Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Roman Nazi-Islamic asymmetric war.


    Can you imagine the partisans in the occupied Europe, exalting the children as kamikaze against the occupants? Tito's partisans pursued a well other kind of war than the Jesuitical Nazi-Islam asymmetric war against Israel:

    Above image - Doc Franci Derganc was among the surgical staff of the partisan's hospitals "Pavle" and "Franja" and wrote his memories in the book "the bloody rose". Read it and you understand how a true war to protect the proper civilians has to be done, at the opposite of the asymmetric war of today raging in "Palestine", where in the war the death of the proper civilians is purposely searched to conquer the heart of the majority of the world"We'll never be able to pay and we'll never forget what you did for us" was written in the post-war award of president Eisenhower to the commander doc Franja, as official maximum recognition for the work of assistance also of allied personnel carried out in those hospital of partisans in Slovenia. I searched for the award in the web, but I wasn't able to find it even in the Wikipedia page on the hospital Franja and in the internet pages of the Museum Franja.... If you find out something make me know it.
 The diplom: "We'll never be able to pay and we'll forget what you did for us" - from the page on "Marathon Franja", a sport page! Here:
 I found something here: but it seems that Wikipedia and the Museum Franja have not up-to-date pages. An effect of the pro-Nazi-Islam policy of the Vatican inside cultural institutions in Slovenia??! But in fact the partisans were fighting not only against the Ustasha, but also against their allies, the Islamic SS of Bosnia under the command of Roman Catholic Himmler, the infamous Handzar division blessed by the uncle of Yasser ARAFAT, the great mufì of Jerusalem Al Husseini!!!
The military hospital "Franja", [from the name of the woman who commanded it - doc Franja Bojc-Bidovec]  hospital hidden among cascades and forests, is the best example of the care of the Tito's army not only for the wounded partisans, but also for the civilians.

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.....Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian partisans of Tito never would have purposely dragged the fire of the Nazi-Fascist shells on their civilians in order then to take pictures of the destruction and of the corpses to send them to the allies for propaganda, in order to obtain more dollars and ammunitions....

 Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nazi-Islamic public television RTVSLO broadcasts pro-terrorist Hamas documentary


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China?

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