Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If Cherubims fall in America.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012:

The Pope tweets, has a million followers in one day


    Just two days before the Connecticut Massacre? It smells like someone knew it all before and tried to capitalize the emotional tsunami arosen from it. Try to reason. A 'mysterious' massacre, no one understand till now the true reason. A 'nice' guy, except his Avles, pardon, his Asperger's syndrome. Suddenly gone mad. No one can explain what happened. People are upset, and they search a light which can be given only by .... religion. But two days before the biggest corporation for [manipulated] religious answers announced, like the merchandising campaign of a new high tech item of Apple, to offer also in the web his 'services', with his CEO boss on the web....Have you present? "What were you doing when you were informed about the 911?"... "I was doing shopping...",..."What were you doing when they informed you about the Connecticut shooting?"... "Uh, I was chatting in the web about my twitting with the pope".....[it continues in References].

    Well, why so the Cherubs? Read careful the cover of this magazine to find the word, it was issued in Italy the same  day of the shooting, it was......

Friday, 14th December 2012:

    Well, satisfied?

    [ Above image - the cover of the supplement of La Repubblica daily [publishing house L'EDITORIALE ESPRESSO], the "il Venerdì della Repubblica" ["the Friday of the Republic"] dedicated to an artistic propaganda agent of the Vatican, Lorenzo Cherubini in art "jovannotti", and his one-year-long tour in America and New York. I'll surely will not solve many of your questions, but at least I hope to warn you about the emotional mass manipulation of Americans and the rest of the world.]

    In the old The Unhived Mind forum I wrote tons of words about the "Osiris' sect" and his number, "14". But who is Lorenzo Cherubini ?



    And what allegedly are doing the Cherubims? It seems that they deal also with music...:

 "......Worshiped God with the use of music: Revelation 5:8 (also see Revelation 4:8; Revelation 7:11-12; Revelation 19:4) – “And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.”......."

   Interesting to give a look to an excerpt of the article, the interview with the 'Cherub' from Italy who is - from an year - in New York, trying to......


".....The enthusiasm of Jovannotti is difficult to express, authentic and contagious,. This is one of the two reason for which I think he will have success where the others failed, from Lucio Battisti to others, in to conquer the American audience. The other reason is in the fact that he is grown in the greatest school of spectacle of history. Not Hollywood. The Vatican.

 ...A father gendarme in the Holy See and then in the Vatican security. “The guards, the uniforms, the conclave, the red procession of cardinals, the ceremonials. For me it was like my father didn't work at the Vatican but at the Pixar. Imagine this child behind the curtain, to pry inside the silent halls where suddenly a lodge was opening and the world was opening wide, the multitude of the faithful. It is true that no other organization had such a sense of the spectacle. Maybe the Communism, the Red Army. But, respect the mass scenery of the Communism, in the Vatican liturgy it always wins the detail, the individual gesture. A caress of the pope to a child, the biblical page which flies when Wojtyla died. I grew studying John Paul II, a giant of the communication. He putted at the center of the whole the proper body, as no pope did that before, both in the splendor as well in the final illness.”


And how was it, for a child, to grow among so many priests? “At the end the Vatican is more open than one can imagine it. You find everything, the languid priest and the one who dedicates the life to help the neighbor. I lived there very well, my first job was the selling on the square of L'Osservatore Romano [Vatican newspaper]. I never read it, except when my father make me note an article about me. But from the selling it to the pilgrims coming from all the world I learned many things”. A father gendarm of the Vatican: many prohibitions? “No one. No, to tell the truth a pair of them. First, never to approach Cortona square in the days of the Feast of the Unità [“Unità”, or “Unity”, the Communist party newspaper]. Second, never watch the television program Televacca of Roberto Begnigni, which has been naturally my cult program”.
Let's go back in Manhattan, New York. By the way, what did you do that day at the Zoo of the Bronx?....”

Etc. etc.

    "The greatest school of spectacle of history". No doubts.

    A finale observation on the word "cherub". I would have posted as comment in the previous post, but this is the better place:

 Casually I discovered that the old surname of Carabineers army in local dialect, "carabù", a sort of caribou, practically is the same of "karabu".

Carabineers officialy comes from the word "carabina" i.e. "rifle", or "the riflers", the weapon. But the term "karabu" could be the true origin of "carabine" "carabinieri/carabineers":

The Hebrew term cherubim is cognate with the Assyrian term karabu, Akkadian term kuribu, and Babylonian term karabu; the Assyrian term means 'great, mighty', but the Akkadian and Babylonian cognates mean 'propitious, blessed'.[3][4] In some regions the Assyro-Babylonian term came to refer in particular to spirits which served the gods, in particular to the shedu (human-headed winged bulls);[4] the Assyrians sometimes referred to these as kirubu, a term grammatically related to karabu.[3] They were originally a version of the shedu, protective deities sometimes found as pairs of colossal statues either side of objects to be protected, such as doorways.[4][5] However, although the shedu were popular in Mesopotamia, archaeological remains from the Levant suggest that they were quite rare in the immediate vicinity of the Israelites.[5] The related Lammasu (human-headed winged lions — to which the sphinx is similar in appearance), on the other hand, were the most popular winged-creature in Phoenician art, and so scholars suspect that Cherubim were originally a form of Lammasu.[5] In particular, in a scene reminiscent of Ezekiel's dream, the Megiddo Ivories — ivory carvings found at Megiddo (which became a major Israelite city) — depict an unknown king being carried on his throne by hybrid winged-creatures.[6]
 [Added:...The surname 'karabu' probably is due to the ancient origin of people of this zone. The Slovenian language has a lot to do with the Accadic one.]

    About an year ago, the person XY I casually met, told me, after I started the talk about the Vatican NWO etc., that an old retired Carabineer police-military agent at the service in Vatican, told him that the Wojtyla shot in s. Peter square was a sosia of the pope.

*   *   *

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



 Another Italian living in America, Massimo Mazzucco, dragged my attention:

 In fact suggest that the NWO wants to get to the seizure of weapons intentionally provoking the massacres in schools would be a bit as to suggest that in Italy the government intentionally causes violence in the stadiums to get to abolish the football league.
[Suggerire infatti che il NWO voglia arrivare al sequestro delle armi provocando intenzionalmente le stragi nelle scuole, sarebbe un po' come suggerire che in Italia il governo provochi intenzionalmente la violenza negli stadi per arrivare ad abolire il campionato di calcio.]

    In Italy the government [= the Vatican] supports the football league because the hooligan violence is a tool of Shadow Vatican governance.  But you understand from this that the new line of the Jesuit government of America is to demolish the "lobby of the weapon" making them to appear the true commitment of the massacres. As for a natural consequence after a shooting people increase the buying of weapons, for fear to see 'em prohibited by a federal law. It is a child game then to accuse the "lobby of the weapon" to be the true commitment of the massacres. At the end of this filthy game the front of the prohibition [Jesuits, Vatican] is always in advantage as every shooting has the consequence of an increase of the purchase of weapon and this automatically is an accuse to the "lobby of the weapons" [oh yeah, surely also under the Vatican control, but not for this reason a beloved lobby...]. Prepare to see more and more massacres of children in America in the future. I already told this after the previous massacre:

Monday, August 06, 2012

“The incident opened up my eyes to what’s going on out there”


 "....the greatest school of spectacle of history. Not Hollywood. The Vatican".

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