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....Just in time for the election of the new pope.




"...Mar 7 2013, 3:15 PM ET
 ....Iran's President Compares Chavez to Jesus and the Mahdi

Just in Time for Easter

......" [see References]

    If Chavez was murdered, who is the true assassin? Was he used to build that anti-American, anti-Zionist global front and once put in motion, 'dismissed'? Are those 'progressive' leader of America Latina murdered by the CIA or... by the Jesuitism who wants at the same time to keep higher the anti-American religious hate in the Reducion "Latin America", and at the same time to avoid a the process of emancipation from Roman Catholicism [modernism]? Here Chavez was right, before the Monroe Doctrine you have to put the Vatican and Jesuits at the court for crimes in Latin America (Suspicion: is the Theology of Liberation an attempt to threw sand in the eyes to the South American people on this matter?). See:

Excerpt from:

The Pope's Holy War Against Liberation Theology

".....Try as he might, Benedict has been unable to halt the re-emergence of Liberation Theology, and Paraguay and Brazil are just the tip of the iceberg. For years Venezuela has been a religious battleground, with President Chávez pursuing a combative relationship with the Catholic Church. Unlike some other Latin American countries which had a stronger liberation theology movement, the Venezuelan Church never had a leftist tendency except among diocesan priests.

A clash between the government and the Church was probably inevitable, and shortly after taking office Chávez started to chastise Venezuelan bishops, accusing them of complicity with the corrupt administrations that preceded his rule. The Venezuelan leader accused the Vatican’s former representative in Venezuela, Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara, of allying himself with the country’s “rancid oligarchy.” Memorably, Chávez suggested that priests such as Castillo Lara ought to subject themselves to an exorcism because “the devil has snuck into their clerical robes.” Incensed, the cardinal compared Chávez to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

During the April 2002 coup, prominent Catholics such as Cardinal Ignacio Velasco sided with the opposition against the president. Velasco was even accused of offering his residence as a meeting place for the coup plotters. What is more, he signed the “Carmona decree” that swept away Venezuela’s democratic institutions. Senior Catholic bishops themselves attended the inauguration ceremony for Pedro Carmona, Venezuela’s Dictator-For-a-Day.

But when Chávez was able to quickly overturn the coup and return to power, the hard line Church establishment was humiliated. Relishing his triumph Chávez launched a rhetorical broadside on the Vatican, calling on the Pope to apologize, on behalf of the Catholic Church, for the “holocaust” of the indigenous peoples of Latin America during the colonial era, and for the imposition of Christianity. The Pope, who is close to Castillo Lara, is reportedly anti-Chávez but has met with the Venezuelan leader at the Vatican.

Hoping to neutralize the power of the Catholic Church, Chávez frequently quotes from the Bible. Puckishly, he also tells his supporters in his public addresses that Christ was an anti-imperialist. [Theology of Liberation - avles] Even as Chávez spars with the Church, Protestants have provided a key pillar of the president’s political support. Over the last few years, Chávez has done his utmost to cultivate the support of Protestants, which make up 29% of the population. He even declared that he was no longer a Catholic, but a member of the Christian Evangelical Council......".
 Above image - To appease the Roman Catholic electorate.

     Please, give a look now to the connections "Jesuits/Theology of Liberation/US Department/Cia/etc." in Slovenia:

  ".....Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli has been the U.S. Ambassador to the Royal Government of Cambodia for the past three years and has now finished his term. Both he and his wife Sharon are career diplomats, and they have represented the United States extremely well in the kingdom.  They regularly come to the Catholic community's Saturday night liturgy and to the liturgy at the Maryknoll house on Wednesday evenings, so when they held a reception to say goodbye, they invited the Maryknoll group to the ambassador's residence"....."
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Bringing Liberation Theology in Slovenia [an Ultramontante experiment ]

    Well, after having seen also our diligent Mussomeli as Maryknoller-in-Slovenia, could it be that the conservative predominance of the church of Rome in Venezuela was aimed to purposely convince "imperialist" America in some arrogant positions against Chavez, transforming him in a charismatic leader in the world? You don't become a "world charismatic leader" without to have an adequate enemy.... And: is it for this reason that Jesuits keep down their  Theology of Liberation in Venezuela? ....

      Read another excerpt from the above quoted article:

 "....As Pope, Ratzinger has not sought to hide his lack of esteem for Liberation Theology. During a recent trip to Brazil, he was pressed by reporters to comment on Oscar Romero’s tragic murder in El Salvador. The Pope complained that Romero’s cause had been hijacked by supporters of liberation theology. Commenting on a new book about the slain archbishop, the Pope said that Romero should not be seen simply as a political figure. Hoping to avoid any meaningful political discussion on the matter, Benedict said “He was killed during the consecration of the Eucharist. Therefore, his death is testimony of the faith.”
       As regard the usual two or three Jesuits "murdered by a Latin America regime" and to spend on the table of the "oppressed victims", see...:

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The two Romero.


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