Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vatican money in London ["British" Maritime Admiralty law]


".....An offshore company holds assets of about 650 million euro. On behalf of the Holy See, which garner prestigious rooms and buildings in the British capital. Thanks to the money that Mussolini gave the papacy by the Lateran Pacts
from our correspondent Enrico Franceschini

[from La Repubblica, quoted by nwo-truthresearch blog - see References]

    ....And how many souls did the Vatican [Jesuit order] buy with that money?

     Above image - Roman Catholic Jesuit trained at Jesuit American bulwark Georgetown "university" Leo Pannetta - from and reported by D. Willinger in his "U.S. Defense Sec. Panetta Kisses Up":

    A part that is evident now for the benefit of whom the American drones are chopping innocent Arab children....[I hope you see the below pic with Ratzinger hailed by Hezbollah's banner, "Le Hezbollah salue le Pope dans le patrie de la coexistence" - patrie cleaned from Jews?].....: urges me to remind to you the importance of the British Maritime Admiralty law. Remember that the English crown has been conserved for a clear reason: because it is the heir of the 3r Oct. 1213 indulgence and therefore enforces the legal possession of America (and India etc.) by the Vatican, where the kiss of Pannetta on the pope's hand is the best evidence. 
    But there's another reason: as the "heretic" secessionist British crown ever conserved the title of "defender of the papacy" [or a similar title], automatically the law she extends to the globe as "international British law" [the Admiralty maritime etc.] is simply an extension of the Roman Catholic canonical law. Stop.

    I repeat here for the 1000th time: also for this reason Hapsburg, Hohenzollern, Romanov, Ottoman empire, and many others have been liquidated in the Jesuits' wars, meanwhile about the 'big ones' - and a part some minor fake-protestant crown as the Norwegian traitors and others - it remained only the British crown. 
   [Spanish crown of Farnese Spanish king is useful in order to extend the Roman Catholic canonical law in the South and Central America ["Jesuit reducciones"] in order then to extend it to the North America first with the demographic increase of Roman Cathlicism, then with a war which probably will be inspired by the pope's Ustasha butchery. Remember that the Spanish crown is used also for other Inquisitorial tasks in the Middle East , as king Juan is also king of Jerusalem, an aspect of the matter on which Barry Chamish is better informed than me].

 Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bernardino Nogara, the bankster of the Antichrist.



...quoted in:

An offshore company holds assets of about 650 million euro. On behalf of the Holy See, which garner prestigious rooms and buildings in the British capital. Thanks to the money that Mussolini gave the papacy by the Lateran Pactsfrom our correspondent Enrico FranceschiniLONDON - Who owns the building that houses the jeweler Bulgari in Bond Street, the most exclusive shopping street in the British capital? And who is the building in which the Altium Capital, one of the richest investment banks in London, super chic corner of Pall Mall and St. James Square, the road of the gentlemen's club? The answer to both questions is the same: the owner is the Vatican. But no one knows, because the two investments are part of a secret real estate empire built over time by the Holy See, currently hidden behind an anonymous offshore company that refuses to identify the true owner of a portfolio of 500 million pounds , about 650 million euro. And how did this business of the State of the Church? With the money that Benito Mussolini gave cash to the papacy in return for recognition of his fascist regime in 1929 with the Lateran Pacts.To reveal this history is the Guardian, with a scoop which now occupies the entire third page. The London newspaper has three reporters on the trail of this treasure property of the Vatican and was surprised in the course of its investigation, the effort made by the Holy See to maintain absolute secrecy about his ties to the British Grolux Investment Ltd, the company formally holder of this large international investment. Two influential British bankers, both Catholics, John Varley and Robin Herbert, refused to divulge anything and answer questions from the newspaper about the true holder of the company.But the Guardian was able to discover the same through research in the archives of the State, which showed not only the link with the Vatican but also a story murkier sinking in the past. The control of the British company is another company called Profima, based at the bank JP Morgan in New York and made in Switzerland. Archival documents reveal that the Profima belong to the Vatican since the second world war, when the British secret service the accused of "activities contrary to the interests of the Allies." In particular, the allegations were made to the financier of the pope, Bernardino Nogara, the man who had taken control of a capital of € 65 million (present value) obtained from the Holy See in cash, by Mussolini, as reciprocation for recognition of the fascist state, since the early thirties. The Guardian has asked for comments on his revelations to the office of the Apostolic Nuncio in London, but only received a "no comment" to a spokesperson. (22 January 2013)

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