Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Do you see the scheme? - II

Above image - banner on the road from airport to the city of Beirut welcoming Bendict XVI in the month of September, about the 14th September 2012: "Hezbollah hails the pope in the homeland of the coexistence".

 Above image - Beppe Grillo and his second and present wife, the Iranian woman Parvin Tadjk; Nosratollah Tadjik, the Iranian father-in-law of Grillo, died yesterday, 4th March: " I [Beppe Grillo] have a cousin who builds highways in Iran. He tells me that they not really worry about [the crisis]. ".

Above image - SJ Dall'Oglio, expelled from Syria by  the friend and ally of Hezbollah, Assad, five/six days after Hezbollah welcomes Benedict XVI in the "homeland of the coexistence".

Above image - news of 23rd September 2012, Sasson self-expelled from Casaleggio Associati: "Sassoon: I leave the Casaleggio Associati - On blogs racist slander ".

Above image - year 2006, Beppe Grillo in a perfect black/white Hegelian parallelism, praising one of his spiritual masters, card. Tarcisio Bertone [exposed by nwo-truthresearch blog].

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[image: http://aangirfan.blogspot.it/]

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

From Dingle Bay to Bering Straits - with the amazing circus of the Five Stars. 


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