Sunday, March 31, 2013

NASA hiding the DEFINITIVE proof of intelligent life on Mars!!!

    I cracked the codes of N.A.S.A. archives and got the proof, the definitive proof of intelligent life on Mars!!! There's plenty of it!!! Exclusive for you, the shocking images, here just one of them:
Above image - the exceptional and definitive document on intelligent life on Mars.  

*   *   *

    Surprise!!!!... This is only an April Fools' Day joke! [see References], there aren't "definitive" proofs of intelligent life on Mars, but only intelligences like me who builds hoaxes! Don't you see the "select-copy-and-paste" collage? I entitled it ''GO and destroy the Bible!''.... 
     How please?.... "Today is not the first April, the date of the post is 31st March!!"... Uh, what do you think? Do you really think NASA (or Chinese, or Russians, etc.) will discover definitive proofs of "intelligent life" in the outer space exactly on the... April Fools' Day??! Hardly! No one would believe it and everyone would immediately think to.... April Fools' Day! Therefore I too revealed the "definitive proof" of intelligent life on Mars not on the same April Fools' Day! I'm no stupid, I know you'll have immediately suspected the hoax!


Above image - the theatrical release poster: "Would you be shocked to find out that the recent moment of our recent history may not have happened at all? "


Capricorn One

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"....Capricorn One is a 1978 science fiction thriller movie about a Mars landing hoax. It was written and directed by Peter Hyams and produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment. It stars Elliott Gould with James Brolin, Sam Waterston and O. J. Simpson as the astronauts.
Although Capricorn One is thematically a typical 1970s government-conspiracy thriller with similarities to Hyams's subsequent film Outland, the story was inspired by conspiracy theories surrounding the Apollo Moon landings....".


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Tomorrow is going to be good.

Your afternoon; our morning.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Things are linked to one another, and I've added new links that take you where you have yet to see, by highlighting words you have already seen within key posts at South Mall Blogger.

avles said...

in 1947 you have the "Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting", six years later the Stanley Miller experiment,...I feel it no coincidence. Today you have David Icke, Sitchin (in Italy Mauro Biglino wich does translations from Jewish language for the Vatican publishing house Edizioni Paoline) and Hollywood with movies like "Prometeus". Again I feel no coincidence...