Friday, March 29, 2013

Sacrificed for EUROGENDFOR?

Why Grillo's Five Star Movement 
doesn't question the existence of 


"...Therefore, Mr. President we reiterate that we are totally dissatisfied with the justification provided for this tragic event, and we ask that the Ministers present to report in detail and with clarity what happened from 15 February 2012 to the present. We're not asking for a favor, transparency and 'your duty towards your employer, the Italian people, the same people that will handsomely reward in return for carelessness and superficiality....."


and reported in:

        Beppe Grillo's Movement 5 Stars and EUROGENDFOR:

     Above image - an example: Italo Gozzoli sending to the movement politburo proposals for abolition of the EUROGENDFOR treaty. This month. Answers? - URL:

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fausto Biloslavo, a confession?



    Above images - from top: princess Mafalda of Savoy, then the flight team of Frecce Tricolori in 1988, then Fondazione Stensen page screenshot, and last Corrado Augias, anchorman of RAI3 television channel.
   The central pic is the flight team, caption: "The flight group "Frecce Tricolori 88". Signed with crosses Naldini, Nutarelli and Alessio, the three pilots murdered in the crash at Raimstein arishow 1988. Remember that in 44 bC there it was born the Roman Empire, and the 'bible' of the Roman Empire is based only on 44 manuscripts of Alessandria. Remember also the princess Mafalda of Savoy who died in consequence of wounds for an Allied bombing of Dachau KL where she was detained. She died exactly on the same day of the Ramstein massacre, but 44 years before [English Wikipedia says "27" August]. And I remember a friend of the Jesuit order, Corrado Augias (host of Jesuit foundation Fondazione Stensen), and his talk show the year 2008 (or 2009), on 27th June,  the 28th (or 29th) anniversary of Ustica Massacre when  Naldini and Nutarelli were technical witnesses of what happened to the DC9 when they were on board of their Lockheed TF104G. Of course the talk show with Corrado Augias started on 21:05, practically the hour when DC9 Itavia was shot down. The talk show was centered on the figure and the tragic destiny of  Mafalda of Savoy.....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not "Großdeutsche" but "Yugoslav Lösung"? Under the control of EUROGENDFOR?


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mussolini's Jesuitical revenge?

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