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Post modern Nazism learning from the errors of the past.

"I knew it was the transcript of the speech by Hitler only when I read the comment OO The resemblance is striking looks just like a speech of M5S [Grillo's Movement Five Star].... After all I'm saying for a while already that this movement will become a dictatorship"

[from a comment under the post about the speech of Hitler - see References]

    A post modern Roman Catholic dictatorship [but aren't you just in the middle of it?] 

    The text commented and originally quoted in the blog of Sherif el Sebaie [the author is a supporter of the Jesuitical WDG/NWO immigration agenda]; below you can watch it from a video:

"........... Saturday, March 2, 2013

Without us, there's the Nazis. Grillo dixit.

 Today, in our country, there is an awareness and an awakening. An awakening that shows us that millions of people are aware that in this election is at stake much more than a new coalition, the choice of a new leadership. Since the choice is now between the certainties and killing (the old, ed.) One of these directions has prevailed for years and has already shown what can and can not do. For 13 years one of these directions has ruled. Then compare the results with propaganda. They are called to be witnesses: farmers, workers, traders, middle class. All of them are living witnesses of their actions. Instead, they prefer not to talk about the past 13 years but only the last six months. Who is responsible? They, the parties! For 13 years have shown what they are capable of doing. We have a nation economically destroyed, ruined farmers, the middle class in the knee, the finances to an end, millions of unemployed. They are responsible. Our opponents accuse us and accuse me of being particularly intolerant and quarrelsome. They say that we reject dialogue with other parties. They say that we are not democratic because we want to smash everything. So it would typically be about thirty democratic parties? I have to admit one thing - these people are absolutely right. We are intolerant. We have set ourselves a target, sweep these political parties outside parliament. I'm misunderstood today are socialist, communist tomorrow, then trade unionist. They misunderstand us, they think we are like them. We are not like them. We have only one goal: to send all these, fanatically, fiercely in his grave! I see this bourgeois enough to judge our movement. Yet they did not understand that they are dealing with a movement completely different  from a parliamentary political party . We will resist any pressure there is made. It 'a movement that can not be stopped, do not understand that this movement is all kept together by an unstoppable force that can not be destroyed. We are not a party, we represent the entire nation, a new people.       [Hitler campaign speech of 1932]...."

 ".......Because, no doubt, there is a Jewish lobby that controls the knoweledge:"All I know in Europe on Israel and Palestine, is filtered by an international agency called MEMRI. And behind MEMRI is a former Mossad agent. I have proof: Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, he used Arabic texts with independent translations. Discovering a reality mystified, completely different....." [by Beppe Grillo, from an article of Il Corriere della Sera, 25th June 2012, see below link]

Hitler election campaign speech of 1932:

Above video - "Hitler Election Speech 1932" - URL:

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Do you see the scheme? - II


The speech of Hitler was published in the blog Salamelik, URL:
......and reported in Comedonchisciotte at URL:

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