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Do you see the scheme?


 "....Actually, if I did believe there was a secret Jesuit conspiracy, I would say that Alberto Rivera is still a part of it. His ludicrous accusations have damaged the cause of legitimate Protestant/Catholic relations...."

     Below: Vatican cartoon blaming Jews for putting enmity [= to destroy relations] between Catholics [Jesuits] and Protestants [represented by Bismarck]:

    Above image - An old Vatican cartoon in EJP's Vatican Assassins; original caption of the image at page 695: "Vatican Cartoon Blaming Jews for Jesuit Expulsion, Germany, 1872 #205
With Masonic Karl Marx on the right, the Order blamed both Communist and
Cartel-Capitalist Jews for its suppression in Germany. This lie would fuel the
Order’s Dreyfus Affair thus the founding of the Pope’s Masonic Labor Zionism."
- from Vatican Assassins of Erich Jon Phelps, Third and Final Edition:

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The two Romero.

The two Romero.



 "....Actually, if I did believe there was a secret Jesuit conspiracy, I would say that Alberto Rivera is still a part of it. His ludicrous accusations have damaged the cause of legitimate Protestant/Catholic relations...."

      ".....for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed;....".

    I too can confirm Alberto Rivera. Years ago people told me about corpses of children found near a monastery in Koper/Capodistria. It was a colleague with whom I worked in the cemetery years ago, a person absolutely not involved in this matter [conspiracy researches, Vatican, etc.].  Another person told me of an identical fact in the city of Gorizia/Gorica, he too a person who is totally not interested in conspiracy. Exactly as exposed by Alberto Romero Rivera. But I have some suspects as things could have been set up. You exposed the church of Rome, but some people to whom you told the facts are often contacted in a discrete way by the Romish environment. They tell him/her the "truth", not before having warned the person discretely contacted to "don't say a word about". So for every statement you do about the church of Rome, the 'friends'  of the person to whom you told the facts are preparing a counter-exposition, of which of course you don't know anything and you cannot give a reply to it. I noted it with the environment of the job, where people with a deep connections with politicians and other elements of the elite, then  start to take the distance from you. I bet what do you want that after being in contact with me someone give 'em the "truth" about me.     
    Of course the discussion about the church of Rome never appears in public as they fear to see their argument destroyed. I don't have a doubt that Alberto Romero Rivera has been murdered, especially for his statement about Islam and the Catholic origin of it, and this only four years before 9-11, a dirty war attack whose theatrical inspiration was to frame the Jews and their American allies as "plotting evil entities in order to calumniate the 'poor' innocent Islamic world":

".......In Jewish and Christian tradition, Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac (ʾIsḥāq) and at the last minute is stopped, at which point a ram is provided to sacrifice instead. In Islamic tradition, it is typically believed that Abraham is told to sacrifice his son Ishmael, not Isaac, though the Quran does not actually state which son........".

    Tell me if it is not true that only an anti-Jewish  mind [and anti-Christian, as Jesus Christ came to "fulfill the law, not to destroy it"] could have engineered such refined manipulation of the Ancient Testament. Notice the relativism - Jesuitical one - of this piece from Wikipedia, as the tradition related to Abrahm was something 'neutral', fallen from the sky from a flying UFO, and not a consolidated and very rigorous Jewish tradition, respect which any distortion betrays the secret goal behind it. Also here Alberto was right, the simple analysis of the historial context of his revelations confirms him.

"....In the company of Armando I was stuck in the basement archives of the Catholic University of San Salvador, where a young and distracted responsible had listened to my request to learn more about El Mozote and without moving a step away from the fan that I only had cooled given a room right down the hall, muttering "there are piles of papers left by a former professor who does not know where it went. No one has ever touched. "  We are in a small two meters by four, with a bare metal desk, two chairs and six stacks of gray boxes that were really blacks but the layer of dust that covers them has changed color. Hands quickly become coals, a suffucating heat, dozens of packets of paper hankyes used to be able to handle the paper without to dirt the hands, water so much. But the opening of the fourth box comes the surprise. After having viewed articles and other stuff of no interest, I find myself in his hands something familiar: the photocopied sheet with the classic wide stripes black erase reserved names, stamped "Classified" and the signature of the responsible official, with "fm Embassy to SECSTATE in Washington DC ", or even" Confidential, Copy Action Telegram, Top Secret, "short U.S. government documents taken directly from the archives of the Services at the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador and that the professor had come into possession somehow......".



   "Misteriously documents" which appears in such theatrical way are a bit suspicious. But if you consider that someone could have been deliberately released them in order to be viewed by anyone, things come clear...

    Evidently if Roman Catholicism must destroy American Protestants and liberal Catholics, it has to do it with a well planned scheme, with a long time at disposition. Babylon can wait to grasp the prey.

Above image - "Avery Robert Dulles S.J. (August 24, 1918 – December 12, 2008) was a Jesuit priest, theologian, cardinal of the Catholic Church and served as the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University from 1988 to 2008.[1] He was an internationally known author and lecturer.Dulles was born in Auburn, New York, the son of John Foster Dulles, the future U.S. Secretary of State (for whom Washington Dulles International Airport is named), and Janet Pomeroy Avery Dulles. His uncle was Director of Central Intelligence Allen Welsh Dulles. Both his great-grandfather John W. Foster and great-uncle Robert Lansing also served as U.S. Secretary of State." - URL:

 Above image - "...Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (15 August 1917 – 24 March 1980)[1] was a bishop of the Catholic Church in El Salvador. He became the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador, succeeding Luis Chávez. He was assassinated on 24 March 1980...." - URL:

 ".....It is widely believed that the assassins were members of a death squad led by former Major Roberto D'Aubuisson. This view was supported by ex-US ambassador Robert White, who in 1986 reported to the United States Congress that "there was sufficient evidence" to convict D'Aubuisson of planning and ordering Archbishop Romero's assassination.[15]
 ....." [URL: idem]

According to Brockman, Romero's spiritual journey had some of these characteristics:
  1. love for the Church of Rome, shown by his episcopal motto, "to be of one mind with the Church," a phrase he took from St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises;
  2. a tendency to make a very deep examination of conscience;
  3. an emphasis on sincere piety;
  4. mortification and penance through his duties;
  5. providing protection for his chastity;
  6. spiritual direction (Romero said he "entrusted with great satisfaction the spiritual direction of my life and that of other priests" to priests of Opus Dei);
  7. "being one with the Church incarnated in this people which stands in need of liberation";
  8. eagerness for contemplative prayer and finding God in others;
  9. fidelity to the will of God;
  10. self-offering to Jesus Christ.
[URL: idem]

 "......Outside of Catholicism, Romero is honored by other religious denominations of Christendom, including the Church of England through the Calendar in Common Worship. He is one of the ten 20th-century martyrs who are depicted in statues above the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in London, a testament to the wide respect for him even beyond the Catholic Church.[2] In 2008, he was chosen as one of the 15 Champions of World Democracy by the Europe-based magazine A Different View.[3]......" [URL: idem]

     This is an important point. According to former Jesuit priest Alberto Romero Rivera, the public relation involving archbishop Romero before his death [honored by other religious denominations] recalls the strategy used with Jim Jones who was involved in an operation of public relation where he was put in contact with high personalities. Let's see what Alberto has to say [page 31 of Double-Cross volume of Alberto series]: 

"......Isn't it strange that an unimportant leader of a small church would attract top figures from the political and religious worlds like....Mrs Rosalyn Carter.....Governor Jerry Brown (Jesuit trained)......Mayor Moscone of San Francisco, as well as state senators, assemblymen and attorney-generals. He was endorsed by several religious leaders......I believe all of this was part of the set-up for the massacre to receive world wide coverage. .... When it was over the world was in shock."

    Surely Alberto was shocked too by the assassination of a Roman Catholic archbishop linked with the Jesuit order too and carrying his the same surname: Romero. Alberto doesn't tell this in Double-Cross, but you can be 200% sure that he understood that the assassination of archbishop Romero was a job aimed also to assassinate the name and the credibility of the other Romero, Alberto Rivera, where the revelations about the Jesuit order of the latter would have been deprived of legitimacy when put in comparison with a cruel and true death of an exponent of the same church blamed by Alberto. 
    The copyright of Double-Cross carry the year 1981, therefore the year after the assassination, but the first volume of the series has the copyright of the year before the assassination, the 1979. In any case Alberto Rivera leaved the church of Rome many years before and was already on the foresight of the Vatican and Jesuit order. 

    [If you want an evidence, you can switch between both pages referred to the two Romeros, the one dedicated to the archbishop assassinated by  death squads is a triumph, the one dedicated to Alberto Rivera practically destroys his image. Once I gave five Euros via PayPal to Wikipedia, hardly I'll give 'em again even a cent].

    Let's go back to Salvador, precisely the American ambassador Robert White:

 ".....He [Robert White] was dismissed by the new Reagan administration in 1981. He claims that Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, pushed for his removal because he did not favour a military solution to the Salvadoran situation......"


     Alexander Haig was a member of the Roman Catholic sovereign military order of Malta. Alexander Haig was a crusader of the pope [see References].

    CIA - Central Intelligence Agency [but for the friends: Catholics In Action] if would have some chances to survive in a world dominated by SIS and KGB, had to sell her soul to Satan, namely the most powerful world Intelligence Agency:  the Jesuit Order. To gain so much privileges all around the world also it implied some 'favors' the CIA did to the Jesuits, as for example to support the Salvador death squads who did the mass cut-throating of children and the contemporary murder of some members of the Jesuit order. Were those Jesuits and the archbishop Romero also considered by the 'honored' society as the "right price"  to pay in order to acquire the global wide respectability due to the "victims of ugly tyrannies"??

     Roman Catholic church 'involvement' in torture and assassination in Latin America:

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Jesuit-Nazi thread among France, Argentina and Slovenia



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Alexander Haig, Jr. 


General Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. - US Secretary of State; White House Chief of Staff; Vice Chief of Staff of the Army; Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR); Supreme Allied Commander of NATO

Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. (born December 2, 1924) is a retired four-star general in the United States Army who served as the U.S. Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan and White House Chief of Staff under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.[1] In 1973 Haig served as Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, the number two ranking officer in the Army.[2] From 1974-79, Haig served as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), the ex officio commander of the all U.S. and NATO forces in Europe. Haig is a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army's second highest medal for heroism, as well as the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart.[3]


Haig attended St. Joseph's Preparatory School in Philadelphia and graduated from Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. He then went to the University of Notre Dame for one year before transferring to and graduating from West Point in 1947. He studied business administration at Columbia Business School in 1954 and 1955. He also received a Masters degree in International Relations from Georgetown University in 1961 where his thesis focused on the role of the military officer in the making of national policy.

Current activities

Haig was the host for several years of the television program World Business Review and now hosts 21st Century Business, each program a weekly business education forum that includes business solutions, expert interview, commentary and field reports.[citation needed]

Haig is co-chairman of the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Stephen J. Solarz.

Haig is a member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) Board of Advisors.

Haig was a founding Board Member of America Online.[citation needed]

On January 5, 2006, Haig participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials.[citation needed]

On May 12, 2006, Haig participated in a second White House meeting with 10 former Secretaries of State and Defense. The meeting including briefings by Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice, and was followed by a discussion with President George W. Bush.[16]

Haig published his memoirs, entitled Inner Circles: How America Changed The World, in 1992.

Alexander Haig is the father of author Brian Haig.[citation needed]

He is a Knight of Malta.[citation needed]
Alexander Haig gave them, the Israelis, those anti-tank missiles, and got them in their hands before the Egyptians got into Israel and disabled them. That was Alexander Haig, Knight of Malta, for which reason he was also the Supreme Allied Commander for NATO, promoted over 260 of his peers. The Black Pope: Interview of Eric Jon Phelps
Honegger points to Alexander Haig, later to become the Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, as having been made an "honorary" (non-Italian) member of P-2 prior to 1980. Honegger further states that Licio Gelli, finance wizard Michele Sindona, Alexander Haig, and CIA Director William Casey "were also reportedly members of the Vatican's military order, the Knights of Malta, whose initiates must take an oath of allegiance to the Pope." Furthermore, P-2 is linked to the Mafia, which also seems to have played a part in the October Surprise plot; writes Honegger: "A number of press reports, taken together, suggest that there may have been a P-2 and Gambino Mafia connection to the release of the fifty-two American hostages from the U.S. embassy in Tehran."
The Knight of Malta and former US Secretary of State and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Alexander Haig, has spoken at Moonie events.
Alexander Haig -- A long-time protege of the Pentagon "Iron Mentor" Fritz Kraemer, [101] Haig extended favors and NATO links to the fascist cell in Italy known as P-2 or Propaganda Due, whose "puppetmaster," Licio Gelli, worked with Franco and Mussolini and shares dual citizenship in Italy and Argentina.[102] The involvement of high government officials in this secret order of Free-Masons scandalized and rocked the whole Italian government, and opened the ensuing scandal of Banco Ambrosiano and the Vatican Bank's missing billions.[103] Many of the key figures are either imprisoned (Licio Gelli and Michele Sindona, former head of the Vatican Bank) or dead (Roberto Calvi, known as "God's Banker," found hanging beneath Blackfriar's Bridge in London.) [104] Haig has just been knighted into the secretive Knights of Malta, which includes his brother, and prestigious members like William Colby (CIA), William F. Buckley (CIA), J. Peter Grace, John McCone (CIA), General Vernon Walters (Reagan's "roving ambassador"), James Angleton (CIA), and others.[105]
Haig, Alexander M. Jr. CFR, TC, BGC, SMOM, BWC
• chairman, Worldwide Associates, Inc.
• Secretary of State (1981-82)
• former NATO commander
SMOM member by mention:
Social Network Diagram:

Cuba 1963 Vietnam 1966-1967 Chile 1970 South Africa 1977-1981 Libya 1981
China 1993-1997

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Berlusconi confirms the role of Fascist Italy ["apparently ally - secretely enemy"]

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"...with all their rights and appurtenances for the remission of our sins" [3rd Oct 1213]

When you walk into a court and see this flag you are put on notice that you are in a Admiralty Court and that the king is in control. Also, if there is a king the people are no longer sovereign. You're probably saying this is the most incredible thing I have ever heard. YOU have read the proof, it will stand up in court. But wait, there is more, you probably would say, how could this happen? Here's how. Admiralty law is for the sea, maritime law govern's contracts between parties that trade over the sea. Well, that's what our fore-fathers intended. However, in 1845 Congress passed an act saying Admiralty law could come on land. The bill may be traced in Cong. Globe, 28th Cong., 2d. Sess. 43, 320, 328, 337, 345(1844-45), no opposition to the Act is reported. Congress held a committee on this subject in 1850 and they said:
"The committee also alluded to "the great force" of "the great constitutional question as to the power of Congress to extend maritime jurisdiction beyond the ground occupied by it at the adoption of the Constitution...." - Ibid. H.R. Rep. No. 72 31st Cong., 1st Sess. 2 (1850)

From: URL:

    Remember the pope as "Christ's vicarious" hence the self-claimed "vicarious" of the heavenly King of kings [Jesus the Lord] on earth. 

    Sometimes someone of those earthly kings [also queens, see the history of the same United Kingdom] opposed to the "vicarious" [for example see Eastern Prussia history] and therefore were not so dangerous towards people's sovereignty in an historical perspective
    Eliminating those earthly kings was a job done also in the name of a misinterpreted "people's sovereignty" but for the final benefit of the "vicarious".


[In references the old thread I opened in the old The Unhived Mind about 3rd Oct 1213 indulgencet - the starting point]. 

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Vatican money in London ["British" Maritime Admiralty law]


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Selected Letters of Pope Innocent III, concerning England
(1198-1216), Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1956. Page 177
“….so that those provinces which from of old have had the Holy Roman Church as their proper teacher in spiritual matters should now in temporal things also have her as their peculiar sovereign. You, whom God has chosen as a suitable minister to effect this, by a devout and spontaneous act of will and on the general advice of your barons have offered and yield, in the form of an annual payment of a thousand marks, yourself and your kingdoms of England and Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances, the Holy Roman Church and to us and our successors, to be our right and our property as is stated in your official letter attested by a golden seal, the literal tenor of which is as follows:
‘John, by the grace of God king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, count of Anjou, to all the faithful of Christ who may see this charter, greeting in the Lord.
‘By this charter attested by our golden seal we wish it to be known to you all that, having in many things offended God and Holy Church our mother and being therefore in the utmost need of divine mercy and possessing nothing but ourselves and our kingdoms that we can worthily offer as due amends to God and the Church, we desire to humble ourselves for the sake of Him who for us humbled Himself even unto death; and inspired by the grace of the Holy Spirit not induced by force nor compelled by fear, but of our own good and spontaneous will and on the general advice of our barons we offer and freely yield to God, and to SS Peter and Paul His apostles, and to the Holy Roman Church our mother, and to our lord Pope Innocent III and his catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland with all their rights and appurtenances for the remission of our sins and the sins of our whole family, both the living and the dead. And now, receiving back these kingdoms from God and the Roman Church and holding them a feudatory vassal, in the presence of our venerable father, lord Nicholas, bishop of Tusculum, legate of the Apostolic See, and of Pandulf, subdeacon and member of household fealty henceforth to our lord aforesaid, Pope Innocent, and to his catholic successors, and to the Roman Church, in the terms hereinunder stated; and we have publicly paid liege homage for the said kingdoms to God, and to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and to the Roman Church, and to our lord aforesaid, Pope Innocent III, at the hands of the said legate who accepts our homage in place and instead of our said lord, the Pope; and we bind in perpetuity our successors and legitimate heirs that without question they must similarly render fealty and acknowledge homage to the Supreme Pontiff holding office at the time and to the Roman church. As a token of this our perpetual offering and concession we will and decree that out of the proper and special revenues of our said kingdoms, in lieu of all service and payment which we should render for them, the Roman church is to receive annually, without prejudice to the payment of Peter’s pence, one thousand marks sterling five hundred at the feast of Michael and five hundred at Easter that is, seven hundred for the kingdom of England and tree hundred for the kingdom of Ireland, subject to the maintenance for us and our heirs of our jurisdiction, privileges, and regalities. Desiring all these terms, exactly as stated, to be forever ratified and valid, we bind ourselves and our successors not to contravene them; and if we or any of our successors shall presume to contravene them, then, no matter who he be, unless on due warning he come to his senses, let him lose the title to the kingdom, and let this document of offer and concession remain ever valid.
‘I, John, by grace of God king of England and lord of Ireland, will from this hour henceforward be faithful to God and Saint Peter and the Roman Church and my lord Pope Innocent III and his catholic successors. I will not take part in deed, word, agreement, or plan whereby they should lose life or limb or be treacherously taken prisoners; any injury to them, if aware of it, I will prevent and will check if I can; and otherwise, I will notify them as soon as possible, or inform a person whom I can trust without fail to tell them; any counsel they have entrusted to me either personally or by envoys or by letter I will keep secret, nor will I wittingly divulge it to anyone to their disadvantage. I will help in maintaining and defending, to the utmost of my power, against all men, the patrimony of Saint Peter, and particularly the kingdom of England and the kingdom of Ireland. So help me God and the Holy Gospels of God whereon I swear.
‘To prevent any questioning of these terms at any time in the future, and for the greater surety of our offer and concession, we have caused this charter to be made and to be sealed with our golden seal; and as tribute for this the first year we pay a thousand marks sterling to the Roman Church by the hand of the said legate. (The witness were listed here), signed October 3, 1213

>>>>> Comment of avles.

Do you understand now why Jesuits & Freemasonry created the Kommunism? Why Karl Marx theorized that the ‘willing’ doesn’t exist? Why he said that it is only a ‘over structure’ of the material world and the result of the clash between classes?
The history, by Marx and the Hegelian materialistic dialectic boys, is only an ‘impersonal’ product of an ‘impersonal’ history.
But this is exactly what the real plotters want to achieve and to spread in the minds in order to hide their ‘willing’. Not only Marxism helps to hide the guelph feudal hand on the world stating that ‘feudalism is a death passage in the human history’, making you believe that capitalists for real are an economic class – and not the man of straw of Black Nobility & Vatikan. Marxism is also an ideological ‘implant’ in your mind – like the ones of the ‘aliens’ - to avoid you think generally that behind the events of the world there’s a mind and a willing. The cretinism of the Marxism, that continues today fresh and vigorous as 150 years ago (I can guarantee for Vatikan Italy, as I read from ‘alternative’ sources…), is to make you believe that if you are wounded by a gun (= an important event happened in history) this is NOT cause the hand and the man that pushed the trigger (= the plot, the plan, the engineering of events), but only the bullet is guilty, or you are guilty because you were standing ‘on the bullet fly path’ as the shooting is an ‘impersonal event’ outside any kind of ‘willing’.

Interesting is to consider how they divided the Marxism (=Kommunism) in two factions (usual Hegelian/Jesuit dialectics), the Red ones (=usual kommies) and the Black Kommunists, i.e. the Fascists and the Nazis. The first believe the human events as an ‘impersonal’ product, the second believe in the existence of the ‘willing’ behind them, but they put it in different bodies, helping the criminals with a false witness in front of the world of public opinion court commiting so a balsphemy against God. The most preferred scapegoats are the Jews, and this is the reason for which they were never completely exterminated (meanwhile many heresies, less and less dangerous than the Jew one, were completely annihilated; about Cathars today you have neither the DNA….). If the Jews disappear completely, who will be used as scapegoats? The Buddhists?

So this is the first problem when you spread this vital news among people, you encounter people without illness, deafness, etc. But their minds and their souls are full of ideological implants of Jesuits (if not pure feces of the Antichrist): they hear you but they don’t listen to you.

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-catholic isolationist

“We don’t teach to honour and venerate the virgin Mary and the saints…Or to make out of them images of idols and gods, to pray them for clemency and mercy for the sins in every disgrace, to build them churches, donation offer, all that God, angels and saints severely forbid.
But demons, which assume the image of angels, goddess virgin Mary and saints and appear to ignorant popes, bishops, parishes and monks, to old witches and to the prostitute of the parishes and of the monks, impose them to be bigot, to torment themselves, to fall to the ground,… and to all these people the demons announce that now on this, now on a different mountain, on the field, or in the forest, churches have to be built, in order to bring there donations and to celebrate masses, in order to bring there wealth from everywhere, and every kind of cattle; and if they don’t do that, the goddess Mary and the saints will destroy with lightning all the corn-fields and the vineyards and will kill them with the plague.”
Father Primoz Trubar (father of the modern Slovenia and founder of the Slovenian Protestant Church, 1508 - 1586).

Vatican money in London ["British" Maritime Admiralty law]


".....An offshore company holds assets of about 650 million euro. On behalf of the Holy See, which garner prestigious rooms and buildings in the British capital. Thanks to the money that Mussolini gave the papacy by the Lateran Pacts
from our correspondent Enrico Franceschini

[from La Repubblica, quoted by nwo-truthresearch blog - see References]

    ....And how many souls did the Vatican [Jesuit order] buy with that money?

     Above image - Roman Catholic Jesuit trained at Jesuit American bulwark Georgetown "university" Leo Pannetta - from and reported by D. Willinger in his "U.S. Defense Sec. Panetta Kisses Up":

    A part that is evident now for the benefit of whom the American drones are chopping innocent Arab children....[I hope you see the below pic with Ratzinger hailed by Hezbollah's banner, "Le Hezbollah salue le Pope dans le patrie de la coexistence" - patrie cleaned from Jews?].....: urges me to remind to you the importance of the British Maritime Admiralty law. Remember that the English crown has been conserved for a clear reason: because it is the heir of the 3r Oct. 1213 indulgence and therefore enforces the legal possession of America (and India etc.) by the Vatican, where the kiss of Pannetta on the pope's hand is the best evidence. 
    But there's another reason: as the "heretic" secessionist British crown ever conserved the title of "defender of the papacy" [or a similar title], automatically the law she extends to the globe as "international British law" [the Admiralty maritime etc.] is simply an extension of the Roman Catholic canonical law. Stop.

    I repeat here for the 1000th time: also for this reason Hapsburg, Hohenzollern, Romanov, Ottoman empire, and many others have been liquidated in the Jesuits' wars, meanwhile about the 'big ones' - and a part some minor fake-protestant crown as the Norwegian traitors and others - it remained only the British crown. 
   [Spanish crown of Farnese Spanish king is useful in order to extend the Roman Catholic canonical law in the South and Central America ["Jesuit reducciones"] in order then to extend it to the North America first with the demographic increase of Roman Cathlicism, then with a war which probably will be inspired by the pope's Ustasha butchery. Remember that the Spanish crown is used also for other Inquisitorial tasks in the Middle East , as king Juan is also king of Jerusalem, an aspect of the matter on which Barry Chamish is better informed than me].

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Bernardino Nogara, the bankster of the Antichrist.



...quoted in:

An offshore company holds assets of about 650 million euro. On behalf of the Holy See, which garner prestigious rooms and buildings in the British capital. Thanks to the money that Mussolini gave the papacy by the Lateran Pactsfrom our correspondent Enrico FranceschiniLONDON - Who owns the building that houses the jeweler Bulgari in Bond Street, the most exclusive shopping street in the British capital? And who is the building in which the Altium Capital, one of the richest investment banks in London, super chic corner of Pall Mall and St. James Square, the road of the gentlemen's club? The answer to both questions is the same: the owner is the Vatican. But no one knows, because the two investments are part of a secret real estate empire built over time by the Holy See, currently hidden behind an anonymous offshore company that refuses to identify the true owner of a portfolio of 500 million pounds , about 650 million euro. And how did this business of the State of the Church? With the money that Benito Mussolini gave cash to the papacy in return for recognition of his fascist regime in 1929 with the Lateran Pacts.To reveal this history is the Guardian, with a scoop which now occupies the entire third page. The London newspaper has three reporters on the trail of this treasure property of the Vatican and was surprised in the course of its investigation, the effort made by the Holy See to maintain absolute secrecy about his ties to the British Grolux Investment Ltd, the company formally holder of this large international investment. Two influential British bankers, both Catholics, John Varley and Robin Herbert, refused to divulge anything and answer questions from the newspaper about the true holder of the company.But the Guardian was able to discover the same through research in the archives of the State, which showed not only the link with the Vatican but also a story murkier sinking in the past. The control of the British company is another company called Profima, based at the bank JP Morgan in New York and made in Switzerland. Archival documents reveal that the Profima belong to the Vatican since the second world war, when the British secret service the accused of "activities contrary to the interests of the Allies." In particular, the allegations were made to the financier of the pope, Bernardino Nogara, the man who had taken control of a capital of € 65 million (present value) obtained from the Holy See in cash, by Mussolini, as reciprocation for recognition of the fascist state, since the early thirties. The Guardian has asked for comments on his revelations to the office of the Apostolic Nuncio in London, but only received a "no comment" to a spokesperson. (22 January 2013)

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Jesuitical LOCKHEED used to pass advanced technology to China, Russia, Iran, etc.?


"...... The company [Huawei, linked with Chinese intelligence] is a charge that some of the other `move` 1.vora with Iran and Belarus, countries in the "black list" of Washington. .....

....Huawei had taken a leading role [in Italy]: to create a network of wide band t.i.c. [wide band telecommunications] in order to ensure connectivity to the scientific and academic community, the other one to provide technology to the remote control system of the national electricity grid and to the management of the electricity market....."

    To what does it refer the above excerpt? How does it fit with Lockheed? See the last link at the bottom of this post, but please, first read this material:

".....Design flaw in 'Lightning II' F-35B jet raises fears of lightning-induced explosions

 Published: 20 January, 2013, 18:32


Above image -  Reuters / Handout image of F35 - URL:

"...... That high price tag has given several countries cold feet about the jet. Last week, Canada pulled out of a deal to buy 65 F-35s over fears that the aircraft could be too expensive to run. Italy reduced its purchase to 90 F-35s from an initial 131, and even the US has delayed some of its purchases......".

   Please see:

"......Moves to build nuclear power [in China] commenced in 1970 and about 2005 the industry moved into a rapid development phase. Technology has been drawn from France, Canada and Russia, with local development based largely on the French element. The latest technology acquisition has been from the USA (via Westinghouse, owned by Japan's Toshiba) and France. The Westinghouse AP1000 is the main basis of technology development in the immediate future. ...."

 From: my: 

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CHINA and JAPAN supplying IRAN with AMERICAN nuclear technology? [Antony Sutton was anti Vatican-II-Council-principles]


    And now just a quote from Eric John Phelps' Vatican Assassin - third Edition:


  "..... In one deal
alone during Spellman’s reign $30 million was invested through Coleman
in the purchase of stock in National Steel, Lockheed, Boeing Aircraft, Curtiss-Wright, and Douglas Aircraft..."

[the information about Jesuitical Lockheed come also from Avro Manhattan's "The Vatican Billions"]


     ....and of course don't forget the excerpt I quoted from the 1958 der Spiegel:


".....The Jesuits owns shares of the steel company Republic Steel and National Steel. They have shares in the most important military airspace companies as Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtiss-Wright. They control the oil company "Phillips Oil Co." and the "Creole Petreoleum Co." who owns concessions in Venezuela...."


....quoted in my:


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Vatican/Jesuit control of the world economy – end of the summary [der Spiegel-L'Espresso 1958]


 Please search on the right bar the label "Antony Sutton" where's the post about Jesuit trained Mario Monti giving to China [to the Chinese intelligence] the control of the web net used by Italian scientists - I cannot access to the same my label "Antony Sutton" [alternative: under the label "Mario Monti"].

 This is the post:

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Romish WDG consigning the Western world in the hands of Jesuit-Maoist PRC military intelligence