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Jesuitical Giannini's To Put Learning Against Learning

  "..... The influence of the Jesuit order in the American financial world became visible for the first time about fifty years ago, as the Italian financier A. P. Giannini founded the bank of California with the money of the [Jesuit] order. Then the name of the bank was changed in Bank of America. Today the Jesuits owns the 51 (fifty one) percent of the Bank of America.....".

[der Spiegel/L'Espresso, 1958 - in References]

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Above image - the page about AP Giannini and John Sylvester Drum in the blog "Movers and Shakers of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta" [shortly: MSSMOM], blog by Philip Jonkers.

    But there it was another Giannini, the brother Attilio. Well, this is an intriguing point. Where I discovered Attilio Henry Giannini, not Amedeo Peter? Searching with the "find" option of Firefox, you easily see that Attilio is absent from the page of MSSMOM blog. Don't think a guilty of Jonkers, Attilio is already hidden by the figure of the brother Amedeo Peter in the original sources.

     It is interesting to see that, the URL adress for the quote about the knighthood of Malta given to AP Giannini and to John S. Drum in 1929 is no more active:

-- The Vatican awards Knighthood in the Order of Malta to two San Franciscans, Transamerica Corporation President Amadeo Peter Giannini and American Trust Company President John S. Drum. The knighthood is the oldest and most distinguished decoration of laymen conferred by the Catholic Church.
....then you click in the below link and obtain:

     Well, it seems that they don't want you to know if AP Giannini was or not a knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a crusader of the pope.

     But very significantly they want you to know that AP Giannini [and brother] were in cahoots with B'nai B'rith:

From "The Disney Bloodline"/The Watcher Files  - URL:
"......Edgar Magnin, the spiritual leader of the major movie makers who were part of the Los Angeles B’nai B’rith reportedly encouraged those in the Mishpucka and others who were B’nai B’rith movie makers that Hollywood needed to protect itself by putting Walt Disney in the limelight as a Christian “white knight with family values”. (By the way, Edgar Magnin was nicknamed “Rabbi to the Stars”, because he was “the Hollywood rabbi”.) E. Magnin’s grandfather’s department store chain was one of the first major accounts of the Bank of Italy, and Edgar Magnin had continued his family’s close association with the Bank of Italy. The closeness also came from the Bank of Italy’s close ties to the B’nai B’rith and ADL. In 1930, the movie industry made a production code which stated that the industry must make a special effort to make movies appropriate for children. Hollywood directly praised Disney in that code as an exemplary model of what the movie industry wanted to do. With the power of the B’nai B’rith and ADL behind him, Walt began sailing to fame......".

    Well, the official sources like Saint Francisco Gate page of Saint Francisco Chronicle online news , which should have confirmed the Roman Catholic knighthood of AP Giannini, disappeared. Significantly it remained  the sources of information which are claiming that the Giannini's Bank of Italy had "close ties with B'nai B'rith"

    Could you have a brighter witnesses than this one in order to conclude that there's not the B'nai B'rith or the Jews to rule the world of the information, but the Roman Catholic gentile establishment?

    The grandfather of Edgar Magnin, every time he needed of money for his stores, went to the bank of Giannini family, family strictly tied to the.... Jesuits and who is considered to have started the bank with Jesuits' money. 
    The 'revelation' of The Watcher Files seems, at the opposite, to confirm the hypothesis that the Jews were used, via financial ties, as court Jews  whenever and wherever it was needed to hide the manipulations and dirty affairs of the Jesuit order and the Vatican under a Jewish masque.

    A very very useful masque when you, gentile Roman Catholic church, has to fight Protestantism among Protestants.

    Here another evidence of the very strict links between the Giannini bankers dinasty and the Jesuit order:

From: The Favale Connection - Attilio Henry Giannini

1918 WWI Draft Registration - Attilio Henry Giannini (2 March 1874) lived at 2745 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, CA - Vice President Manager at Bank of Italy - nearest relative is Leontine V Giannini at same address.
 1943 New York Times - 8 February - DR. A.H. GIANNINI, BANKER ON COAST - Former New Yorker, Ex-Head of United Artists, Film Group is Dead - Los Angeles Civic Leader - Fatally Stricken at Meeting of Loyola University's Board - Los Angeles, Fegb 7 - Stricken with a heart attack at the annual meeting of the board of regents of Loyola University, Dr. A.H. Giannini, banker, motion-picture executive and civic leader, died here today in the home of Mrs. Frank H. Powell. He was in his sixty-ninth year.
The Rev. Lorenzo M. Maloone, S.J. treasurer of Loyola University, obtained holy oils from the home of Archbishop John L. Cantwell and the last rites of the Catholic Church were administered by the Rev. Edward J. Whelan, S.J. A fire department rescue squad was sent to the house at the request of Mrs Powell but was unable to revive Mr. Giannini. His widow, Leontine, who was at the family home in Holmby Hills, and a sond, Berneard, were informed of his death.
Practiced Medicine for Years - Dr. Giannini was born at San Jose in 1874, was graduated from St. Ignatius College, San Franciscom, in 1894, and received a medical degree from the University of California in 1896.
His work soon broadened to the motion-picture industry. He served as president of United Artists from 1936 - 1938, and still held varied interests in the industry at his death.
 In addition, Dr. Giannini, since retiring from his major banking positions in 1936, became even more active in civic affairs, leading community chest campaigns, and sponsoring the Philharmonic Orchestra and other organizations. He was a leader of the USO movement in Los Angeles, and a member of the board of regents of Loyola University.

Backed Successful Films - Louis B. Mayer, head of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer, said some years ago: "Dr. Giannini was the first banker to recognize motion-picture making as a legitimate industry. He started porducers whose greatness would never have been known had it not been for his courage."

The banker-doctor gave successful treatments to many important screen enterprises which showed signs of failing health. Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" and Walt Disney's "Snow White" were two of the most popular pictures ever made, but they might not have reached the public without the financial aid of Dr. Giannini. The doctor is credited with lending $3,000,000 to Samuel Goldwyn, $4,000.000 to William Fox and lesser sums to other producers. Earlier he made several advances, $100.000 a show, to launch a string of Flo Ziegfeld's lavish musical displays. Yet he denied that he was an "angel" insisting htat he made the loans to make money for his banks, and that "the box-office of a good show is the quickest -paying cash business in the world."

    Doc Attilio Henry Giannini was effectively in strict spiritual submission and communion with the creepy goals of the Counter Reformation, as proved by his speech at the "CANISIUS COLLEGE, BUFFALO, NEW YORK" in occasion of the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the Company of Jesus, a religious military order for the annihilation of the Reformation and to pursue the submission of every human being under the 'infallible' pope. To surround such evil organization and his degenerated purposes with the smoke of the "Jewish plot" is a natural consequence of the military doctrine of the Order, which plays the entire his fortunes on the card of the deception, and where the disguise, the double appearance are the first  chapters of their military manuals:.... put the fabrication of the "Jewish plot" against the awareness on the evil goals of the Order.

"......Vol. 8, No. II
March 21, 1941
[N]ational Program Honors Founding Jesuit Order
Canisius College Selected As Center For Gathering Of W. N. Y. Alumni Sunday
Commemorating the four hun¬ dredth anniversary of the foundation of the Society of Jesus, all former students of Jesuit colleges and uni¬ versities living in the Western New York area will gather at Canisius College on Sunday morning, March 23, for a Communion breakfast pro¬ gram. The affair will be part of one of the largest alumni celebrations in the history of the United States,
The Communion Sunday program calls for simultaneous giithering of the Jesuit alumni in all sections of tlie country for Mass and Holy Com¬ munion to be followed by a breakfast. The groups will be addressed by four nationally prominent Jesuit graduates over a country-wide hook-up of Mutual Broadcasting stations from 12 o'clock noon until one o'clock.
The Communion Mass at Canisius will take place at 10 o'clock in the college chapel and will be followed by breakfast in the student cafeteria, ¦ In announcing plans for the meeting Mr. Edward J. Sullivan, '22, presi¬ dent of the Canisius College Alumni Association and chairman of the Western New York Jesuit Alumni Communion Sunday program empha¬ sized that the local celebration will be a gathering of former students of every Jesuit college and university and not merely a meeting of Canisius graduates.
All Colleges Represanfsd
"Alumni of Fordham, George¬ town,. Boston College, Loyola, Lreighton, Marquette, St, Louis, and ail other Jesuit schools of Buffalo and vicinity, are urged to attend the gathering at Canisius," he said, "We want them to join with the hundreds of our own graduates vvho will com¬ memorate the anniversary,"
The national alumni program was hailed by the Very Reverend Francis A. O'Malley, S.J., president of Cani¬ sius, as "probably the greatest single, country-wide alumni program ever presented,"
Many Speakers Listed
The laymen who will address the nation in the broadcast at twelve o'clock Sunday are all graduates of Jesuit colleges. The selections were made by a national committee from a list of alumni submitted by all the' Jesuit colleges in the country.
The first speaker will be the Hon, Pierre Cmbites, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, special lecturer at the Louisiana State University School of Law. Also speaking will be Dr. Attilio H. Giannini of Los Angeles, I vice-president of the Trans-America Corporation and president of the United Artists Motion Pictures Corporation.
Third speaker will be the Hon.
Herbert R, O'Connor, governer of
I the state of Maryland, and alumnus
of Loyola College, Final speaker is
1 listed as William F. O'Neil of
Akron, Ohio, president of the Gen-
I "al Tire and Rubber Company of

Above image - URL:

    You can find other historical copies of other newpaper of that times reporting the historical commemoration. To conclude an excerpt about the Jesuit servant Giannini brothers and their Bank of America/Italy, from the site The author of the site, Patrick Scrivener, with difference from the version of der Spiegel/L'Espresso, affirms that Giannini received the money (with which to found Bank of Italy/America) from the Bank of England which, in its turn, is controlled by the Jesuit order. 

    Giannini's, as the chronicle of their lives demonstrates,  were able to transform their the same profession in a stage of the Jesuitical theater where to represent the same play, .... to put the fabrication of the "Jewish plot" against the awareness on the evil goals of the Order.

     The presence of Jewish intelligentsia and Jewish businessmen around them and in their banks, don't speak of a "Jewish plot", but, at the opposite, betrays immediately the obsession of the Order of Loyola and their Temporal Minions to hide their evil goals under a confusing theater of characters and stuntman of the most appariscent social and religoius attributes, a theater built with (mostly) unaware men and women of the same real life and by them manipulated:


Copyright © 2013 by Patrick Scrivener

In 1930, Hollywood became a branch of the Bank of America when Giannini became a major studio financier.
Hollywood played a major rôle in the collapse of Christian morals in the U.S. and around the world. 

Giannini with movie mogul Joseph Schench and director Cecil B. De Mille. 

Taking advantage of the Great Depression, Giannini jumped right in as a major studio financier:
With Hollywood desperately in need of financing, Giannini moved quickly to increase Bank of America's presence in an industry of enormous importance to the economic vitality of Los Angeles. As early as 1930, he authorized a loan of $3 million for two of Hollywood's most aggressive producers, Darryl F. Zanuck and Joseph Schenck, to form a new production company, which became 20th Century-Fox two years later. Schenck, who sat on Bank of America's board of directors, persuaded Giannini that Zanuck's drive and talent as a movie producer was justification enough to make loans available to him.

Khazar Joseph Schenck was a major movie mogul and he launched the film career of actress Marilyn Monroe. Many of the British Hollywood actors like Charlie Chaplin and Errol Flynn were actually MI6 agents. ...
The 1939 blockbuster movie Gone with the Wind was based on the book by Margaret Mitchell.
In the movie, the Confederates were the HEROES, while the brave Union soldiers were the VILLIANS!!
[note of avles: exactly like the Vatican and Pious IX who took the side of the Confederates and of the slavery!]

 Giannini on the set of Gone with the Wind with Vivien Leigh.

In 1939, the Bank of America panicked when a book entitled Factories in the Field was published. The book was about the exploitation of migrant farm workers, and the ownership of the mega-farms by Bank of America:
When one realizes that approximately 50 per cent of the farm lands in Central and Northern California are controlled by one institution—the Bank of America—the irony of these "embittered" farmers deeding their "homes" against strikers becomes apparent. (McWilliams, Factories in the Field, p. 233).
The 2 books were published within months of each other. Unlike Steinbeck, McWilliams was not an employee of the Bank of America.

 Author Carey McWilliams
(1905 - 1980).

 Lawyer Carey McWilliams was very concerned about the growth of FASCISM in California.

In 1939, he wrote a book entitled Factories in the Field about the exploitation of farm labor.

The public relations conscious Bank of America PANICKED.

 Author John Steinbeck
(1902 - 1968).

    The bank countered by publishing a FICTION book by John Steinbeck entitled Grapes of Wrath.
    Grapes of Wrath soon became a bestseller and was made into a movie in 1940. As expected, the book by Carey McWilliams was soon forgotten. 

The fictional Grapes of Wrath quickly became a bestseller and was made into a movie by Darryl F. Zanuck in 1940.
As expected, Factories in the Field was forgotten.
It was a great victory for the public relations department of the Bank of America. 

Grapes of Wrath starring Henry Fonda was made into a movie in 1940. 


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AP/AH Giannini's Jesuits Grapes of "To Put Learning Against Learning" [video]:

Above video - never directly to counter an attack or exposition with a diametrical opposite move, but rather trying to emulate it, confusing and weakening the central message of it. "The Grapes of Wrath - 1940 - Henry Fonda - Trailer" - URL:

"To Put Learning Against Learning":

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Vatican/Jesuit control of the world economy – end of the summary [der Spiegel-L'Espresso 1958]

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