Wednesday, March 06, 2013

REVOLUTION is the opium of the masses.

       Am I too obliged to weep for this kisser of papal rings?

Above image - Hugo Chavez kissing the ring of the Beast. Isn't  evident from the Red coat of Benedict XVI the origin of Communism? [] Today the revolutionaries doesn't even hide their admiration for the pope and the Roman Catholicism. They need of poverty in order to trigger the revolution. And the Vatican will give 'em a lot of it..... See: Venezuelans line streets for Chavez procession By Mariano Castillo, CNN March 6, 2013 -- Updated 2033 GMT (0433 HKT) - URL:

     Since the news of the death of Chavez arrived here there's a continue praising for him at the tv news in Slovenia and Italy. All the world is obliged to weep for Chavez, like in North Korea people must weep at the death of the leader. And pay attention: Chavez is not Tito. At lest Tito fought a true enemy, the Nazi-Fascist aggressor. And his Revolution at least could be sold as a sort of  punishment [even if this was a deceitful alibi for Tito to rise at the power] for the Yugoslav elite who collaborated with the aggressor. At least there were some true and real elements to make the farce to appear credible.

     Popery, anti-Semitism and and-Americanism are exploding in Venezuela and in the rest of the sub Continent. Just give a look to Evo Morales. Too much coincidental to not have a suspicion. If South and Central America are only a giant Jesuit Reducion, why not to use the poverty as toxic opium to run mad the countless army of desperado? And to use 'em like an army?....

     Today it is more clear why Karl Marx in that British Museum, with the discrete presence of some Jesuits, wrote what can be termed a "proposal of intents", but masking it under the appearance of a sort of "universal philosophy of the reality", the dialectic materialism.

     Is not the [true] religion the opium, but the revolution. Jesuits had to hide this truth in order to hide their homicidal principle of the "right regicide". The Revolution is the practical secular instrument of the "right regicide", she has not to appear for what she is, a lethal opium. Because if Revolution is not the opium,  the mass murders she causes are for a "legitimate right of defense", are for a "right cause". Stop.

      It is sufficient to give a look at the masses crying for the  death of Chavez, [or exulting for him when still living], to understand what the people are missing:  religion or.... the revolution?

     Therefore it is the Revolution the true opium of the masses, and America Latina (Roman Catholic) is today the greatest plantation of this opium of the Council of Trent on the planet.

 Monday, November 26, 2012

21st November, Venezuela. Towards the world wide Nazi-Islamic intifada.

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