Friday, February 08, 2013

"the Rise of Chinese Media in Africa"


".....Africa: Changing Channels - the Rise of Chinese Media in Africa

Amidst Western media stories of China's "exploitation" and "neo-colonialism", now the emerging superpower wants to tell its own African story.
China's growing role in Africa is no secret. Its expansive resource-backed infrastructural projects are widely reported on and the $200 billion/year trade between China and Africa has been turning heads around the world.
Sino-African relations are covered abundantly in Western and African media. But now, China wants to narrate its own stories. Concerned that the loudest stories of China-Africa relations being heard are ones of exploitation, neo-colonialism, and the propping up of dictators, China's central government has initiated a big media push to offer a counterbalance to Western narratives.....etc....".

     It seems that the media operation of China is entered also in the Western world:

"....The real invasion of Africa is not news and a licence to lie is Hollywood's gift

31 January 2013

A full-scale invasion of Africa is under way. The United States is deploying troops in 35 African countries, beginning with Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger. Reported by Associated Press on Christmas Day, this was missing from most Anglo-American media. ...."


      ....and seen in:


  "....The real invasion of Africa is not news and a licence to lie is Hollywood's gift" seems to be an indirect instigation to search other sources of information which -  uh! like a magic! -    could be supplied by the China news.  "Sincere" and "honest" of course! At the end of all if the same country of BBC literally allowed Marxist China to grasp one of the most important capitalist temples of the world [Hong Kong Stock Exchange], why shouldn't it help China in to grasp also Africa?

    In fact if you want to consign Africa in the hands of Marxist China, pillar of Vatican World Democratic Government, you must first create a scenario, a storyboard to render it fascinating. If you want to gulp down to the Western world the taking of possession of Africa by China, you must firstly transform China in the 'good boy'. Every 'good boy' in order to be 'good' must have a 'bad guy' as milestone in order to appear 'good'. "Westerners" will play the 'bad boy' and the Chino-African journalists will have abundant material in to start the propaganda. This is why recently it exploded the Islamic terrorist insurgency in North Africa. SJ Adolf Nicholas promised to assign to Africa a great role in the sustain of his lady, Babylon or the church of Rome, and will kept his promise. Expect further wars in Africa in order to realize this storyboard [and don't forget the support of China to the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan in agreement with CIA....]:

Thursday, July 19, 2012:

"......  In any case I would be no more surprised if they could surprise even me. I swore that I believed Assad regime to survive (and still now I'm not really convinced about his fall). Probably Jesuit-Marxist China played the super-fool, and his role between a "pro-Iran", "anti-American/Zionism" Syria and the cradle of that "Zionist" and "American" Al-Qaeda, those Sunny monarchies, hid more than one dirty game. Maybe Jesuit-Marxist China convinced Assad to be able to stop the "Al-Qaeda terrorist" meanwhile Jesuit bishop Audo was fooling him....

    We'll see, we'll see if the Jesuit reward for this probable super-dirty game of Jesuit Marxist China is called "let  Africa fall in the hands of Beijing". [Central Africa of course, they are not stupid to abandon direct control of North and South tops]....."

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