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"We look forward to a Scientific Committee by the Jesuits"


    Just an act?

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 "It 'strange that it is precisely a Jesuit the spiritual father of the Internet and that Teilhard de Chardin,  rendered harmless by the Church and that he had spoken prophetically of what Wiki is today. A fantastic opportunity for the evolution of mankind."
[a comment by Stefano Nicatore, under the Grillo's post below quoted.]

    Fondazione Stensen, Casaleggio and Beppe Grillo, an example of Jesuitical "put learning against learning": 


"The Jesuits have always dealt with the knowledge and its interpretation.
No wonder that they deal with the creation of knowledge in Network through the wiki

The wiki is a technique (simple) construction of knowledge through a website that allows users to freely add content and that produced, at no cost and with free access, the largest and updated encyclopedia in the world: .

Without intermediaries.
Without committees.
Without authorization.

Hence, the concern of the Civiltà Catolica [official magazine of the Jesuit order - note of avles], after introducing the concept of a wiki correctly, in addition to a write signed by Antonio Spataro, gives the following concerning considerations :

- Wikipedia can not be regarded as one of many traditional encyclopedias, because it is not guaranteed by any Scientific Committee which may give authority,

- The transience, the precarious nature and changeable, free association and sometimes ephemeral, employees for a limited purpose, are the limitations that may characterize, in general, the "virtual communities",

- Wikipedia hides another utopia, in its own way ambiguous: the absolute democracy of knowledge and collaboration of multiple intelligences, which gives rise to a kind of collective intelligence,

- The potential of Wikipedia, however, must face insurmountable structural limitations that can be summarized in the absence of some authority and continuous exposure to vandalism ...

We look forward to a Scientific Committee by the Jesuits which clearly defines the criteria for the construction of knowledge in Network

It takes faith
 [by a post of Beppe Grillo in June 2005]

    [Posted:  "Postato il 26 Luglio 2005 alle 17:59 in or "Posted July 26, 2005 at 17:59 in Technology / Network"
Title of the post: "Wiki e Gesuiti", ("Wiki and Jesuits"), by Beppe Grillo; URL:]

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     Tactically created, the chaos [noosphere, Internet, etc.] conceptualized by SJ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, needs of a center of organization. Guess which one.

    The above quoted post was from July 2005. See from nwo-truthresearch blog what happened on the previous November 2004 and January 2005:

"....To sum: November 27, 2004 Grillo makes an "extraordinary intervention" at the Stensen Foundation of the Jesuits in the day dedicated to the Cyber ​​Democracy, and January 26, 2005, exactly two months later, he opens the blog "revolutionary-catching against the caste of politicians" together with the Masonic Casaleggio. Andreotti would have said: "To think evil is a sin, but we often guesses."....

 .... [the Stensen foundation is] Recognized by the President of the Republic, no. 231, 3 March 1959, the Foundation is run by the Jesuits and was inaugurated 1 November 1964. The statue has been updated and renovated in the year 2008 and finally approved February 24, 2009 from the Prefecture of Florence.
Current President is P. Ennio Brovedani s.j.

 by nwo-truthresearch blog

 from the article: 

"Grillo, Travaglio, Saviano: Tutti ospiti felici e contenti dei Gesuiti"


"Grillo, Travaglio, Saviano: all happily ever after guests of the Jesuits".


....reported in my:

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Beppe Grillo is a Jesuit proxy.

   As regard Put Learning Against Learning, see Tupper Saussy:

  "..... Machiavelli and Wolsey opined that both printing and Protestantism could be turned to Rome’s advantage by employing movable type to produce
a literature that would confuse, diminish, and ultimately marginalize the Bible. Cardinal Wolsey, who would later found Christ Church College at Oxford, characterized the project as “to put learning against learning.”...."
From Rulers of Evil, by Tupper Saussy - Chapter: MEDICI LEARNING, page 23.

    On Jesuitical put learning against learning [to which it belongs also the Protocol of Zion's mythology], see Douglas Willinger 's...:

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Rome's Learning Against Learning- Overview

 ....and if it remains to you some time, give a look also to my recent......:

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"the church can not be touched by anyone including you otherwise" [Two countries, the same measure]


Original text:

I Gesuiti si sono sempre occupati della conoscenza e della sua interpretazione.
Non mi stupisce che si occupino della creazione della conoscenza in Rete attraverso il wiki.

Il wiki è una tecnica (semplice) di costruzione della conoscenza che attraverso un sito web permette agli utilizzatori di aggiungere liberamente contenuti e che ha prodotto, senza costi e con accesso gratuito, la più grande ed aggiornata enciclopedia del mondo:
Senza intermediari.
Senza comitati.
Senza autorizzazioni.

Da qui la preoccupazione di Civiltà Cattolica che, dopo aver presentato correttamente il concetto di wiki, aggiunge a firma di Antonio Spataro le seguenti preoccupanti considerazioni:
- Wikipedia non può essere considerata come una tra le tante enciclopedie tradizionali, perché essa non è garantita da nessun Comitato scientifico che possa darle autorevolezza,
- La transitorietà, il carattere precario e mutevole, l’associazione libera e, a volte, effimera, dei collaboratori per un fine limitato, sono i limiti che possono caratterizzare, in genere, le “comunità virtuali”,
- Wikipedia nasconde un’altra utopia, a suo modo, ambigua: la democrazia assoluta del sapere e la collaborazione delle intelligenze molteplici che dà vita a una sorta di intelligenza collettiva,
- La potenzialità di Wikipedia deve però confrontarsi con limiti strutturali invalicabili che si possono riassumere nella mancanza di certa autorevolezza e di un’esposizione continua al vandalismo…
Aspettiamo con ansia un Comitato Scientifico da parte dei Gesuiti che definisca chiaramente i criteri della costruzione della conoscenza in Rete.
Ci vuole fede.

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