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The Emperor's thumb: bye bye Chavez [and Tyndale].


Above image - (remember, I continue to put captions as "Above image" because here the images disappears very easily); "Lord open the king of England's eyes - with Emperor's thumb" - constructivist surrealist  post-Ratzinger collage.  Location: Planet of the Jesuits. Year: 2013.

Above image - "puppets". URL:
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".....'The white smoke over the Falklands was pretty clear': David Cameron REBUKES new Pope over Argentina's claim to islands

  • Cameron urged world leaders to respect the 99.8 percent vote
  • But Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner describes voters as 'squatters'
  • Previously said the islands were 'Argentinian soil'  'usurped' by Britain
  • Kirchner has already asked the Pope to take a message to world powers

By Daniel Martin
David Cameron clashed with the new Pope yesterday over his claims that the Falkland Islands had been ‘usurped’ by the British.
Pope Francis, the former Cardinal of Buenos Aires, believes the South Atlantic territories are ‘Argentine soil’.
But the Prime Minister said yesterday that he ‘respectfully’ disagreed with him and called on him to accept the result of the recent Falklands referendum.

   A predictive programming declaration of the  Theology of Liberation's leader, the Sandinista priest D'Escoto about the Falkland War but having in mind the incoming Argentina pope??!...... -  this video with an anti-Britain charge is about nine months ago:

Above video - "Nicaragua's Father Miguel D'Escoto: Colonialist David Cameron should not be taken seriously" - "
Published on Jun 18, 2012

Father Miguel D'Escoto, advisor to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, former Foreign Minister and President of the UN General Assembly, was also appointed last year by martyred leader Muammar Gaddafi, to represent the Libyan Arab Socialist Jamahiriyah in the United Nations after their Ambassador to the UN was criminally denied a visa by the US to attend the General Assembly in New York. Father Miguel D'Escoto was also subsequently denied the appropriate visa, in a clear display of imperialism's refusal to allow the sovereign nation of Libya representation through diplomatic channels.

Here Telesur interviews Father Miguel D'Escoto about Las Malvinas which Argentina and the Latin American continent is still struggling to liberate from British colonialism."


The key? See the historical/epochal Douglas Willinger's...:

 Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Buried Standard


    Definitively Chavez was wiped off the scene in order to let the stage free only for the new charismatic leader of the Roman Catholicism - Jesuit soldier of the Counter Reformation Francis:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feeling of March.

    Therefore all this (see below link) has a reason of existence. Precisely  to push away the suspect that Jesuits are the true mastermind and religious/political beneficiaries of the Theology of Liberation and Communism in Latin America:

"......BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA -- While the media is flooded with hypocritical articles praising the so-called work of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — now Pope Francis — with the poor, Democracy Now has just exposed an alarming video of Horacio Verbitsky's information on Jorge Bergoglio. Horacio Verbitsky is a leading Argentine journalist  who exposed Francis’ connection to the abduction of two Jesuit priests. He is the author of "El Silencio" [Spanish for "The Silence"].....".

.....otherwise, being CIA a traditional bulwark of the Jesuits' pupils, ......:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New pope of C.I.A.: Jesuit-trained. then cannot sell CIA as "enemy of Theology of Liberation".

     See the ambassador of USA in Slovenia, Joseph Mussomeli , who openly sided the center-right political fraction, arising the protests from the center-left opposition and even of the once president of Slovenia, the leftist former Communist functionary in former Tito's Yugoslavia) DaniloTurk.  
     Mussomeli is strictly linked with the Jesuits and with the soul of the Theology of Liberation, the Maryknolls:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bringing Liberation Theology in Slovenia [an Ultramontante experiment ]


    Jesuit pope Francis, a long awaited revenge against the homeland of Tyndale:

Monday, April 18, 2011

RCC to Take Credit for 1611 KJV Bible 


Defining Tyndale as a Roman Catholic without mentioning his role or fate


April 8, 2011 Volume 12, Issue 14

USA TODAY SAYS CATHOLIC CHURCH HAD SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN THE KJV (Friday Church News Notes, April 8, 2011,, 866-295-4143)
- A USA Today report on a traveling Bible exhibit makes the amazing claim that the Roman Catholic Church had a significant role in the King James Bible. The exhibit, called Passages, is set to open at the Vatican in October. “The announcement was made at the Vatican Embassy to highlight the Catholic contribution to the best-loved English text, the 1611 KJV, which draws about 80% of its majestic language from an earlier translation by a Catholic priest” (“New Museum to Use Science to Tell Bible’s History,” USA Today, April 8, 2011). What the reporter forgot to mention was Rome’s most significant role in that project, which was burning that “Catholic priest” in a public spectacle in Vilvoorde, Belgium. The “priest” in question was William Tyndale, who published the first printed English Bible and the first English Bible translated directly from Greek and Hebrew. Though he was an ordained Catholic priest, he renounced the Roman Catholic Church and its heresies and called the pope the Antichrist. In The Practice of Prelates, Tyndale likened the pope to an ivy which climbs up a tree and gradually saps the strength of the host and kills it, emphasizing that this is what the pope had done to England and every other nation under the papal thumb. Tyndale called Roman Catholicism “a nest for unclean birds.” Tyndale also brazenly disobeyed Rome’s law that forbade the translation of the Bible into the common languages of the people without ecclesiastical permission. When the Tyndale New Testament was smuggled into England (because the Roman Catholic authorities there forbade its distribution) large quantities were confiscated and burned, beginning in 1526. By 1528, the prisons were filled with those who had committed the “crime” of reading the New Testament in English, and in 1529 Thomas Hitton became the first in a long line of believers who were burned at the stake for possessing the Tyndale Bible. (Others had previously been burned for possessing the Wycliffe Bible.) In May 1535, Tyndale was arrested for his “heresies” and for his audacity at thumbing his nose at papal laws. After being imprisoned for nearly a year and a half in a cold, dreary dungeon in the castle at Vilvoorde, William Tyndale was taken out to the public square, strangled, and his body burned. Roman Catholic authorities also burned John Rogers, the translator of the Matthew’s Bible, another Bible in the lineage of the 1611 King James. Further, the Geneva Bible, which was the most popular English Bible before the KJV, was produced in Geneva, Switzerland, instead of England for the simple reason that the Roman Catholic Queen Mary was pouring out such vicious persecution upon Bible believers that many fled to Geneva for safety. And going back before Tyndale to the first English Bible, let’s not forget that the Roman Catholic Church condemned John Wycliffe of “heresy” for translating the English Bible and so hated his memory that they dug up his bones and burned them nearly 44 years after his death. Yes, the Roman Catholic Church did have a major role in the English Bibles preceding the King James, and let’s not forget it!

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