Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Israel has timed out".


[Warning added today Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - From my PC I don't see the pictures below. Only after clicking on the title of the post you can see them. I consider this another case of cybercensorship]

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    Above image - "Israel should be wiped out of the face of the world". Don't know if the banner is in Iran or Egypt or in Syria. I cannot access the page [pro-Iran page, see below link] with this picture. It is interesting to note on how also the Nazi at the beginning and till WWII officially wanted simply to "relocate" the Jewish communities and didn't talk explicitly about any kind of mass murder of Jews. Oh, surely Ahmadinejad and his Ayatollahs didn't mean to "destroy Israel", they only hoped Israel would "time out", like that page below quoted.

"....Iranian President: We must expose the truth about Holocaust, 9/11

Speaking at a two-day international summit on anti-terrorism in Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad says U.S. used the events to put down Muslims and make economic gains.


 "If the black box of the 9/11 incident and Holocaust were opened, then some of the truth would be exposed, but the United States does not allow this," Ahmadinejad said at the two-day international summit on terrorism in Tehran.
By DPA | Jun.25, 2011 | 9:56 AM | 66

     Ahmadinejad doesn't know how to access Internet. Please, help him.

     Here some links for the president  of Iran Ahmadinejad where he can see that - at least as regard the 911 - the 'black box' has just been opened, or so the 'alterntives' think:


http://www.luogocomune.net/site/modules/911/ [in Italian language]

    In the below URL [see the image 'the connection has timed out'] there's the above image about the Iran will to wipe Israel off the map, but I cannot access the blog, maybe you [if you are pro-Iran and anti-Israel as the controllers of Internet surely will check] will be more lucky. Above it, the image of an anti-Zionist anti-Israeli site I could access without no difficulties:


'currently wiping palestine off the map':

'the connection has timed out':


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but is not "Israel" like "Prussia" or say "Zimbabwe", and names such as "Palestine" and "Rhodesia" the colonial names?

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

And why do these Islamists always go for destroying Israel rather than seek its reformation?

After all the Protestant Reformation is just that - a REFORMATION, and NOT necessarily an annihilation.