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Beppe Grillo is a Jesuit proxy.

 [above : Loyola with Red Flag inside Chiesa del Gesù - CCR blog link below]

    Above image - the historical article of Corriere della Sera about the Jesuit trained Barroso, Van Rompuy, Draghi, Clinton etc., well inserted in the top rooms of the world economic and financial system, described by the same famous Italian newspaper as "the Internationale of the Jesuits" - exposed by nwo-truthresearch blog in: URL:

    A recent discover of nwo-truthresearch blog gives another clue on how the economical crisis has been engineered in order to fulfill the goals of the Council of Trent. Jesuits' Continuing Counter Reformation and the Vatican are controlling the condition of the world economy and finance, and are using it as a battering ram [poverty, starvation, etc. with the consequent moral and spiritual submission of everyone in order to survive] in order to launch the world back to the before-Luther, against-Luther Middle Age of Vatican, both from the point of view of a Medieval [and even ancient Rome] human slavery and degradation, both from the point of view of the Vatican peasants' wars, which - when not suffered - were a tool to weaken the secular reigns who were not loyal to the pope and/or too much inclined towards the Reformation:

"....To sum: November 27, 2004 Grillo makes an "extraordinary intervention" at the Stensen Foundation of the Jesuits in the day dedicated to the Cyber ​​Democracy, and January 26, 2005, exactly two months later, he opens the blog "revolutionary-catching against the caste of politicians" together with the Masonic Casaleggio. Andreotti would have said: "To think evil is a sin, but we often guesses."....
 .... [the Stensen foundation is] Recognized by the President of the Republic, no. 231, 3 March 1959, the Foundation is run by the Jesuits and was inaugurated 1 November 1964. The statue has been updated and renovated in the year 2008 and finally approved February 24, 2009 from the Prefecture of Florence.
Current President is P. Ennio Brovedani s.j.
 by nwo-truthresearch blog
 from the article: 

"Grillo, Travaglio, Saviano: Tutti ospiti felici e contenti dei Gesuiti"


"Grillo, Travaglio, Saviano: all happily ever after guests of the Jesuits".


See also: 
The International Domain of the Jesuits

"The World is our home"

by nwo-truthresearch - URL:

     So also Roberto Saviano is an habituè of the Jesuits' Stensen Foundation. But to me this is another confirmation about "why a Jew opposes to Mafia in Italy?/haven't we a gentile able to do it?", because a Jew will never open the mouth about the Vatican/Jesuit control of Mafia, Camorra, if he does that he is immediately putted at the moral stake by all the nation: "a deicide Jew is attacking our poor pope!!" would be the immediate response.       
     For example this is why they use the Jew Paolo Mieli to speak in my region Friuli Venezia Giulia about the Jesuitical/Vatican WWI, when the Jesuit revenge destroyed in a single hit the Protestant Prussia reich, the no-more-trustful Catholic Hapsburg crown ["healty carrier" of Protestant Prussia political instances], Romanov and Ottoman empire. Mieli will never dare to open the mouth on that [if not for superior order and strict surveillance from/of the Vatican], like Roberto Saviano. 

    Don't forget that Saviano got the bodyguards from Giuliano Amato, a dark entity which is powerful [of course powerful for the property of reflexion of power coming from well more powerful entities than him]; Amato is considered the 'inspiring mind' of Lisbon treaty [of course the ghost writer is the Jesuit intellectual background, Giuliano is the pencil of the order] which aims to push back Europe to the Middle Age. Then Amato, at the opposite of Bettino Craxi who was inquired and died in exile in Tunisi, was never touched by the first coupe d'etat "Mani-pulite" in the same Milan of Milanesi clan. Then Giuliano Amato was prime minister that 5th October 2000 when the law transforming Carabineers army in an independent "above-all" army was born. And he was interior minister when a soccer fan was murdered in a covert operation on the highway near the historical location of the anti-Jewish, reactionary Viva Maria! riots who led to the burning of 13 Jews in the city of Siena [see References for Giuliano Amato].

    From: the Beppe Grillo (Jesuitical Casaleggio/Stenson foundation) blog - see the link in my post "The international of the Jesuits" or: hunger and starvation etc.,:

 ".....The blog went to visit the Caritas soup kitchen in Milan, very close to the massive statue of Saint Francis standing at the end of corso Indipendenza. The queue of those people who cannot afford to pay for a meal is getting longer day by day and whereas up until about a year ago, most people were foreigners from within or outside the European Union, today the majority of the people are Italian. We have collected some stories, all very dignified, from the people who are the new poor, who are excluded, from one who is “esodato” {a person forced to retire prematurely with no income}, a man from Egypt, a former business owner, a guy from Brazil, from among the 4,000 people who file through the gates ignored by the passers-by.....".


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"The International of the Jesuits" or: Hunger & Starvation, the best aid for the miracles of Satan.

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A buried standard [by Douglas Willinger]:

 Above image -  Rome, Chiesa del Gesù. "This Church of the Gesu altarpiece by Jesuit artist Andrea Pozzo, S.J. (1642-1709), featuring Ignatius Loyola with his Red Standard, and reported by an article in the June 14, 2008 New York Times, was effectively buried about 1908, shortly prior to the rise of various 20th century political movements employing this Standard of a Red Flag." - Sunday, June 15, 2008 - A Buried Standard by Douglas Willinger - URL_:

 The "Milanesi clan":



 "........... Opus Dei linked, Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi dropped his support to Monti's government because the in-consequence-arosen instability is the best threat needed by the Jesuit Ultramontane agenda in order to make Italy and Europe to gulp down the throat their pupil Mario Monti and the Jesuit direct government of the Italian and communitarian institutions. Stop.......


Of course the court of the trial to Berlusconi is the Milano's court, another important element orbiting around the Milanesi clan. Silvio Berlusconi is right when he says that he is at the center of a "judicial persecution", but in fact his "judicial persecution" is the perfect alibi used by him in order to fuilfil his religious mission, i.e. to create political instability in Italy and Europe which then is exploited by the low-intensity, little-steps Jesuit and Vatican Ultramontane coupe d'etat in the country and in all the EU.....".

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Milanesi clan in action: an example of these days.

".....The manipulation of the secular ideological fronts in the country is visible at the eyes of everyone. Berlusconi owes everything to the church of Rome. From the priest Verzè with whom he started his career of businessman (and shared scandals and crimes). Passing through don Zuliani of Pordenone, a 50 years long of 'spiritual teaching' with many keys to the secrets of Berlusconi's carrer. To the mafioso Marcello dell'Utri, trained in Jesuit school, then right hand of the Silvio Berlusconi. It was dell'Utri the one who once said that ''I owe the most important encounter of my life to the Opus Dei''. Of course the encounter is the one with Silvio Berlusconi, an encounter occurred thanks the church of Rome. Berlusconi of course is fronted by an opposition which is controlled no more or less like him. In other words through scandals. Maybe the greatest one is the funding of the Milosevic '97 electoral campaign, which allowed him to get the power just when the NATO intelligence was funding the UCK terrorists. The former Communists D'Alema and Fassino are among the central keys used to control the opposition to Berlusconi. They were used not to destroy the old Communist party (as done with old Socialist and Christian Democratic party), but to transform it in a dust of groups controlled by the Roman Catholicism. .....(.......)
 ............At the end, to oppose to the 'bad guy', on the scene and under the spotlights it remains only the 'good guy', the church of Rome. Applause, please. All that is happening in Italy now, with the charismatic dictator of the Holy See, Silvio 'knigh' Berlusconi."
[notice: Fassino is a Jesuit trained guy]

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INSIDE THE MIND OF ROME – pedophilia scandal and Islam question in the Peasants' war/jacqueries of Rome

  ".......La Rouche activists unmasking Amato in Berlin

22nd July 2008 (MoviSol) - Giuliano Amato (1), one among the architects of the Lisbon Treaty, in a conference organized by Foundation Walter Hallstein (2) in the Humboldt University of Berlin, admitted that the inspiring thought behind the Treaty is the taking back Europe to the Middle Age.

 Tuesday, September 09, 2008 


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The religious theological roots of the actual economic and financial crisis [a summary by links]

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