Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you see the scheme?


 "....Actually, if I did believe there was a secret Jesuit conspiracy, I would say that Alberto Rivera is still a part of it. His ludicrous accusations have damaged the cause of legitimate Protestant/Catholic relations...."

     Below: Vatican cartoon blaming Jews for putting enmity [= to destroy relations] between Catholics [Jesuits] and Protestants [represented by Bismarck]:

    Above image - An old Vatican cartoon in EJP's Vatican Assassins; original caption of the image at page 695: "Vatican Cartoon Blaming Jews for Jesuit Expulsion, Germany, 1872 #205
With Masonic Karl Marx on the right, the Order blamed both Communist and
Cartel-Capitalist Jews for its suppression in Germany. This lie would fuel the
Order’s Dreyfus Affair thus the founding of the Pope’s Masonic Labor Zionism."
- from Vatican Assassins of Erich Jon Phelps, Third and Final Edition:

  Thursday, January 31, 2013

The two Romero.


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Hi why sympathize for Casaleggio and Co? your own endearing player that never answer: \
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