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Today: Berlus-Reichstag fire three years later.


 "Not of works, lest any man should boast" [Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV]

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"Silvio Berlusconi and Fininvest are the answer of the Opus Dei to the Protestant ethic"

    [found years ago in an Italian web page, then I found it never more]



"When I can, I go to Mass that is celebrated every Sunday at Arcore, in the chapel of Villa San Martino."

    [Villa San Martino is the most notorious residence of Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi - see References]

    Silvio berlusconi - Opus Dei chosen -  comes back denying political support to the prime minister the Jesuit trained Mario Monti, causing the fall of his government and new parliamentary elections
    But it is only a role-playing game inside the same Milanesi clan.

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    Not only over the peninsula, but well all over Europe and the Western world:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lady of War flying over the Vatican peninsula?


 On top post you should see six images, + Lady of War.

 ----------------------------------------------------- 21/12/2001, PRINT, NATIONAL, p.14Section: Chronicles ItalianAuthor: ALDO Cazzullo


"I met Escriva, it was as if I could see inside," Dell'Utri: "I owe to a priest of Opera [OPUS Dei] the encounter with Berlusconi "

Above image - Marcello dell'Utri - URL:
Posted in MILANO JOSE 'Maria Escriva de Balaguer, the patron saint of Forza Italy? Woe to tell Marcello Dell'Utri [Jesuit trained, Mafia linked], that Forza Italy has invented and is familiar with the Opus Dei. "Do not confuse the sacred with the profane. Of course, my training is 'linked to the Opera, and the imprint left by the Opera on the men who formed is indelible ". He knew Escriva de Balaguer? "Yes In Rome, in '62. I was twenty, I was approached by three Opus Dei. I met him in the headquarters in Viale Bruno Buozzi. I saw him twice in '66. The first was to Tiburtino to see the training center Elis, then under construction, of which I later would become sports director. The second time coming 'with Paul VI to inaugurate the center. I keep the pictures of that day, with the Pope and the holy. " What impression did Escriva? "It was as if he could see inside you, read your thoughts, emanated a fluid. Something nice and at the same time embarrassing. At his side did you feel immediately different. Normal in the stretch, he had an inner strength, a charisma, the attention for the others that belong only to the saints >>. The work which he founded and 'wrapped in an aura of legend. Starting with the selection criteria of the members. As you enter Opus Dei? "Do not enter. You are called. Proselytism is 'one of the virtues' that members must pursue: to recognize vocations, call the right people. Can 'happen to anyone, to the worker as president of the super-bank . " But do not come especially rich and powerful? "This is 'a falsehood', a prejudice. Result of hallucinating slander . A slanderous campaign. " Orchestrated by whom? "by men, the ones of power. Worried because 'the members of the OPUS, being called to sanctify the daily work, almost always become the first in their working environment. They are invincible 'cause they work for the love of God and neighbor. This generates envy. Slander. " And skepticism. Machiavelli is not necessary to consider the sanctity 'incompatible with power, money and politics. "But Opera has nothing to do with the single component. It has not a political idea disregards the opinions of each. Do not use force and the ability of its members in matters of power. Herein lies the genial intuition of Balaguer: become a saint through ordinary work. Not out; remaining in the world. " And you, by whom have you been called? "It was '59. In Palermo coached a football team, the famous Bacigalupo. One day we met the team of the children of supernumerary of Opus Dei and the other boys followed the Opera, the Lions. In the field, I met a Spanish lawyer, Fernando Calafat. A numeraire. I began to attend their university residence, the Segesta. Director was Bruno Padula, who later became a priest of the Opera. Padula had attended the university 'in Milan together with a young man of whom he spok very well to me, Silvio Berlusconi. " It was he who arranged your meeting? "Yes. He gave me his number and said call him if you go to Milan, he's a good guy. So 'we put on a football team, the Torrescalla-Edilnord, named after the residence of the Opera in Milan and of the company of Silvio. I trained, Berlusconi financed it, his brother Paul played center-forward. " And you  approached 'Berlusconi to the Opera? "Silvio never joined the OPERA. He was sympathetic, experienced and frequent 'in Milan many members. " There is  'who found a kind of mysticism in the way you have organized your team, your community, your company ', from Publitalia onwards. Wrong? "I would not desecrate anything, but I had a strong training as part of the Work. Each of us, is the synthesis of what he has studied and lived. In my life, no plagiarism or copies, I replicated what I learned in the Work. " Only know-how? "I explained to you that the Work is not 'an association of mutual aid. I think rather of values. The friendship, for example. Berlusconi has the cult of friendship that unites spiritually and allows you to build things that alone could not do. " which priests have affected your path? "Don Giussani. We went to see him for the first time in '74, at the dawn of Cl [Comunione e liberazione/Communion and liberation movement]. He was with Don Scala, which is now 'bishop. Giussani could perhaps be likened to Balaguer, a founder, with accents of holiness. '" Cardinal Siri? Don Verze '? "Siri was once at a dinner in Arcore, there was also Baget-Bozzo. Verzè [see this priests very important for Silvio's career in my Berlus-reichstag Fire posts] 'is a man like Don Bosco, a man who combines great spiritual' and entrepreneurial spirit, as Balaguer. We estimate the lot, even if contrary to that which 'was written, he has nothing to do with the story of Milano 2. " The work counts very much in Italy, and beyond. Really anyone can 'get in? "There 'obviously large selection. But not social or income. Commitment and mission. Needed 'intellectual capacity and large capacity' physical. The work requires sacrifices. The numerary members are held to a vote of chastity, 'poverty' and obedience. Living in the community ', say the rosary together if possible, have the common rites of thanksgiving and blessing for meals, attend daily Mass, preceded by an hour of transcendental meditation, more' another half hour in the evening " [= planned religious brainwash to transform humans in robot - this doesn't open the path to heaven for you but only the one to the Hell]. I conclude that you are not 'a numerary. "No. There are many more 'supernumeraries and cooperators. But even they have to pass tests. Be good Christians. Dedicate their lives to others. Financially support companies that Opera considers to start. " It is said that some members carry cilice. "It happens. But there 'nothing magical or esoteric. It 'an instrument of corporal mortification for those who follow a path of asceticism. " And the surplus? "They also have their moments of common training, once a week, guided by a spiritual director, who is a numerary." And the mass? "There are some parishes here in Milan where are officiating priests of the Work, as in San Bartolomeo by the Moscow River. When I can, I go to Mass that is celebrated every Sunday at Arcore, in the chapel of Villa San Martino. "Make LaStampa your homepage Copyright 2011 PI00486620016 To Write ads for preparing Gerenza Corporate Data FactoryClick here to find out more!

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