Sunday, March 17, 2013

North-Korea-fication of the world [fire revolution with the blood of Chavez and bless it by pope Francistein]


 For the greater glory of the Jesuits.


    This is the North Korea-fication of the world. With The Jesuit pope "friend of the poor" as leader of the next world revolution.
    To have killed Chavez it seems was a good idea. At least, if they will not win the election, it will increase the hate of the Communist masses. If I was the general superior [Kolvenbach and Nicholas] of pope Francis[tein - the ideological-shifting monster], I would manipulate the elections in Venezuela in order to let the massacred [by Chavistas] opposition to win. In order to make appear the church of Rome as not involved I would order to keep down my puppets of the Theology of Liberation in Caracas and to my  Venezuelan bishops to play a very striking role of the "right-wing conservative anti-Chavez" guy. Then I'll make explode a scandal exposing some elements of the opposition involved in the manipulation of the electoral result and this will be the trigger to make explode the bloody Communist [Jesuit]  revolution in Venezuela and, who knows?, in all the rest of the world. 
    In the Second Pontifical Reign the Jesuits have already at disposition another evil clown of the Order, Beppe Grillo, aka the  Italian Chavez...:

"....Venezuela's opposition ground down by Chavistas


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The people tapped by Hugo Chavez to carry on his socialist revolution seem to be improvising the rules of governing as they march toward what most Venezuelans consider certain victory in a mid-April vote to replace the late president.
Chavez's designated successor, Nicolas Maduro, and his ruling clique have repeatedly circumvented the constitution and exploited their monopoly on power to all but crush an opposition already crippled by years of government intimidation.
The odds are so stacked against opposition candidate Henrique Capriles that he has compared his run to being "led to a slaughterhouse and dropped into a meat grinder."
Long before Chavez succumbed to cancer, Capriles and his supporters were already maligned and harassed, legally and financially, by the government, say human rights and press freedom analysts.
Now, they say, the repression is reaching new levels as the president's heirs step up attacks to compensate for their lack of Chavez's political acumen, charisma and moral authority.
Liliana Ortega, director of the COFAVIC human rights group, says the government acts with "military logic: You are loyal to me to the end. One small criticism, and you're my enemy."
Etc. etc."


 Saturday, March 16, 2013

Never trust a Jesuit, commander Chavez. 

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    And don't forget the anti-Judaism of the Chavism. 

 Monday, November 26, 2012

21st November, Venezuela. Towards the world wide Nazi-Islamic intifada.

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 Good night's thougt:

 “We are called to encounter Christ in the people we meet. The typical Jesuit starting point is the experience of people,” [SJ Thomas Smolich]

Seen in:,+Bad+Jesuit%29

    How much people have you 'experienced' in Eurasia between 1914 and 1945? Sixty? Eighty? [millions]. "Travel in far away countries, meet Christ in interesting people and kill 'em".
    Good night.

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