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Jesuitical LOCKHEED used to pass advanced technology to China, Russia, Iran, etc.?


"...... The company [Huawei, linked with Chinese intelligence] is a charge that some of the other `move` 1.vora with Iran and Belarus, countries in the "black list" of Washington. .....

....Huawei had taken a leading role [in Italy]: to create a network of wide band t.i.c. [wide band telecommunications] in order to ensure connectivity to the scientific and academic community, the other one to provide technology to the remote control system of the national electricity grid and to the management of the electricity market....."

    To what does it refer the above excerpt? How does it fit with Lockheed? See the last link at the bottom of this post, but please, first read this material:

".....Design flaw in 'Lightning II' F-35B jet raises fears of lightning-induced explosions

 Published: 20 January, 2013, 18:32


Above image -  Reuters / Handout image of F35 - URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_F-35_Lightning_II

"...... That high price tag has given several countries cold feet about the jet. Last week, Canada pulled out of a deal to buy 65 F-35s over fears that the aircraft could be too expensive to run. Italy reduced its purchase to 90 F-35s from an initial 131, and even the US has delayed some of its purchases......".

   Please see:

"......Moves to build nuclear power [in China] commenced in 1970 and about 2005 the industry moved into a rapid development phase. Technology has been drawn from France, Canada and Russia, with local development based largely on the French element. The latest technology acquisition has been from the USA (via Westinghouse, owned by Japan's Toshiba) and France. The Westinghouse AP1000 is the main basis of technology development in the immediate future. ...."

 From: http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf63.html


 ......in my: 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

CHINA and JAPAN supplying IRAN with AMERICAN nuclear technology? [Antony Sutton was anti Vatican-II-Council-principles] 



    And now just a quote from Eric John Phelps' Vatican Assassin - third Edition:


  "..... In one deal
alone during Spellman’s reign $30 million was invested through Coleman
in the purchase of stock in National Steel, Lockheed, Boeing Aircraft, Curtiss-Wright, and Douglas Aircraft..."

[the information about Jesuitical Lockheed come also from Avro Manhattan's "The Vatican Billions"]


     ....and of course don't forget the excerpt I quoted from the 1958 der Spiegel:


".....The Jesuits owns shares of the steel company Republic Steel and National Steel. They have shares in the most important military airspace companies as Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtiss-Wright. They control the oil company "Phillips Oil Co." and the "Creole Petreoleum Co." who owns concessions in Venezuela...."


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vatican/Jesuit control of the world economy – end of the summary [der Spiegel-L'Espresso 1958]  



 Please search on the right bar the label "Antony Sutton" where's the post about Jesuit trained Mario Monti giving to China [to the Chinese intelligence] the control of the web net used by Italian scientists - I cannot access to the same my label "Antony Sutton" [alternative: under the label "Mario Monti"].

 This is the post:

Monday, April 02, 2012

Romish WDG consigning the Western world in the hands of Jesuit-Maoist PRC military intelligence 



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