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Nino Lo Bello's "L'Oro del Vaticano" ["The Gold of the Vatican"]


"The author of this book foresees that the day will come, maybe in a thousand years, in which the Vatican will cease to function as a religious institution and take in everything and for all the functions of a large financial undertaking. The transition from one to another form will be less difficult than it might seem, because as Catholicism will accentuate its decline as a great religion, the wealth of the Church will be able to more easily infiltrate any area of the world economy. Then, finally, the magnate installed beyond the Tiber can get rid of his garment of piety, then, finally, the Vatican will reveal the true extent of its economic interests."

[from page 186 of the English version of "L'Oro del Vaticano"]

     Above there's an excerpt from the book "L'oro del Vaticano", or "The gold of the Vatican" by Nino Lo Bello [scroll down to find the link for an English translated version e-book].

     The book was published in 1971 and it seems natural that today the work of Nino lo Bello is almost completely forgotten:

Presented by nwo-truthresearch blog in [Italian version]:

 domenica 24 marzo 2013

Nino lo Bello: L'Oro del Vaticano 

Nino lo Bello: The Gold of the Vatican


 "I shall never forget the first time I stood in a Vatican City bank and watched the tellers at work, dealing with nuns, Jesuits, missionaries, and bishops. During a quiet moment I said to one of the tellers, "I guess some of your clients, being of the religious calling, don't know very much about money."
The young man had the correct answer for this display of naivete. "Sir," he said with adding-machine accuracy, "it is my experience that everybody knows a lot about money."


Pius XI was speaking of another world, in another period, yet his words have meaning when applied to the Vatican empire as it exists today. Thanks to his successors (Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI) and their financial
guardians, who subscribe to the theory that what's good for General Motors is also good for the Vatican, the Church is now big business........."

       Here a page from where you can download the English translation:

 The Vatican Empire

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The religious theological roots of the actual economic and financial crisis [a summary by links]


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Planet of the Jesuits 

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