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The mark of the Second Pontifical Reign.

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 The specter feared by all Italians for the next 2013 will be a reality. By a decree today that will appear in the Official Gazette of March will begin fact the Redditometro [aka to measure the income], the new tool with which the Italian tax authorities will hunt for tax evaders. After so many ads, therefore, the Inland Revenue has defined all of the criteria by which the new system will work to verify the consistency between what we earn and what we spend. Other than Redditest tool that actually now loses all meaning. And thanks to a preview appeared in the newspaper this morning IlSole24Ore you can understand even now how the new Redditometro.

 Basic concept
The system aims to put under the magnifying glass all our expenses to see if, in fact, are sustainable in relation to what we have earned in the jurisdiction. So a simple comparison between income and consumption, and if they were to reach levels of spending are not compatible with our revenue will snap inspections. To achieve this goal will be put through a sieve all the most significant expenditure of each family will go from food to clothing, furniture, appliances, and even from transport to housing, through education and leisure. In short, a complete X-ray of our consumption, which includes more than 100 items of expenditure.

 How do you calculate the values ​​of the goods

The IRS will first look for, where possible, to infer directly what were the expenses incurred by each family, when this is impossible, however, will refer to the average values ​​of a particular item, which will be calculated taking into account of course the type of family (11 in all), the geographical area in which you live (5 those taken as reference) and their standard of living. In general, we will consider the average values ​​calculated from the population and estimated tax or collected by Istat. If, however, lacked even these references, the IRS also reserves the possibility of commissioning specific studies or analyzes of the sector. Will be the case for example of the data that relate to the cost boats, airplanes or horses.

 To us the burden of proof

It's up to us citizens, if it starts an investigation, to show that any level of
incongruous consumption is somehow explainable. There will thus demonstrate that the financing of the expenditure in question occurred with another income than those held during the tax period in question, or exempt income, and therefore not declared, or because there has been the contribution of a third person , for example, a parent who has given his son a certain sum to support precisely certain expenses.


    From: "Redditometro, il funzionamento" or "Measurement of Income, the way of operation", URL:

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"The International of the Jesuits" or: Hunger & Starvation, the best aid for the miracles of Satan.

  "......17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name......."
    Please, see the below article having in mind my recent posts on India:

...... The majority of Indians will have to give the Government their biometric data. If they wants their ration support to continue.

No rations for 720 millions Indians without “unique ID”

January 5, 2013

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