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nwo-truthresearch blog confirms Jesuit order also spiritual mother of Communism [Stensen foundation]


Quoting nwo-truthresearch blog:

"....From the official site of Nichi Vendola learn that he is "born in Bari on August 26, 1958, into a communist and Catholic family ."

[Nicky Vendola is the most known  leader of the Italian Communists. Among the founder of Communist Re-foundation party/Partito della Rifondazione Comunista]

......from the site UAAR we read: "Vendola claimed his Catholic faith," one of the many differences that you have to accept  from your spokesperson " [from Vendola] and that  " I do not mean to hide"  because   "it's my life and it was my cradle". Truly speaking the "companion" Vendola wants us to return all like sheep within Mother Church dialogue: "woe if this drives us to answer with old anti-clerical pose, but instead must raise dialogues, open gates", says quoting Gramsci that  "mocked a certain anticlericalism".. And he knows that, to make a career, you have to talk to the right people within the Church: the Jesuits!......
In fact, the "protester" Vendola was a guest at the Jesuit Stensen Foundation, the same foundation that has also taken on Beppe Grillo. In an article in the local news of Florence ( entitled 'Conversations with Ichino, Maroni and Vendola the Stensen', dated October 28, 2010, we read:....".

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 Tuesday, February 19, 2013
The Left of the Jesuits and the Vatican
[La Sinistra dei Gesuiti e del Vaticano]

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"Vendola claimed his Catholic faith," one of the many differences that you have to accept from your spokesperson " [from Vendola] and that  " I do not mean to hide" because   "it's my life and it was my cradle".......
 See the historical Douglas Willinger post:

".......You should then note his son Felix Admundovich Dzerzhinsky a Roman Catholic also highly admired the Jesuit Order. Now what was Felix? The Head of the Cheka and a main man of Joseph Stalin. Why didn't the Bolsheviks or Stalin expell the SMOM from Moscow? Now what happened after the 5 year civil war? The Jesuits were allowed officially back within Russia by Vladimir Lenin. Funny that wasn't it. They were within Petrograd and Moscow exactly where the revolution started! ....."
 [from a D.Icke forum comment reported by D. Willinger]

Wlodimir Ledochowski - Father of the U.S.S.R.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski: Humanity's Worst Criminal- Not only the 3rd Reich but also the U.S.S.R. 


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Beppe Grillo is a Jesuit proxy.

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Upgrade: look at how outside Italy the others are considering this country, the Second Pontifical reign. It's paradoxal, I can smell in the air how they are going to liquidate me via Crime-as-method-of-government rule, and every citizen of this country is totally blind and doesn't see the Whore of Rome every day the more arrogant, commanding her secular minions to destroy further this country:

appeared on: EndrTimes blog - URL:
[after the English version, below there's a version Google-translated  in Italian]
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Fiddling while Rome Burns? The Pope Hides from Sight while Italian Church and State Feign Normalcy

Posted on February 19, 2013 by itccs


The biggest crisis to hit Catholicism since the Reformation keeps spiraling out of control for the Vatican.

Domestic commentators describe events in Rome as constituting the worst political problem for an Italian government in decades, as President Napolitano is being pressured by the Vatican and his Lateran Treaty obligations to aid Pope Benedict evade and obstruct justice.

The entire matter of the Pope's situation and Italian liability for criminal behavior was apparently high on the agenda of Napolitano's recent discussions with US President Barack Obama in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, keeping an accused Joseph Ratzinger under their protection in defiance of international law, the Vatican's Secretariat of State under Cardinal Bertone is delaying their response to a Diplomatic communique from a European government notifying Rome of impending legal action against Ratzinger.

According to a source who is a liaison with the said government, no official reply has been issued by Bertone's office to the February 4 communique, nor is the Secretariat even engaged in back-channel communications on the matter.

"They are pretending the Diplomatic Note never arrived, and that business is normal leading up to their Conclave to choose their next pope. They must maintain an appearance of stability right now, we are assuming" said the liaison source.

Meanwhile, the church-dominated Italian media has launched a vilifying and uninformed assault on the ITCCS and Kevin Annett without having contacted or interviewed Annett or ITCCS officers.

Nevertheless, ITCCS website traffic has exceeded 300,000 "hits" in the past several days, and legal and political help is pouring in to the Tribunal, especially from Italy and the United States.

The ITCCS is planning public occupations of Catholic churches commencing Sunday, March 24, 2013. It will issue an update and plan of action tomorrow, on this website.

Issued by ITCCS Central – Brussels
18 February, 2013

Giocherellare mentre Roma brucia? Il Papa Nasconde alla vista, mentre Chiesa e lo Stato italiano Feign normalità

ITCCS segnalazione della Centrale dei


La più grande crisi per colpire il cattolicesimo dopo la Riforma continua a spirale fuori controllo per il Vaticano.

Commentatori nazionali descrivere eventi a Roma come costituente il peggior problema politico per un governo italiano degli ultimi decenni, come il Presidente Napolitano è sotto pressione da parte del Vaticano e dei suoi obblighi derivanti dal Trattato del Laterano per aiutare Papa Benedetto eludere e ostacolare la giustizia.

L'intera questione della situazione del Papa e la responsabilità italiana per il comportamento criminale è stato apparentemente all'ordine del giorno delle discussioni recenti Napolitano con il presidente americano Barack Obama a Washington, DC.

Nel frattempo, mantenendo un imputato Joseph Ratzinger sotto la loro protezione in spregio del diritto internazionale, del Vaticano, Segreteria di Stato di cui il cardinale Bertone sta ritardando la loro risposta ad un comunicato diplomatica da un governo europeo notifica Roma di imminente un'azione legale contro Ratzinger.

Secondo una fonte che è un collegamento con il detto governo, nessuna risposta ufficiale è stata rilasciata dall'ufficio Bertone al 4 febbraio comunicato, né la Segreteria anche impegnato in back-canale di comunicazione in materia.

"Stanno facendo finta nota diplomatica non è mai arrivato, e purché tale attività è normale che porta al loro Conclave di scegliere il proprio papa successivo. Essi devono mantenere una parvenza di stabilità in questo momento, stiamo assumendo", ha detto la fonte di collegamento.

Nel frattempo, la chiesa-dominato media italiani ha lanciato un assalto diffamando e disinformati sul ITCCS e Kevin Annett senza aver contattato o intervistato funzionari Annett o ITCCS.

Tuttavia, il traffico sito web ITCCS ha superato 300.000 "hits" nei giorni scorsi, e l'aiuto giuridico e politico si riversa in al Tribunale, in particolare in Italia e negli Stati Uniti.

Le ITCCS prevede occupazioni pubbliche di chiese cattoliche a decorrere Domenica 24 MARZO 2013. Inoltre, pubblicherà un aggiornamento e il piano d'azione domani, su questo sito.

Emesso da ITCCS Central – Bruxelles
18 Febbraio 2013

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 Pope Benedict XVI to make rule changes for conclave?

posted at 1:57 pm on February 20, 2013 by

Via Deacon Greg, Reuters reported earlier today that some rule changes may take place in the next few days that will answer questions about timing of the upcoming papal conclave.  The canon law on conclaves calls for a period (sede vacante, or “empty chair”) of no less than 15 days after the office of the Pope is empty.  That, however, assumes a vacancy because of death rather than retirement/resignation, and is in part to cover a funeral and mourning period and time for the cardinals to travel to Rome.

All linked, isn't it? 
Edited on 22nd February 2013: I added the above words [here in bold character] "Quoting nwo-truthresearch blog:" and " ...etc. continue to read nwo-truthresearch blog post on [translate for yourself on Google-translator]:" in order to make clear the source of the  excerpt.


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"Edited on 22nd February 2013: I added the above words [here in bold character] "Quoting nwo-truthresearch blog:" and " ...etc. continue to read nwo-truthresearch blog post on [translate for yourself on Google-translator]:" in order to make clear the source of the  excerpt. "