vector of anti-Israeli, pro-Vatican and pro-WDG propaganda [see it in my "Pay attention." post of the previous Monday, April 22, 2013], with regard to the Vatican policy of framing Israel in order to grasp the sovereignity of Jerusalem (under "UN" masque"). Not strange the same "Globalresearch" organization "for the peace" and "against imperialism" in the world is used to present Assad with a favorable dress, pushing the blame for the massacres in Syria on "Zionism" and "American imperialism". The scheme is always the same, first infiltrate the opposition with CIA (Russia, China, etc.) backed terrorists who then would supply the butchers in Damasco with the alibi to chop any form of opposition, and to clean Syria from any kind of dangerous inner fifth column when the Final Attack to Israel will happen. Below an example of the "One Thinking" supplied by Gearóid Ó Colmáin:

"France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists"

Global Research, April 14, 2013 

Notice the date, not only allegorically linked to the murder of Abraham Lincoln who dreamed to visit Jerusalem before to die (see Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Chiniquy) but also a day before the terrorist attacks at the Boston marathon and the cyber attack of the hackers of Syria (CIA backed?) against American institutions [uh, pardon, if I too played a little with numbers, see this post's date...].

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin

URL: http://www.globalresearch.ca/frances-media-admits-that-the-syrian-opposition-is-al-qaida-then-justifies-french-government-support-to-the-terrorists/5331289

In a report published on the 11th of April French daily Le Monde admits that rebels fighting the government of the Syrian Arab Republic are dominated by Japhat Al Nosra, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after two years of non-stop disinformation trumpeted from all French mainstream media outlets from the official right to the official left, disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that democratic revolutionaries are fighting a war for human rights and freedom against a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.

Those media were right, the democratic revolutionaries are fighting against an oppressive regime. As the regime needs an alibi to slaughter the opponents, he needs to accuse them to be the tool of 'foreing' forces. The "Al Qaeda" there present works supplying the brutal Assad's regime oppression with "moral" alibies.

This puerile and deeply dishonest narrative has now been utterly discredited, as the facts about the terrorist nature of the Syrian rebels have become too obvious to ignore. 

The "puerile and deeply dishonest narrative" is the one of the 'alternatives' in the Western world who are appealing to the same freedom whose assasination in Sirya is then welcomed. The "puerile and deeply dishonest narrative" and also assassin narrative is the one who exploit ambiguous groups claiming to fight against Assad's oppression in order then to justify the mass murder of the true opposition to Assad.

In an article entitled ‘The New Visage of French Jihadism’ it is reported that French jihadists are leaving France in their hundreds to join the ‘holy war’ against the Syrian Arab Republic, with many more joining jihadist groups in Mali.
Therefore France govt and DSGE are called in cause as among the first agents working for the destruction of the Siryan opposition from the within, infiltrating it with elements openly acting to expose any opponent to Assad's regime as "criminal", an "agent of foreign forces". This is called an operation aimed to discredit the adversary.
On the same page in an article entitled ‘Al Qaida extends its territory and unites its forces in Iraq and Syria’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad reports:
‘The head of Iraq’s Islamic state, the Iraqi branch of Al Qaida, announced in a recorded message on April 9th, that his group would be fused with the Japhat AL Nosra( Support Front), the principal armed jihadist organization in Syria. The new group will be called Al-Qaida in Iraq and the Levant. This announcement comes two days after the call of Ayman Al-Zawarhiri, the successor of Osama Bin Laden in the leadership of Al-Qaida ‘headquarters,’ for the establishment of an Islamic state after the fall of the regime of Bachar-Al-Assad, afflicted since two years by an insurrection by the Sunni majority.’[1]
So, here we now have the French establishment press, who has been working overtime since two years to convince us that those fighting Assad are democrats, admitting that they are in fact Al Qaida.
And of course Gearóid Ó Colmáin, the author of the article, doesn't ask himself why Le Monde is allowed to publish such "revelations", probably because he then would be constrained to aks himself if it is not true that to send "Al Qaeda" terrorists in Sirya to join the rebels is a simple operation intended to destroy the credibility of the uprising forces. Worst: that the true heart of the France media never was on the uprising's side if not only with words, and secretly was always on the Assad's side as Le Monde demonstrates.
According to an October 2010Fox News report, the above-mentioned Al Qaida leader Al-Zawarhiri dined at the Pentagon just months after 911. Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge claimed she had documents to prove this.
If a media like FOX considered to be the voice of the establishment gives such 'revelations', an honest journalist should first to consider the fact that the news was not built in order to reveal the dinner, but at the opposite the dinner has been organized in order then to be "revealed" to the public (and to hide a well more sinister conspiracy: "hide the true conspiracy with a fake conspiracy").
Of course, Fox News being a corporate propaganda agency did not pursue this story any further, nor did any other international mainstream media outlets.
This for the simple fact that the second stage of the plan is devolved to the 'alternative' media who have the duty to elaborate the ideology from the news, and – not secondary! - to fight any kind of true alternative explanation for the events. For this reason the conspiracy behind the 911 remain confined in the 'alternative' not-official media. If it will appear in the official media probably some insider would be constrained to take out true insider information which would demolish and not in a controlled way all the conspiracy castles built on some elements related to the September 2001 attacks.

In the war on terror ignorance is strength and questioning is stupid.[2]

For this reason the question must remain (at least till the moment when the political scenario will suggest this) in the 'alternative' field, where the most stupid person can be induced to believe to be very intelligent. Just see the Larry's sentence on WTC7 where the true questions are not alluding him as part of the plot but as useful scapegoat to hide the true plot.

The Fox News reporter earns 900,000 dollars per annum.[3]

Therefore he is asked to say that at the dinner was present also the Commander of the Reptilian Galactic fleet and cousing of the Alien who created the Man in Sumeria, he will say that without to betray the least sign of uncertainity.

In order to soften the blow and reassure French readers that the Quai d’Orsay’s  support for the ‘rebels’ does not contradict France’s commitment to ‘human rights’, Le Monde’s  Christophe Ayad tells us that:
‘Contrary to the Islamic State in Iraq the Al Nosra Front have made an effort not to systematically target civilians. It has not insisted, for the moment, on imposing an Islamic order that is too strict in the zones under its control, and has even concluded honorable agreements with the Kurdish rebellion, as in at Ras Al-Ain and more recently at Aleppo’[4]
These rebels Le Monde attempts to whitewash have been systematically targeting civilians from the start of this conflict. They have put bombs in cars in busy market squares, they have bombed universities murdering and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They have been torturing and beheading civilians and soldiers alike [5], even forcing children to participate in the decapitation some of their victims. Children have also been used as soldiers.[6 ]

Again the methods are clear and in plain sight: acts of barbarianism (whose true responsible is not possible to ascertain in a civil war where to wear the enemy's uniform is the most followed rule) are used to defamate and discredit the opposition to Assad's . this This is really clear when it absolutely doesn't appear in a clear and loud way doubts and questions on who is the true beneficiary from the alleged acts of barbarianism.

They have forced women to wear the chador in the ‘liberated’ parts of once beautiful Aleppo.[7] They have desecrated and ruined the country’s religious and cultural heritage. They have blown up pipelines and wrecked infrastructure. They have destroyed thousands of schools, libraries and public service buildings. They have used chemical weapons. They have slit the throats of little children in order to blame the Syrian government.

"They have slit the throats of little children in order to blame the Syrian government.". Now the Syrian government can slit any throat he wants because the guilty are always on the opponent's side. In fact if there was a true interests in to make appear the government as the true responsible, we should see every day undisputable footage of such barbarian acts, instead of rare youtube videos built more with the intention to suscitate disbelief and boredom.

They terrorists are now even taking photos of themselves with the decapitated heads of their victims.[8] None of this is a secret. They have continously posted videos boasting about their crimes.

This is another proof which accuses the alleged 'rebels' to be on the Assad's payroll.

Yet Le Monde wants us to believe that Japhat Al Nosra [image above] is a good, more civilized version of Al Qaida, one perhaps worthy of Western military support! Of course, Le Monde will reply that they do not support Japhat Al Nosra,  that they support the secular rebels. But where are the secular rebels?Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states very clearly that ‘any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law’. [9 ] The attempt by Western journalists to portray terrorist groups as freedom fighters and the use of information sources emanating exclusively from these groups to justify foreign aggression against a sovereign state recognized by the United Nations constitutes a war crime.

Western journalists are portraying terrorist groups as freedom fighter because they have to support Assad's gang who needs of an alibi to chop the civil opposition and the threat of foreign aggression is the classical alibi to peform crimes of war.

The French ‘special envoy’ seems to  lament the fact that the announcement of this new fusion of terrorist groups will discredit the French government’s attempts to convince its European Union partners to officially arm the ‘rebellion’.  

Therefore the revelation of Le Monde is aimed to paralyze any kind of serious diplomatic pressure on Assad's regime.

While the French press admits that the Syrian armed opposition is predominantly Al-Qaida, it continues to insinuate and suggest that the bulk of the armed opposition is in fact secular and liberal.

This is a delicate moment: the larger population in France must be convinced that Assad is right in his suppression of inner opposition and therefore a mind short-circuit must be created with the direct touch of two opposite signs of the information, one praising the democratic opposition, the other blaming the predominance of Al Qaeda terrorist groups in it. This is a classical technique of the mass manipulation of the minds. The reader now is confused and searching for a third new perspective offering him the solution of the contradiction: the 'alternative' pro-Assad information will solve all the psychological problems of the confused reader.

However, no evidence to support such insinuations has ever been forthcoming, while evidence to the contrary is overwhelming and impossible to dismiss.

The only overwhelimng evidence impossible to dismiss is that just the Assad's regime and his friend China and Russia are the ones who needs of the presence and of the job of Al Qaeda in Sirya's civil war.

In another article published on March 5th entitled ‘The Syrian Rebels take control of the Village of Raqqa in the North of the Country’, reporter Khalid Sid Mohand tells us just who these ‘rebels’ are. They are, he admits a few lines into his report:
‘A coalition of armed groups, some of whom are affiliated to the jihadists of Japhat-al-Nosra, who are behind the fall of Rakka.’[10]
But for this reason the Western doesn't intervene in the direct support of the rebels as this would involve the civil society and render useless the coming in Sirya of enemy groups who are the best alibi of Assad in order to murder the opposition. The Western world loudly opposes to Assad in order to hide the silent support to him and to Russia and China. This is the agenda of the Roman Catholic Democratic World Government [WDG], the secular political tool of the religious New World Order.

How lovely!  Al Qaida have captured a Syrian town and the French liberal media seems to be very excited about the prospect of armed barbarians taking over the Levantine state. From the title of the article, one is led to believe that the Syrian rebels have taken the town, the Syrian rebels being the French media’s designated ‘Arab Spring’ good guys. So, even though the news is bad, the headline suggests that it is good. Reality is turned upside down.
This technique of, while at the same time admitting that they are terrorists has the effect of confusing the public and preventing the uncritical reader from understanding the real forces at play in the Syrian conflict.

Meanwhile Gearóid Ó Colmáin, the author of the article, tells about the "editorializing terrorists as rebels", he is "editorializing [criminalizing] the opposition as terrorists" therefore is exposiong himself as propaganda agent of Assad [of DSGE/WDG]

The technique was repeatedly used during the Russian-Chechnian war when Islamist terrorists were repeatedly described as ‘rebels’. The double-standard, double-speak and double-think are techniques which are now part and parcel of ‘professional journalism’.

This is another admission on the use of the Cechnia war by KGB/FSB as an "external threat" to guarantee the total control of the Kremlin and Russia, an use which was hidden by the Western media who, instead to present the Cechnia terrorist as "democratic", should have presented them as the ones who were discrediting the secessionist for the benefit of KGB/FSB Kremlin.

While such villainous and schizophrenic behavior may appear to some as a diabolical conspiracy, the reality is far more complex. This schizoid way of thinking and speaking is simply the psychological reflection of a global economic system that is collapsing upon its own internal contradictions. The extraction of surplus value from labour and the globalization of this capitalist mode of production have made a tiny section of the global population extremely rich and powerful.

Now it appears on the stage Karl Marx, in order to hide the religious agenda of the WDG.

The rich and powerful not only own the means of production, they also own the means of communication and as rule by a financial oligarchy is objectively contrary to democratic principles, a double-language and double-think is necessary in order to make people believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5.

Therefore they own even Gearóid Ó Colmáin who maybe is 'independent' but without the opportunity purposely offered by the mainstream media could never write his journalistic pearls.

As a result, armed groups that serve the interests of the financial oligarchy will be mediatized as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘human rights’ activists. However, as reporters cannot  always control or ignore the complex realities they report on, the truth also emerges between the lines, in the margins and interstices of their own discourse. However, the job of rational analysis and interpretation  of information is only being carried nowadays out by alternative media outlets whose goal is to serve the public good and tell the truth.

The alternative media serve the falsity of the WDG who needs of a "plantery threat" ("Zionism", "America", etc.) in order to justify the fall of freedom anywhere in the world.

Thus, articles reporting the ‘good news’ that the Syrian rebels have taking another town will also have to admit that these same rebels are actually Al Qaida. But because double-think is so deeply embedded in Western culture, the contradictions of these reports are rarely noticed or analyzed The task of molding the public mind to support the ‘cruel but necessary’ geopolitical strategies of the global financial elite falls to the mass media , who orient and distort information to suit imperial designs and the corporate interests of the media’s owners.

To report of Al Qaeda terrorism in Sirya and to silence the fact that it is the alibi for the cruel repression is not double-thinking but One Thinking, i.e. to think as it want the boss, Assad.

In a Guardian article of 2002, the Western establishment’s policy of total hypocrisy was eloquently expressed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief strategist Robert Cooper who wrote:
‘The challenge to the postmodern world is to get used to the idea of double standards. Among ourselves, we operate on the basis of laws and open cooperative security. But when dealing with more old-fashioned kinds of states outside the postmodern continent of Europe, we need to revert to the rougher methods of an earlier era – force, pre-emptive attack, deception, whatever is necessary to deal with those who still live in the nineteenth century world of every state for itself. Among ourselves, we keep the law but when we are operating in the jungle, we must also use the laws of the jungle’[11]
Since unknown snipers opened fire on protestors and police in the town of Daraa on March 15th2011, the Syrian nation has been assaulted by death squads armed and trained by the Gulf emirates and Nato intelligence. The result has been the death of thousands and the destruction of a nation.  This is a repeat of the Arc of Crisis created in Afghanistan in 1979 when US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski organized the arming and training of Mujahedeen terrorists in order to overthrow the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The result was the creation of Al Qaida, a data-base of military-intelligence assets, who have since the very beginning,  always served Nato geopolitical interests. The same technique is now being used against Syria.
It is quite possible the French government’s admission that Al Qaida have taken over large parts of Syria could serve as an excuse in the weeks, months or years ahead for direct military intervention to ‘free’ Syria from Al-Qaida, just as French intelligence’s fomentation of jihadism in Libya and their transfer to Mali served the cause of military intervention there. Meanwhile,the media demonization of Bachar-Al Assad will continue. However, the existence of Al Qaida in Syria could eventually become the final justification for intervention if the terrorists succeed in sufficiently weakening the Syrian state and Russia can be persuaded to acquiesce in the loss of its Eastern Mediterranean client state.
The dupes of Nato’s media empire can continue to comfort themselves that their governments are fighting terrorists in some countries, while helping ‘democratic rebels’ to fight ‘brutal regimes’ in others, but as savage austerity cuts and the militarization of urban space afflicts European cities, the reality that it is the degenerate Euro-Atlantic elites who are fomenting jihadist terrorism, the nightmarish reality that this is in fact both the ‘brutal regime’, and  the opaque, loose ‘terrorist network’ which wants to take away our freedoms and destroy civilization, this reality will become impossible to ignore. For in truth the war on terrorism is ultimately a war on humanity.

This recalls the pro-Soviet Russia propaganda during the Cold War (Hoax) or pro-Nazi Germany propaganda in the thirties in liberal countries by Nazi groups inside those countries and enjoying the same freedom their Communist or Nazi masters were massacring in their countries.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"I just want to know what happened to my brother."

Above image - SMOM Carabineers' general De Lorenzo.   "Piano Solo was an envisaged plot for an Italian coup in 1964, planned by then director of the military police, Giovanni De Lorenzo."["military police" = Carabineers].
For general De Lorenzo and order of Malta see References.

     April 2013. Probable next prime minister: Giuliano Amato.  

     On 5th Oct. 2000 the government presided by Giuliano Amato issued the decree to make out of Carabineers military police [till the moment depending from the Army] an autonomous military force (at the level of ground, navy and air force). Then the following Summer the violence at the 2001 G8 Summit of Genova.

"April 23, 2013 - Government, start for the consultations. In pole position Giuliano Amato. Behind them is Matteo Renzi
Today, with the chairmen of the House and Senate, they begin the consultations for the formation of the executive. Among the ministers also papabili [from "papa" or "pope" i.e. reccomanded] Saccomanni and Cancellieri. Among the names of politicians Boccia, Fassina, Gelmini and Quagliariello
Fabrizio D'Esposito |
URL: http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2013/04/23/governo-via-alle-consultazioni-in-pole-giuliano-amato-dietro-ce-matteo-renzi/572549/

 URL: https://www.change.org/petitions/come-%C3%A8-morto-mio-fratello-giuseppeuva?alert_id=tqHCNvhomf_eiHpTtBzeW&utm_campaign=22889&utm_medium=email&utm_source=action_alert

 How did my brother

GiuseppeUva die?

    1. Lucia Uva
    2. Petition by

Hello Edoardo,

Five years ago my brother died at age of 43, after being stopped and detained at the Carabineers' station of Varese.

No investigation has been completed on what happened that bloody night, no answer was given to me on the death of Giuseppe, which I saw in the morgue with a diaper and 78 blood stains on the crotch. And in short, this trial will be forfeited.

I ask that before that happens to be the witness heard that night, I believe that my brother is dead for beating. It was in fact heard Alberto Biggiogero conducted in barracks with my brother, who has always talked of hearing the
atrocious cries of Giuseppe coming from the room where he had been locked up, so the 118 call from the same barracks to request assistance.

I never seem to ask for the moon, I just want to know what happened to my brother.

So far the only proceedings is upon me, who out of desperation I insulted on Facebook the two Carabineers and six policemen who were laughing on the phone about my brother, that cursed night.

Last week there was the second writ in court: a doctor was acquitted of the charge for having administered excessive doses of sedatives and anxiolytics, another was acquitted even before it came to trial, while a third had already been acquitted after a trial before the court sitting alone.

I ask that the survey is assigned to another prosecutor who really wants to seek truth and justice.

Please do not leave me alone, I want to know how my brother died.
Thank you,

Lucia Uva on Change.org

See also:

 Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Gli Anni Bui della Slavia" ["The Dark Years of the Slavia" - book] 



SMOM general Giovanni De Lorenzo:

 From:  http://moversandshakersofthesmom.blogspot.it/2008/09/giovanni-de-lorenzo.html

Movers and Shakers of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

  The SMOM is an elite Roman Catholic Knighthood headed by a Grandmaster who works at the behest of the Pope. Membership is derived from Politics, Industry, Finance, Military, Intelligence, Media and Entertainment. Knights and Dames first swear loyalty to the Pope and then to their country. "Defending the faith" and helping fellow members while serving the Order constitutes their ethics.

Above image - URL: http://vaticannewworldorder.blogspot.it/2012/02/knights-of-malta-and-their-complicity.html

 Above image - "A photo of Colonel (not yet General and head of the SIFAR) Giovanni De Lorenzo, dating from the early 50s.". SIFAR = 1940' and 1950' Italian military intelligence. URL: http://miles.forumcommunity.net/?t=44601339


@TEMP = The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) provided international cover for Washington's postwar
operations in Italy. A secret clause in the initial NATO agreement in 1949 required that before a nation could join, it
must have already established a national security authority to fight communism through clandestine citizen cadres.

This Stay Behind clause grew out of a secret committee set up at U.S. insistence in the Atlantic Pact, the forerunner of
NATO. Each NATO member was also required to send delegates to semiannual meetings on the subject. *4

U.S. authority for such moves flowed in a steady stream of presidential directives transmitted through the National
Security Council (NSC). In December 1950, the council gave the armed forces carte blanche to use appropriate military
even if the communists merely gain participation in government by legal means or threaten to achieve control...or the government ceases to evidence a determination to oppose communist internal or external threats. *5

The CIA helped the Italian police set up secret squadrons staffed in many cases with veterans of Mussolini's secret
police. *6 The squadrons were trained for intensive espionage and counter-espionage, against communists and other
perceived enemies of the status quo. The plan to use exceptional means was patterned after the highly militarized
French intelligence service, the Suret Nationale, which was reportedly so tough on communists that many fled to other
countries. *7

The newly organized intelligence agency, SIFAR, began operations in September 1949, under the supervision of an undercover American, Carmel Offie, nicknamed godfather by the Italians. *8 Interior Minister Mario Scelba headed
the operation. At the same time, Scelba was directing a brutal repression, murdering hundreds of workers and peasants
who sought improved conditions after the war. *9


With the Italian secret service under control, the Americans then expanded it under the name Operation Demagnetize
and tied it to an existing network of cadre in northern Italy. In 1951, the Italian secret service formally agreed to set up
a clandestine organization within the military to coordinate with the northern cadres. In 1952, SIFAR received secret
orders from Washington to adopt a series of political, paramilitary and psychological operations destined to diminish the
power of the Italian Communist Party, its material resources, and its influence on government.
This priority objective
must be attained by all means. 10

Operation Demagnetize marked the institutional hardening of Gladio. A State Department historian characterized it as
the strategy of stabilization, *11 although it could be more accurately described as one of destabilization. From the
start, the offensive was secretly directed and funded by the U.S. government.
In 1956, the arrangement was formalized in a written agreement, using the name Gladio for the first time. According to 1956 documents uncovered in Italy in 1990, Gladio was divided into independent cells coordinated from a CIA camp in Sardinia. These special forces included 40 main groups. Ten specialized in sabotage, six each in espionage, propaganda, evasion and escape tactics, and 12 in guerrilla activities. Another division handled the training of agents and commandos. These special forces had access to underground arms caches, which included hand guns, grenades, high-tech explosives, daggers, 60-millimeter mortars, 57-millimeter machine guns and precision rifles. *12

In 1956, Gen. Giovanni De Lorenzo was named to head SIFAR on the recommendation of U.S. Ambassador Claire
Boothe Luce
, the avidly anticommunist wife of the publisher of Time magazine.
*13 A key player in Gladio was now in place. In 1962, the CIA helped place De Lorenzo at the head of the national police (carabinieri), while he retained
effective control of the secret service.

The general brought with him 17 lieutenants to begin purging insufficiently right-wing officers. It was the first step to a
right-wing coup attempt, with U.S. military attaché Vernon Walters in the vanguard. In a memo to De Lorenzo the same
year, Walters suggested types of intervention aimed at provoking a national crisis, including blocking a center-left
coalition, creating schisms among the socialists, and funding forces favorable to the status quo.14

Meanwhile, according to CIA files found in Rome in 1984, CIA station chief William Harvey began to recruit action
teams based on a list of 2,000 men capable of throwing bombs, conducting attacks, and accompanying these actions with
indispensable propaganda. 15 These teams had a chance to practice their skills in 1963 as part of an anti-union
offensive. U.S.-trained gladiators dressed as police and civilians attacked construction workers peacefully demonstrating
in Rome, leaving some 200 wounded and a large section of the city in shambles. The link to Gladio was made in later
testimony by a former general in the secret service.16

SIFAR Lt. Col. Renzo Rocca was also training a civil militia composed of ex-soldiers, parachutists and members of
Junio Valerio Black Prince Borghese's paramilitary organization, Decima MAS (Tenth Torpedo Boat Squadron), for the
pending coup
.17 President Antonio Segni reportedly knew of the plan, which was to conclude with the assassination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro, under fire for not being tough enough with the communists.18

The long-planned takeover, known later as Plan Solo, fizzled in March 1964, when the key carabinieri involved
remained in their barracks. As a subsequent inquiry moved to question Rocca about the coup attempt, he apparently
killed himself, possibly to fulfill Gladio's oath of silence. After officials determined that state secrets were involved,
three hamstrung inquiries failed to determine the guilty parties.19


Despite the failure of Plan Solo, the CIA and the Italian right had largely succeeded in creating the clandestine
structures envisioned in Operation Demagnetize. Now the plotters turned their attention to a renewed offensive against
the left.

To win intellectual support, the secret services set up a conference in Rome at the luxurious Parco dei Principi hotel in
May 1965, for a study of revolutionary war. The choice of words was inadvertently revealing, since the conveners and
invited participants were planning a real revolution, not just warning of an imaginary communist takeover. The
meeting was essentially a reunion of fascists, right-wing journalists, and military personnel. The strategy of tension
that emerged was designed to disrupt normality with terror attacks in order to create chaos and provoke a frightened
public into accepting still more authoritarian government. *20

Several graduates of this exercise had long records of anticommunist actions and would later be implicated in some of
Italy's worst massacres. One was journalist and secret agent Guido Giannettini. Four years earlier, he had conducted a
seminar at the U.S. Naval Academy on The Techniques and Prospects of a Coup d'Etat in Europe. Another was notorious
fascist Stefano Delle Chiaie, who had reportedly been recruited as a secret agent in 1960. He had organized his own
armed band known as Avanguardia Nationale (AN), whose members had begun training in terror tactics in preparation
for Plan Solo. *21

General De Lorenzo, whose SIFAR had now become SID, soon enlisted these and other confidants in a new Gladio
project. They planned to create a secret parallel force alongside sensitive government offices to neutralize subversive
elements not yet purified. Known as the Parallel SID, its tentacles reached into nearly every key institution of the
Italian state. Gen.Vito Miceli, who later headed SID, said he set up the separate structure at the request of the
Americans and NATO.


Two ancient, mysterious, international fraternities kept the loosely-linked Gladio programs from flying apart. The
Knights of Malta played a formative role after the war (see box), but the order of Freemasonry and its most notorious lodge in Italy, known as Propaganda Due (pronounced doo-ay ), or P-2, was far more influential.
In the late 1960s, its Most Venerable Master was Licio Gelli, a Knight of Malta who fought for Franco with Mussolini's Black Shirts. At the end of World War II, Gelli faced execution by Italian partisans for his Nazi collaboration, but escaped by joining the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps. *23 In the 1950s, he was recruited by SIFAR.

After some years of self-imposed exile in Argentine fascist circles,24 he saw his calling in Italy as a Mason. Quickly
rising to its top post, he began fraternizing in 1969 with Gen. Alexander Haig, then assistant to Henry Kissinger,
President Nixon's national security chief. Gelli became the main intermediary between the CIA and SID's De Lorenzo, also a Mason and Knight. Gelli's first order from the White House was reportedly to recruit 400 more top Italian and NATO officials.25

To help ferret out dissidents, Gelli and De Lorenzo began compiling personal dossiers on thousands of people, including
legislators and clerics. *26 Within a few years, scandal erupted when an inquiry found 157,000 such files in SID, all
available to the Ministers of Defense and Interior. *27 Parliament ordered 34,000 files burned, but by then the CIA had
obtained duplicates for its archives. *28


That same year, 1956, U.S. Ambassador to Italy Clare Booth Luce—a Dame of Malta and the wife of Time and Life magazine publisher Henry Luce, a key sponsor of the fascist Congress for Cultural Freedom—"recommended" a fellow SMOM member, Gen. Giovanni De Lorenzo, as the new head of SIFAR. In 1962, the CIA helped install De Lorenzo as head of the Carabinieri, while he still maintained control over SIFAR. He began purging officers deemed not sufficiently "anti-communist," in either his eyes or or those of U.S. military attaché Vernon Walters.


SMOM members De Lorenzo and Prince Borghese each supported fascist coups in Italy in 1964 (the Solo Plan) and 1970.


With McCone heading the CIA and Angleton as his Chief of Counterintelligence, another Knight of Malta of fascist fame, Italian General Giovani De Lorenzo, who had been the chief of the secret service (then known as Sifar) and in 1962 head of the carabinieri, organized an attempted fascist coup on July 14, 1964 (the Plan Solo) and later became a deputy from the fascist MSI party.18

Six and a half years later, on the night of December 7, 1970 Angleton's Prince Borghese gave the order for Stefano delle Chiaie to proceed with seizure of the Interior Ministry in Rome along with 50 fellow neo-Nazis. (See A Killer's Career, in this issue; and see The Fascist Network, in CAIB, Number 22.) This plot to trigger a fascist coup was called off at the last minute, and Borghese and his neo-Nazi protege delle Chiaie fled to Spain where former SS Commando Skorzeny among others was waiting. 19

SMOM by mention:



Italy 1952-1970

* Christie,S. Stefano Delle Chiaie. 1984 (18, 24, 34)
* Covert Action Information Bulletin 1986-#25 (34)
* Covert Action Quarterly 1994-#49 (23-4)
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* Herman,E. Brodhead,F. Rise and Fall of Bulgarian Connection. 1986 (76, 79-80)
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* Lies Of Our Times 1991-06 (21)
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* Syrokomsky,V. International Terrorism and the CIA. 1983 (223, 236)
* Willan,P. Puppetmasters. 1991 (28, 36-8, 150)

pages cited this search: 24


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avles said...
The first true Gladio was the alliance "Black Shirts - White Partisans" against the Red partisans (especially of Tito). Since the first days of the 'peace' this primordial egg of Gladio started to spread terror and death in North East Adriatic region.

Don't be diverted by the usual, classical, Marxist key of interpretation for which "the Fascists want to do a coupe!!!".

All that, as the facts demonstrated, was a trap. The true coupe d'etat is realized slowly, in a not conventional way, and just with those 'democratic', 'antifascist' forces who pretended to 'contrast' the Neo-Fascist attempts!

I repeat this since June 2007:

Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).


Corno di Rosazzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia.....


Restoration of the Pontifical Reign.


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