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Continuing Religious Crusade against the Vaudoises [with the aid of the Ledochowsky's ideological syphilis].


"....They [the Voudoises] lived in Piedmont valley of the Alps, at the northwest corner of Italy, east of France. In about 120 AD some got saved, and went to Antioch to receive God's word.... [continuing at page 41]...  And now God's words were available to the whole Roman Empire. Amazingly, it spread all the way to England before 200 AD....". [Page 40 from the book "Did the Catholic Church
Give Us the Bible?]

 *   *   *

 "...The "last" of such Wars of Religion ending in 1648?!..."


    The inquiry on radical right wing militants like Maurizio D'Angelo of the region Valle d'Aosta (a region bordering Piedmont where the TAV or High Speed Railroad is fomenting hard protests and clashes, and Swiss and France...), more than to appear as an act of persecution against movements for the 'independence' [curtain for anti-semite and Nazi organizations], seems to be a true planned instigation in order  to....

1) ... supply the Jesuitical sources of information based on the hate against "USA" and "Zionism" with new 'material' with which to further build "victimization" and therefore to increase the flame of antisemitic hate, 

2) do propaganda for their ideologies among people who are not yet members of the Jesuit-Nazi ideological area.
       Maurizio D'Angelo was investigated by the State Police for having participated in the forum "Stormfront". Significantly he was not inquired by Carabineers military police.  This is clear: because we are near the valleys of the Vaoudoises and the Carabineers army was created by King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy who, just after being restored at the throne of Savoy by the (UN)holy Alliance, started  to persecute Jews and Protestants. These Protestants are the descendants of the first true Christian who brought the true Bible in Europe at the beginning of the second century a.C.

    Therefore the war on Vaoudoises of the Satanic Ancient Roman Empire continues with the new one, whose emperial palace is named "City of Vatican". Today those populations have not to be directly attacked, rather dragged in to the cult of the Roman Emperor, the pope, making appear the masque of it - friendly to Nazi Fascism ideologies - as a 'glamorous' heroin extracted from the opium of the victimization. 

    In this way the Christian origin of the population of Valle d'Aosta or better - in French - Vallée d'Aoste, will be destroyed in their identity making them believe that they fight for their 'identity'. For this purpose a social schizophrenia is created with the help of all the ideologies [represented by the collection of books and items from all kind of political organizations at home of Maurizio D'Angelo] where the identity of the people and their origin is falsified ["class war", "war of the arian race", etc.]. For this reason an important aid in to develop such schizophrenia is brought just by the immigration which helps to divert the attention from the true religious inner enemy and helps the Company's Counter Reformation in to offer false allies for the struggle of the independence. 

"......I thought that a Christian-Catholic that I am, could not be called an anti-Semite, I thought there was a contradiction in terms [ !!!    ], consider Zionism a problem, there is a UN resolutionof 10 November 1975 says the same thing, but they are not anti-Semitic........"

    Notice on how D'Angelo claim to be a "Christian-Catholic", practically a complete contradiction in term, as "Catholicism" has been created purposely with the task to exterminate true Christians, also exterminating Jews, with the trick to label 'em "Zionists". Even a pedophile can claim to be a "lover of the childhood".  If D'Angelo really would fight against the true persecutors of his valley [but is he really a true inhabitant of those valley or is he another immigrate with the task to import the syphilis of Wladimir Ledochowsky's ideologies?] he should first expose the Roman Catholic church as the greatest persecutor of the Jews ["Zionists"] and Bible believers inhabitants of those regions.

    Note also how the operation of religious manipulation of the population all along the Alpine arch knows no border as the pro-Nazi Islamic documentary  in Slovenia witnesses. Also in Slovenia there's a subtle cultural war of the Jesuits against the Christendom, trying to disintegrate any memory of the Reform and of the Slovenian Protestant church of Primoz Trubar replacing it with a sort of 'spiritual alliance' with the Turkey which never recognized the Holocaust of the Armenians and with the democratic and openly anti-Jewish terrorism of Hamas. At the opposite of Italy, for historical reason [WWII] the ideological puppets of Rome who are carrying out this task in Slovenia are not Nazi-Fascists but Marxists and the general leftist area. Take note that from the Western Alps to the Estern Alps the secret password  between Nazi-Fascists and Communists is the word "Palestine":

".....Jesuits cannot allow to themselves to openly attack the Bible believers and the Roman Catholic liberals because they'll expose themselves as what they are, killers and assassins of the Reformation. For this reason they created an apparently atheist ideology, Marxism and her little sisters, Anarchism etc., to attack the Reform as "product of the capitalist relation between classes",....."

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Nazi-Islamic public television RTVSLO broadcasts pro-terrorist Hamas documentary

    ....and of course a similar case of 'persecution' of people who are continuing to spread the smoke of the "Jewish plot" [in order to spread their propaganda through the media?] happened also in the city of Trieste:



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Introduce International Canonic Sharia also in Trieste?



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New Age mystifications at the service of Roman Catholicism?

1) "Protestant engraving representing 'les dragonnades' in France under Louis XIV
From: Musée internationale de la Réforme protestante, Geneva" - URL: 

".....Victor Emmanuel abolished all the freedoms granted by the Napoleonic Codices and restored a fiercely oppressive rule: he refused any concession of a constitution, entrusted the instruction to the Church and reintroduced the persecutions against Jews and Waldensians….”.

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Simply to destroy the innocence (part two)


 ......At best, a person who is not noticed the media hype of the mainstream media and a journalist obsessed with Nazism and homosexuality, and he thought he could freely consult a website USA, owned by U.S. citizens, with servers in the U.S., controlled by 'FBI found no crime, and finally subject to U.S. laws and the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects freedom of expression above all else.....

    The 'American' Constitution has been written and financed also by the Vatican in order to legalize the Roman Catholicism who was  prohibited in the colonies because righteously considered simply a religious masque for the persecution of Christians, the same persecution as the one  against the Vaoudoises of Vallée d'Aoste.


Postato il Mercoledì, 09 gennaio @ 09:07:29 CST di davide

Posted on Wednesday, January 9th @ 9:07:29 CT davide
Receive and publish
My name is Maurizio D'Angelo, I'm 40 years old, born and living in Valle d'Aosta.
I completed my professional studies, I fulfilled his military service, I worked various jobs and how many Italians who are not saints in heaven, I manage as I can: I am one of the many parasites that work with a party card, I did the 'worker, the clerk, I sold insurance, houses and other things, and did my best to act honestly in this beautiful Italy.

Sometimes I went to vote and sometimes not, I appreciate the referendum, I think they are the only opportunity available to the people to decide on a certain topic.
I've never been a political and union demonstrations.
I have never participated in meetings, conferences of parties, political and cultural movements.
I've never had weave of the party, I'm very proud, I think there is no difference between the political forces, the disaster of the past 18 years shows that political parties shall take the same disastrous economic policies aimed at protecting their privileges and destruction of the producer: I believe so all parties and all unions without exception, to the root of Italy's problems.
I feel deep sorrow when I hear someone talking about the left, center and right, communism, fascism, Nazism, are empty words without meaning, ideologies dead and buried between 25 and 120 years ago.
I quickly learned to be wary of those who say they want you to help and above all you want to do so disinterested politicians, union leaders, non-profit organizations, religious. Even the cat purrs not know if you will get something from his master.
Since I discovered the internet I do not watch more TV, I like to download ebook and read sites Dagospia, misinformation, quixotic, Effedieffe, rebirth, those few short space of freedom in which you try to reason and where the few men Good will is not enslaved to the system, make me to know the news that the squalid Italian and European media are careful not to give.
I recently published a book from the publisher on demand
On 16 November 2012, at 4 o'clock in the morning, he played at my door a person who is a qualified member of the State Police saying that he had the mandate of a judge, and I ought to start immediately.
Found that policemen were real and not those criminals who fill the national news, I opened it and I found myself in the living room with seven policemen.
I read the search warrant signed by the Deputy. proc. Luke Tescaroli in which I was accused of being a forum user of the website American Storm Front, where competition with other persons unknown to me, inciterei to discrimination and violence for racial, ethnic and religious.
In practice, I would have broken the law Left, or rather the Law Taradash-Modigliani (1).
Read the term, I was asked to show evidence of serious crimes and to accompany them in my room.
Seven policemen and myself in 15 square meters at 4 am. With my parents, the elderly and disabled that one to think that the son was a criminal, a drug dealer, a rapist or a pedophile or maybe all these beautiful things together.
I did not understand what it sought, my room consists of a bed above which there is a cabinet that covers the entire wall, in front there is a desk with a computer and the two remaining walls are full of books, comics and cd.
I told them that I had nothing to hide, I do not do drugs and I do not steal and that they could watch what they wanted.
The minutes of search will then be asked to give written that the corpus delicti, not ottemperavo the request.
The humiliation of seeing strangers watching you in the drawers where you keep socks and underwear.
The questions from the police officer asking you what are those three remotes, which I explain that the remote controls are the gate, they are dead and that I have kept waiting for someone who was better than me to fix it.
Another policeman who saw a picture on the wall with a picture of a leaflet of continuous struggle of 1969 tells me in a strange language - but aho neji seventies you neo-nazzzisti cò these guys de struggle continues nun died c'andevate agree ò sbajiio me?
The psychological pressure - so come with us today, it is very serious what you did and maybe you do not realize it, but now we take you with us, and then we'll see when you come home.
Finally after a while 'find something: a flag checkered red-blacks with above designated a German imperial eagle with a swastika and a skull. One thing at least 13 years old that I even remembered to possess.
And then hung on a high wall of the library out of the reach of children, a hunting knife, a memory of a 10 year old Spanish holiday, then 2 vhs, 16 stickers of Forza Nuova and 6 books: Illustrated History of Fascism, Mussolini X-ray, Rsi-the Republic of Duce, Tortuga Island is not there, the disintegration of the system, the tree and the roots.
The photo with the material seized, or better evidence of the crime, as will be verbalized, it is here at this link: reported
In my room there are 380 books on various subjects, but those 6 enough.
I have a small collection of 300 stickers, adolescent memories, I have also 5-6 and re-founding of the Communist 'Unicef, but those 16 are enough.
I have 60 vhs of all types and patience if they are 10 years that I have VCR and VHS are probably all demagnetized. Those 2 vhs enough.
All things found indicate that the undersigned is a militant neo-Nazi.
The evidence is there.
At 5 am the search is over and I can politely be accompanied to the police station in Aosta.
Two and a half hours to draw up the minutes of what was found in the house, (also 2 pc and a mini-computer, a mobile phone, and 8CD 5 dvd burned by me), a few questions - Go to the stadium? have you ever been subjected to DASPO-and then signing the minutes.
And at 7:30 am I can leave the barracks.
The city is still sleeping in the cold of November while I head to the railway station.
A little over an hour and are home to explain to my parents that I am not a terrorist.
At best, a person who is not noticed the media hype of the mainstream media and a journalist obsessed with Nazism and homosexuality, and he thought he could freely consult a website USA, owned by U.S. citizens, with servers in the U.S., controlled by 'FBI found no crime, and finally subject to U.S. laws and the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects freedom of expression above all else.
But in truth, we Italians have the Constitution most beautiful in the world, that we care about the United States and their laws?
Then find out that four people who do not know, whose names I read for the first time on the decree of April Stefano, magistrate of the court of Rome, Daniel, Diego, Luke and Mirco, aged between 22 and 43 years, has been much worse.
For them, it opened the doors of the prison.
Where there are still almost two months later.
Daniel, Diego and Luca are the moderators of this site identity, other than neo-Nazi or supremacist, a forum which is divided into about 50 sections, one Italian and has 280 thousand subscribers. Mirco instead made the mistake of organizing a revisionist conference in which projected a video, Wissen Macht Frei. If you have not removed may still be seen on YouTube or similar sites.
So they are being accused of having directed a group, read the order of search, had the aim of promoting racism and anti-Semitism among the Italians.
The undersigned, simple affiliate criminal organization, is treated differently than other affected: on TV at the prestigious Valle d'Aosta regional Tg3 usually takes care of the interesting arguments among the 'Union-Valdotaine, the government for 60 years, more than DC, and 'Alpe, which is the latest version of the splits that occur on a regular basis in' UV, and collecting, as well as the former dissident unionists, ecologists also former escaped extinction and some escaped by small parties of the left hard and pure , all people who know him well and the power that goes back a virginity changing code to the container, and relying on the short memory of the electorate.
So instead of talking as usual of cattle rustling and how well managed the "Petite Patrie" with its 17,200 civil servants of 127,000 inhabitants (2) exceeds even the region of Sicily, to the TG3-Vallée d'Aoste it comes to me: in the quiet valley there is a militant neo-Nazi, a right-wing extremist, anti-Semitic.
Are held up to public ridicule, I'm guilty, there is a short process, they say that in Italy the time of Justice are very long, not true.
The next day, the page of the local newspaper the family Elkann / Agnelli, publish your name, age and residence of the undersigned.
On the same page I notice a difference in treatment for an engineer accused of tax evasion by 5 million euro for a convict accused of robbery and a breeder surprised with a calf in the trunk. They have a right to privacy and the benefit of the doubt, no name, no name, no place of residence, the most of the simple initials instead to myself, do not apply the fundamental freedoms and civil rights.
By Emperor Lucius Cornelius Sulla were the blacklisting: citizens enemies of the Emperor were singled out, persecuted, and often killed all their goods sold.
Two thousand years have passed and it is these that have been made great strides, there are lists of proscription for a person who does not make any public activity, and who would have the right to privacy as all citizens of Italy.
Tax evaders, the robbers have this right.
I do not.
Easy to imagine the comments of beautiful souls, the same that they would do better to look at the dirt in their homes and empty inside their souls: what the heck is a neo-Nazi! Take him in jail and throw away the keys! Or maybe publish your home address, so some hero can do justice to this public menace!
Hooray Article 21 of the Italian Constitution, everyone has the right to freely express their thoughts in speech, writing, or through any means of communication blah blah blah.
Oh yes it is.
I thought that Nazism was finished in 1945 but perhaps in school I was taught wrong or maybe I was distracted.
I thought that a Christian-Catholic that I am, could not be called an anti-Semite, I thought there was a contradiction in terms, consider Zionism a problem, there is a UN resolution
of 10 November 1975 says the same thing, but they are not anti-Semitic.
I also thought of being able to read and buy what I want, but maybe wrong.
And I thought maybe that's where my error: wrong thinking. There are 945 MPs, the highest paid in Europe (3) who think for me, there are plenty of technical graduates in the prestigious Italian universities (4) who think for me, what need is there to think about?
I have to be proud to live in Italy, a country that achieved excellent results in all fields:
One in three young people are unemployed (5), who has a job has the lowest wages Europe 's (6), drug use is a custom both among the young than among the middle-aged people and places us at the beginning places in Europe (7), infants, those few that are there, are thrown into the bins (8), crime has replaced the state in 4 of 5 regions in Southern Italy, corruption is rampant in all Italian regions making excel in Europe (9), petty crime does as he pleases so that the suburbs of the big cities are out of control, the prisons are full to overflowing, an inmate of the three is foreign and in many cases illegal (10), prominent leaders of the forces of 'order say they are powerless (11), from the defeat of 1945, we are subject to foreign military occupation so that in 17 regions there are at least 140 military bases (12), the level of corruption in public administration took over (and I quote) proportions of total severity (13), the 'Italy occupies the 158th place out of 194 countries in the ranking of Justice (14), and we are certainly not at the top even in scientific and technological research, education and industrial production, we have received 23 billion from 'Imu but public debt has grown by more than 100 billion in one year, exceeding 2 trillion, Italy is technically bankrupt since this debt will never, ever be repaid even be selling all the gold in the bank Italy (but there will still be? parliamentary no one has ever taken the trouble to ensure you), and the few remaining jewels, that Eni, Finmeccanica, the museums, the state property. But we have the engineers and professors to the Government. And the bankers. With those that should be delegated by the people to represent us, and that for this task are handsomely paid the highest taxes in the world (15), the politicians, who instead are the waiters of the bankers and are not able to carry out their functions .
But the problem is not Italy which occupies the lowest rung in Europe in nearly all the charts, the problem is that Italy is now a third world country, not the problem are 21 people posting on a U.S. site , subject to U.S. and constantly monitored by the FBI.
Where have agents who speak Italian certainly better than some Italian police and have not found any type of crime.
The problem is those who read books or download ebook, not those who use drugs or who robs or rapes or those who kill or hurt those who administer or who squanders public money with absurd processes while scarcera drug traffickers because of procedural errors (16)
The problem is who is wondering about this beautiful expression of the Constitution finest companies in the world.
The problem is who is uncertain and is still outraged by the collapse of ethics, ethnic, economic, moral, social, of this unfortunate country. And maybe do it on a forum. U.S. and subject to U.S. laws. With people who do not know, but perhaps share his concern for the shambles they see every day in their own land, in their own homeland.
Yes, I admit it: I felt admiration for Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, I think their people
were better when there were them, seeing that they were made by Western governments kill their countries are plunged into chaos and violence, today I like Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Kim Jong-Un, Putin, I read their thoughts, I enjoyed a Christmas card that the President of the Islamic Republic has done to Christians for Christmas.
Certainly better than any of their so-called democratic elected leader in the West.
It 's my opinion. It is not a crime.
There are those who feels sympathy for Professor Monti, this great coach who graduated from the same university same address as the show-girl Sara Tommasi. It 'an opinion. To me it him, as Riccardi, Fornero, flounder, Montezemolo, Vendola, Bersani, Di Pietro Bossi Fini, Casini, Berlusconi are on the Maroni.
It 's my opinion and not a crime.
Think about it.
Four boys are in jail for a crime of opinion.
I read that the suspects were preparing to attack Roma camps (17) and for this they were arrested.
After 50 days, you can find out where is the evidence?
It 's like my case, where I quote, the soldier's knife is relevant to the offense for which you carry?
What crime? An assault on a Roma camp (which I do not know where it is) with a knife collection? Of this I am charged? Of being racist and hate Muslims, Jews and gypsies?
About as they are racist, and since I hate non-whites, how do you reconcile this claim with my sympathy for Kim or Chavez? And my hatred for Muslims with appreciation to the President Shiite Iran?
Of course, I feel discomfort for those who arrive in my country and take advantage of hospitality, doing good and bad-communist mentality of this country to carry out crimes. But this is not a crime, it is not racism, it is my personal opinion.
I wanted to write a book on immigration in Italy. But given that Article 21 is torn to pieces, I give up. How to give up my defense in case of indictment. Have a clean record, I know of no legal, my lawyer appointed him who accuses me, that I defend myself to do?
Are not right, they are not militant, not neo-Nazi, I have a clear conscience.
I wonder who is beneficial to ruin the lives of 21 people and their families, girls and boys who had the 'hobby of writing on a U.S. website subject to the legislation of that country.
By the way, one last question: the international letters rogatory undertaken with the U.S., to what extent are they? what response there has been from the U.S. authorities?
Everyone has the right to freely express their thoughts through speech, writing or any other means of communication. Article 21 of the Italian Constitution. The most beautiful, perfect, and present in this world as we know from the very nice Oscar winner (subject to fees).
Oh yes, that's right.
Think about it.
Next time, at 4 am, they could knock on your door.
Or maybe, after the publication of these thoughts come knocking on my.
The bell rang for you, even you are not in conformity with right-minded majority.
Now that you've read you can throw away and pretend that nothing happened, that all goes well, the rest as the Minister Balduzzi says, they were just criminals (18).
Maurizio D'Angelo01/06/2013
1 mondo/9685 102823.shtml? Uuid = AbVZHFWG6 anche-se-reati-diminuiscono/389652 /10 http://identità.com/blog/2012/11/20/le-carceri-italiane-esplodono-grazie-agli-immigrati11 prevention-situation-very-disturbing-30-January-201214 costume/79071-giustizia-in-italia-processi-troppo-lenti-siamo-ultimi-in-ue -and-158-the-world /15 sommerso_26b41b1e-D178-11e1-aa2d-fec7547fb733.shtml16 arrested-for-drug /17 Razzismo__questore_Roma___Stormfront__era_pronto_a_colpire_campi_nomadi-1219239-.html18 closed-stormfront

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  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (MAURIZIO D'ANGELO, ONE OF THE searched STORMFRON (Score: 1)alberto_his of the Wednesday, January 9 @ 9:49:43 CT(User Info | Send a Message)Chilling! I hope that everything will be resolved for the best for Mauritius.

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  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (MAURIZIO D'ANGELO, ONE OF THE searched STORMFRON (Score: 1)of kawataxi ( on Wednesday, January 9th @ 10:27:33 CT(User Info | Send a Message)Dear Maurizio, I'm sorry for what happened. I'm sure that the treatment reserved for you is: an act of intimidation directed towards all those who derive information on the net. thinking about the question, I can only come to one conclusion: they are afraid of us! from now on I recommend browsing through proxy server (possibly Russian). a precaution that I / you / we land 'out of jail. greetings and best wishes. P.S. if you need some money for a lawyer you can 'organize a collection. at least on my part (slightly) would like to contribute. greetings

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  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (MAURIZIO D'ANGELO, ONE OF THE searched STORMFRON (Score: 1)Fridge of the Wednesday, January 9th @ 11:12:20 CT(User Info | Send a Message) off to your lucidity Mauritius. Many like you end up like that poor in force TSO. You will lead your way to the battle of legality more sunlight. I have some doubt about North Korea but for the rest I agree with the views on the "dictators". Only the "left" out themselves the "humanitarian" wars now. The people who looks in the mirror is understanding. Change yourself first then try it with the world. Congratulations for the script. You should write that book.

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  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (ONE OF THE searched Stormfront, TELLS HIS Exp (Score: 1)of the Mediterranean Wednesday, January 9th @ 11:37:21 CT(User Info | Send a Message)Great answer, unassailable, poor Italy

  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (ONE OF THE searched Stormfront, TELLS HIS Exp (Score: 1)ilfigliodegeneredellovest of the Wednesday, January 9th @ 11:46:09 CT(User Info | Send a Message)Solidarity.

  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (ONE OF THE searched Stormfront, TELLS HIS Exp (Score: 1)casulaaldo of the Wednesday, January 9th @ 11:49:34 CT(User Info | Send a Message)if that is the case I feel sorry for the guy. usual laws made by demented communist socialist fascist Democrats m.

  Re: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (ONE OF THE searched Stormfront, TELLS HIS Exp (Score: 1)of punishment on Wednesday, January 9th @ 11:59:44 CT(User Info | Send a Message)from a post by Uriel:
There 'a person who intends to become a problem,' cause he insists on defending the indefensible, that 'to defend the actions of the gang fasciomassonica and that' the Italian judiciary. Since you have fun to be a problem, I want to summarize here my experience as an expert witness in a number of processes, listing the blatant violations of the law and the judiciary 'use in daily practice, and are considered "normal" by the defense lawyers, they are so widespread.
My brief "career" as an expert start 'when a friend who works for Amnesty asked me to help them secure a penniless enough: in short, there is nothing earned. If you do not nightmares. As a result, the lawyer who defended this guy I appreciate 'and sent me' to call as an expert witness for other causes. After some time, I received a call from Dr. XXX who asked me to work for the prosecution (seen as I crumbled the two former police officers, private investigators today in previous investigations). I did it twice (for the prosecution) then I promised myself, for reasons of conscience, to work only and always for the defense.
The things I write here I have acquired in three special investigations where I worked, one of which was fully assembled in the air but it 's cost sixteen months in prison to a boy, whose only fault (and this' gossip, of course) was being the son of a woman who had divorced a fellow Masons of Venetian magistrate in question. The boy had asked him not to see more 'father (because of a history of beating), and let' enough. But, as I say, and 'gossip. The fact 'that this boy and' took 16 months in prison for nothing.
Let's start from the beginning. The Italian law would be, in theory, some guarantees. For example, to ensure that the magistrate can haunt a person for personal reasons, trigger a search early morning (with all that entails) and 'something that should be done only if there is' a "prima". It means that the judge can not 'search to see if something is found, without any reason, but must have a "prima", something to justify that has' put to rummage in the letters he sent to his girlfriend.
No more 'easy, when you want to work in a clean way (and explain) the power of attorney has a number of "spies in the barracks," petty criminals who made peace a relative impunity' in exchange for information and favors. One of these favors that the convict can 'do' to turn to a certain place with a piece of paper in his pocket, slip in which there is' your name and address. And fall (alas') in the hands of the usual "hawks" while walking "with a suspicious air," hawks inspect him and find (guess a little) your name: magguarda that strange. As if they had gathered, eh?
Poof: there is' enough to come and search the house at five in the morning. The search covers (and later explain 'why the') immediately on computers, on correspondence and on your kitchen / pantry.
There are still an optimist, is clear: childbirth assumption that 'the magistrate fill all the sheets which are used for a search, that' IS the order to search the PS, IS the warranty card with detailed allegations. This does not always happen.
The average of the time, the power of attorney comes home only with the order of search, which contains the accusations (ARTICLE foo, ART. Foo, etc) but does not say anything about how it is assumed that you have committed a crime: how, when, what with whom.
The police arrive and only the order of search, that is not 'sufficient in terms of your rights, but it' s enough to trigger the search. Now you say, call a lawyer. You ', you name it if you are at home when they arrive, and being the preferred time 5 in the morning you are at home and the lawyer' in the world of dreams. I say "if you're at home," 'cause there's people that has' found the police stationed in front of home after work, and two officers were down when they saw them to inform them that the house had been ransacked. But never mind, there 's also people who are' was literally thrown out of the house by the police while the police were searching calmly.
When, after about 4 hours of search (it's 9 am), find a lawyer who agrees to listen to the calling order (not 'that all have the number of a criminal lawyer of trust: you you have it?) average lawyer is not to be present (he knows and 'useless now that the police are 4 hours and' them 'to search, and even if they are already' gone) and is content to call the PM, if the answer .
In short, they arrived with a search warrant, without the intention (in the media but none of the victims know that we want them too, unless they're criminals are used to having to do with the law, and then you will know all the tricks since from the beginning) and you're already 'lucky. There 's also the case that there's not even the order of search: you can not possibly know that. So what? Who do you call if POLICE is breaking the law? The police themselves? You can not do anything about it, and if you dare you react pecks also a complaint for strength.
What 's the sense of an illegal search? Simple: because 'in Italy there' obligation to prosecute, even with an illegal search may emerge criminal acts (later we will see what is the "logic" used to define a "fact"). Consequently, even if the search was illegal what 'that emerges can' be used: the magistrate and 'then more time to write a report in which sources "above suspicion" (and unspecified) had provided news urgent crimes in your home, just the date that you have entered a search: they could hardly wait for paperwork.

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