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To learn from the Jesuits.



"....."ROME - The Jesuits" baptize "Fausto Bertinotti. Almost a miracle made ​​of appreciation for his political skills (" he is intelligent and pragmatic "), even blessed by the Vatican for its commitment to support the weak people. This is  what you read in a striking editorial of Civiltà Cattolica [Catholic Civilization], the fortnightly of the Jesuits whose drafts must have the prior placet of the office of the Secretary of State. A further source of satisfaction for Bertinotti, whose political gestures are "read" with a lot of praise and little criticism (on the 'communist utopia or ideas about family, bioethics, free school) by the new Deputy Director of Catholic Civilization, Father Michael Simone. The religious hopes, among' other things, that "the 'political intelligence Bertinotti coupled with his pragmatism, takes the route in Parliament especially for institutional reforms, because if the government falls is chaos. "" I'm very proud - Bertinotti answers - I hope that those who criticize the PRC learn from the Jesuits. ""......".

From an article of La Repubblica 17 January 1997 on the once leader of Rifondazione Comunista, Fausto Bertinotti - URL:

Reported by nwo-truthseeker blog in:

    Marxism and Communism represent the operative quintessence of the religious hate of the Jesuits and the Vatican against the social classes who were the most important in the building of the Reformation, and were mostly classes living in the cities [the "borgo" therefore "bourgoises"]. 

    No more or less the Jesuits accused the Protestants to "oppose to the papacy only in order to grab her wealth", so the Marxist and Communist ideological translation of this hate accuses the "bourgesie", the pillar of the Reform, to "build abstract ideology and religious ideas in order to hide the bourgois exploitation", readily described by Marx no more or less as it was and is described by the Jesuitism: an "institutionalized robbery". 

    [At the opposite, when Jesuits and Vatican are going to use the bourgeois for their goal, they control them in a more strict way with the Fascist ideology]

   All that has been perfectly confirmed by doc Janko Kralj, an "intimate" of the right hand of Ledochowsky, SJ Anton Preseren, therefore we can say, together with comrade Bertinotti: "learn from the Jesuits!".

"......Many of the aristocratic families abandoned the Church and joined the Lutheran teaching, also with the intention to take possession of the church's wealth......." .

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“....Like in the age of the advance of Protestantism...”: December 1944, an open allusion to WWII as Jesuits' Second Thirty Years War?  


    Fausto Bertinotti should learn also from archbishop Margotti's scheme. Italian anti-Fascism is for great part born from the catastrophe of ARMIR in Russia, where many Italian soldiers, captured and survived, became warm Communists, ready for the Jesuits' Cold civil war in the post-war Italy. Remember that the political instability is the sister of the Ultramontane ideology, which needs to destroy any political dialogue in the society in order to make space only for the temporal instances of the papacy and her priests. This is happening also today when the same goal  and is pursued through another Vatican tool,  the Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi and his provocations and his Vatican Hegelian antithesis, who attends the salons of the Fondazione Stensen:

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archbishop Carlo Margotti's pattern implementing Ledochowski Goals Via Goals

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