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"the church can not be touched by anyone including you otherwise" [Two countries, the same measure]

2010 - Tarcisio Bertone with Borut Pahor:


  2006 - Tarcisio Bertone with Beppe Grillo:

  "Dear Beppe  I understand your intent to drag Catholics who are the majority in Italy in your crusades. But it would be like to re-evaluate Bossi [leader of North League] because he defends pensions or Mastella [leader of UDC party] if he would say anything good. Some people should never mention in favor also because they open their mouths just to make themselves look good after unfortunate things said and done. In addition, the church can not be touched by anyone including you otherwise ... So much so that you always refer to the organization of corporate collusions and shares of the tronchetto [Tronchetti Provera] and of b [presumibly Berlusconi] but not that of the church, which is second only to the Mafia in Italy as power . Who knows if it does not unearth any partnership in oil??
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[comment from a post of Beppe Grillo of the year 2006  - see URL]

     Here, see how Grillo is coordinated with the Vatican, licking Bertone's ass in order to pay the indulgence [below the text of the Grillo's post]:

"........The day of Ferragosto [15th August, day of assumption of RC virgin Mary in heaven - note of avles] I publish the post: 'Idleness is revolutionary' with: "This madness is the love of work, deadly passion for work, pushed to the exhaustion of the vital forces of the individual and his progeny." Pope Benedict XVI at the Angelus, August 19, says that we must "guard against the dangers of excessive activity, whatever the condition and the office that is covered, because many occupations often lead to hardness of heart."The August 8 I publish the post 'No Oil, no war' in which I write: "The alternative energy are now mandatory. This is the real emergency. " The archbishop of Genoa, Tarcisio Bertone, the next Secretary of State, August 29 says: "We depend almost exclusively from a single energy source: oil. We need to find alternative sources "and" Beppe Grillo, in a small way is an example that we might follow. "In my small way I'm really fitting the head. In this mechanism, I do not understand who is the cause and which the effect. But some royalty, a 5 per thousand, the Vatican should give it to me.Tarcisio Bertone is a clergyman in charge of the here and well beyond. The beauty of this world and alternative energy. Such a man I see him as a sign that things can change. The Church, even with its limitations, its dogmas seems ahead of Italian society.The myths of the work for its own sake, of infinite resources, consumerism, possession of money are (may I say it?) Evil [= Grillo spokesman of the Jesuit Medievalism]. Certainly here. For the after life I do not know, but I'll ask Tarcisio Bertone if he wants to meet me with experts in alternative energy. I want to convince him to adopt and begin to lead by example, saving, from the Vatican and the Church buildings (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)..

I invite the Italian politicians, who have so much addressed Pope John Paul II about the indult, to bring also the words of Tarcisio Bertone.[the licking? - note of avles]...."

Post of Grillo:
 Tarcisio Bertone e l'aldiquà [Tarcisio Bertone and the here (= the world of the living, the opposite of the after life)]

     Not only the oil, coal and nuclear energy must disappear in honor to the 'genius' of the ecology, Tarcisio Bertone.  Many pictures in Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog disappeared. An example below:

     Above image - Before and after. Right: the post just immediately after publication. Left: how it appear some years after , without pictures of [today just elected Slovenian republic president] at-the-time prime minister Borut Pahor, receiving Tarcisio Bertone. From the post: Sunday, June 13, 2010 - Doctor Tarcisio Bertone or "how I learned from the Commies to embalm young collaborationists" - URL:
[See References]

     And now see Beppe Grillo at the court of the Vatican, licking Tarcisio Bertone. In 2006,  as exposed by nwo-truthresearch blog [two days before the page of Grillo's post was no  accessible from my PC - "The connection has timed out - The server at is taking too long to respond" is the usual answer]:

     Let's take again the above statement of Grillo: 

     "Tarcisio Bertone is a man of the Church that takes care of the here and not only of the beyond. [Takes care of] the beauty of this world and of the alternative energy  I see such a man as a sign that things can change. The Church, even with its limitations, its dogmas seems ahead of Italian society. " [by Beppe Grillo]

    Of course Beppe Grillo refers to the Malachi's prophecy.  Following the 'prophecy' which smells to be Jesuit predictive programming for the papal throne,  the next pope, the 112., could be just Tarcisio Bertone - here Beppe Grillo explains why [post linked in the nwo-truthresearch blog]:
     ""St. Malachy in his prophecies foresaw the end of the Church during the 112th papacy (the 111 ° is the current one). The 112 ° is to Petrus Romanus, Peter the Roman. Bertone was born in Romano Canavese and is called Tarcisio Pietro Evasio. He is the ideal candidate.
"During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church will sit Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after [tribulation] ended, the city of seven hills will collapse and the dreadful Judge will judge his people." Urge an exorcist for Asphalt Head [i.e. Berlusconi],  Bertone Provide. "
" [by Beppe Grillo].

   [Personally I think that even cardinal Scola of Milano - and see Milanesi clan label - is a candidate]

 See the rest [Italian language] in:

lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

Grillo, ass-kisser of Bertone

[Grillo il baciaculo di Bertone]

     See Grillo coordinated with the Vatican two days before elections, when the party of Grillo literally exploded  reaching the 25% [see Five Star Movements or five X five numeric simbology] and becoming the most important party in the parliament [even if with less numbers than PD and PDL]:

Sunday, February 24, 2013



     As you read above, in a post it even disappeared the photo of Lojze Grozde, a black/white historical photo! Below:

Above image - 13th June 2010, "Waiting the rewards from Rome.....". The head of the 'protestant' church in Slovenia attending the Roman Catholic Eucharistic Congress and the 'blessing' of the 'martyr' Lojze Grozde [collaborant of Italian Fascist occupation forces and member of infamous Slovenian Catholic Action].

     In June 2010 there was the Eucharistic Congress in Celje, Slovenia. The day before, Bertone and Pahor met. The Eucharistic Congress was centered on the figure of Lojze Grozde, an ingenue young loyal to the pope student, used as messenger between the Roman Catholic white collaborationists of the Fascist troops of occupation in the Province of Lubiana. Of course the version of the fact are contrasting, in any case he has been announced to be the first "blessed martyr" of the course of the (Rome's) 'Christendom" in Slovenia, as he was allegedly captured and executed by Slovenian anti-Fascist partisan. In any case, even if this version of the fact is true, to be a spy and a collaborationists of the invader, in every country is a felony usually punished with the death. That day, an official representative of the state city of Vatican, celebrated in a foreign country the maximum award given to the figure of collaborant of Slovenian Catholic Action Lojze Grozde, the "blessed martyr".

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Doctor Tarcisio Bertone or "how I learned from the Commies to embalm young collaborationists"

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