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Canonical [and Maritime Admiralty] law officialy the first law in Bolivia


Image#1 above [if you don't see it, this is censorship]: former Jesuit Alberto Romero Rivera


Image#2 above [if you don't see it, this is censorship]: the cover of the book "the two Babylons" - Chick publications. Recommended!

Image#3 above [if you don't see it, this is censorship]: Uh! Look! Evo Morales and his Jesuitical cult of Semiramis/Harlot of Rome, as FIRST law in Bolivia. What a surprise, isn't it??! Of course they'll 'censor' him and his image....: but only to arose curiosity on him and his Jesuitical Harlot.....

    Remember the figure of "mother earth" as surrogate for Semiramis/Roman Catholic pagan/satanist cult. Now are clear all those political/ideological manipulation not only of Bolivia, but of the entire South-Center America, described by [if I remember well] Zagami as only an immense Jesuit Reducion. You have to take this parallel not only as regard the organization of the society, but moreover the organization of the brains and of the emotions.    

     All that explains why decades of "American ingenrence" in Latin/Catholic America: the CIA of the pope [standing CIA not only for Central Intelligence Agency, but also for Catholic(s) I(n) Action], where CIA couldn't have interfered without the assent of the Vatican and of the Jesuit order: to create a reaction of anti-american and pro-reactionary sentiments.    

     Communism and revolution are - in Latin America - the perfect brothers of the Nazism there escaped with the Vatican Rat Lines. At the end of all, the Nazis of Bariloche like Eric Priebke, and their apparently opposed hegelian antithesis Evo Morales, are - with awareness or not, this doesn't matter - working for the same Jesuitical Synthesis: to increase the tank of the Roman Catholics to then send in the North in order to 'correct' the numbers of the Protestants [and, don't forget, Jews] and/or the numbers of the liberal Catholic society, declared "heretic" by the Council of Trent and coherently with its statements of Canonical law exterminated f.e. from the face of Europe during the XX century. 

    "Mother earth" as only an alibi to justify a Fascist-Communist alike government, who will despotically fight the 'bad' individualism ["product" of the influence of the "bad" North America and his Protestantism and his degeneration of the Roman Catholicism] in the name of a "superior good", the necessity to 'protect' the s.c. "mother earth", which is only another masque for the Harlot of Babylon. Once you had the Fuehrer, Stalin, the Duce, today you'll be served by "mother earth". 

      [And: don't be fool and don't expect an immediate tyranny in the name of "mother earth": Jesuits are not cretin. At the beginning you'll have some bessering, a must supported by the world Roman Catholic establishment with his hands in the world finance and economy. This will enable a positive vision in the rest of the world as regard the "revolution of mother earth". Expect therefore in Bolivia, at the opposite, the 'miracolous' apparition of the Catholic Action [CIA] interferences, a Jesuit theatrics in order to describe Evo Morales to the rest of the world as a "pooor victim of the those degenerated North Americans"]

     Unfortunately the heritage of former Jesuit Alberto Romero Rivera is forgotten [as well the lesson on politic as a form of Jesuit theater, to us given by the late Tupper Saussy, thanks whom now we should detect behind the ideological move of Morales a Jesuit theatrical agenda
], the manipulation of Latin Americans in the name of the "human" [= of Semramis the HARLOT] rights are completely not detected.

[below, the excerpt. "Censored news".... But please!!!!]
 Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bolivia enacts Law of Mother Earth and GMO ban

Pachamama Law enacted and GMO ban in Bolivia! Reposted from Censored News


President Evo Morales enacted the Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well. Morales issued the Law of Mother Earth in an emotional ceremony at the Palacio Quemado.
The Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well promulgated by President Evo Morales provides for the elimination of the concentration of landownership or landlordism and other components in the hands of landowners and companies, and prohibits the introduction, production, use, and release of genetically modified seeds in the country.
 The most outstanding new rule also created the Public Defender System, Climate Justice Fund, which provides that public lands should be distributed to mostly women and indigenous peoples, and orders regulating foreign ownership and control of the property, access and use of the components of Mother Earth.

[Note of avles: see the property of the soil in the name of "mother earth" i.e. in the name of the cult of Semiramis therefore the private property in Bolivia officially is an affair not simply "religious", but implying the Vatican canonical assent on whichever private transaction in that country. Wake up, fool!!!!]

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The two Romero.


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