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Raise Your Hand!

Above image - from an article of Sorcha Faal reported in Israel Truth Times blog: "All Jews Living In US Ordered To Be Disarmed" - URL:

......"Equally disturbing, this report continues, was the US social media giant Twitter suspending the account of an Orthodox Jew who posted an anti-Obama cartoon about Israel, but who was not defended by anyone who supposedly cherishes the American citizens longstanding right to openly, and without fear of retribution, criticize those in power...." [from the above quoted source]


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    21 December 2012, another shooting. This time in Pennsylvania:

Police probe motive in deadly Pennsylvania shooting spree

(Reuters) - Investigators are searching for a possible motive in a shooting spree that left four people dead in rural Pennsylvania, including two apparent neighbors of the gunman, state police said on Saturday.
The violence erupted on Friday when a man with a pistol fatally shot three people in Frankstown Township, about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh, before he was killed in a shootout with state troopers as he tried to flee in a pickup truck, authorities said.

    Well, this shooting was Friday, Friday 21 December. Another coincidence?!! But with...? But with this:

11:06 AM, Dec 18, 2012
TALLAHASSEE — The state representative who sponsored the bill that became Florida’s “stand your ground” law said Monday that schools would be safer if principals and teachers were allowed to take guns to school.Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, was reacting to the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., that left 20 children and seven adults dead, including the gunman. Declaring schools as gun-free zones makes them more dangerous, he said.

    After the Connecticut shooting someone thought well to answer with logic, with the proposal of a security in every school. But only some days after you have another mysterious shooting which refutes and annihilate the proposal of Dennis Baxley. The "casual" shooting of Pennsylvania now puts in discussion the proposal of a security service for every school because all the territory should be controlled – not only schools. Therefore the Pennsylvania shooting seems to be another intelligence affair [see below in References], like they had shut up the mouth of Rep. Dennis Baxley. And look, in the same day - 21 Dec. 2012 -  in Sicily, Italy, what did it happen? You'll never guess it....:

    Shooting in Gela: Giuseppe Licata aims to passers-by, a police officer kills him

 December 22, 2012 - 16:17

 Giuseppe Licata, 42, last night leaned from the apartment on the first floor of a building in Via Arica 19, in the "Scavone" in Gela, and opened fire on the people who were on the street.....

     The last Italian shooting seems to confirm the opinion of Massimo Mazzucco, as the shooter was another "psychiatric case":

...... Licata held the weapon legally because in 2002 he obtained a hunting license, ever renewed, although it seems that always practiced hunting. The victim was suffering from mental disorder for a long time, but in the medical certificate for the firearm result was "healthy and robust physique." Now the doctor who wrote it is risking the complaint.

Above image - from Wikipedia, the page on double-barreled shotguns. URL:
 THE BLITZ. "Before you burst into - says the deputy superintendent Gaetano Cravana - we tried in all ways to do it to surrender and hand over the weapon, we called her mother, who had fled from your, we did speak his friends more loved ones and even the psychiatrist who was treating, but there was nothing to do.

    In fact what did say Massimo Mazzucco

.....In fact to suggest that the NWO wants to get to the seizure of weapons intentionally provoking the massacres in schools would be a bit as to suggest that in Italy the government intentionally causes violence in the stadiums to get to abolish the football league.


    Above image - Massimo Mazzucco - "Massimo Mazzucco (born 20 July 1954 in Turin) is an Italian filmmaker who is known for producing documentary films such as The New American Century and Cancer -The Forbidden Cures. Mazzucco is also the editor of, an Italian news site known especially for discussing conspiracy theories regarding the September 11 WTC attacks...." - URL:
    "In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles where he now lives and where he worked as a writer and consultant narrative. [5] In Los Angeles then also filmed Aaron Gillespie will make you a star, [6] a play critical of the world "guru" of acting in Hollywood would live on dreams of children eager to success in the cinema." - URL:

    This is the reason for which "there's-no-NWO" behind the Connecticut shooting. Because there it must be the psychiatric illness, the Asperger syndrome, therefore the mind disorder. Therefore against the mind disorder and the Asperger's syndrome you have no other choice if the one to seize weapons, the whole weapons in hands of civilians, because as in Pennsylvania as well in Sicily there they didn't use "assault weapon", but common guns, in Sicily even a double-barreled shotgun.

Vincent asked:
"vincent said...
and what is the point, please, between "syndrom" and "syndrom", don't undustand, they are bastards, this persecution is demonic."
...and I answered: 

".....A month or two ago I added that little section of links you see on the top right of the blog on the "Asperger's Syndrom". And an upgrade of my profile:

"[If I should describe myself, there are some who did it for me; most fitted pages where I find a description in which I can feel myself, are (English): - and (Slovenian): ]".

Now the new serial killer has been described as "affected by Aspergers' Syndrome". ...."

    Well, remember that Im living in Trieste, one of the World Capital of the Psychiatry. I consider myself as under psychiatric control/manipulation, with the aim to destroy me. The modern psychiatry is a pure tool of Jesuit-Masonic intelligence, and uses the "liberation struggle to free mental illness from electroshock etc." as ideological troy horse to hide the terrorist use of it in order to destroy the dissidents/'heretics' not aligned with this bloody satanic Roman dictatorship.

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 Seen in The Unhived Mind:

Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media



To eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter
Mike Adams
December 15, 2012
The national media is ablaze today with coverage of the tragic elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT, where 27 people have reportedly been killed, including 18 children.
As always, when violent shootings take place, honest journalists are forced to ask the question: “Does this fit the pattern of other staged shootings?”
One of the most important red flags of a staged shooting is a second gunman, indicating the shooting was coordinated and planned. There are often mind control elements at work in many of these shootings. The Aurora “Batman” shooter James Holmes, for example, was a graduate student actually working on mind control technologies funded by the U.S. government. There were also chemical mind control elements linked to Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter of Congresswomen Giffords in Arizona in 2011.
According to multiple eyewitness reports from Aurora, Colorado, including at least one caught on camera by mainstream media news reports in Colorado, James Holmes did not operate alone. There was a second shooter involved. But the media quickly eliminated any mention of a second shooter from its coverage, resorting to the typical cover story of a “lone gunman.”
Today, the exact same thing is happening with the Newton, CT school shooting.
Eyewitness reports of a second shooter now being “scrubbed” from the news
As the story of this shooting was first breaking, the news was reporting a second gunman.
FoxNews reported that this second gunman was “led out of the woods by officers” and then questioned. The original source of this report was the Connecticut Post.
A local CBS affiliate was also reporting the existence of a second gunman and said “Police believe there may be a second gunman and are looking for a red or maroon van with its back window blown out…”
ABC News also originally reported, “A second gunman is apparently at large. Car-to-car searches are underway.”
A local CT CBS affiliate was also reporting, “CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, ‘I did not do it.’”
But the more recent stories being put out by the media are scrubbing any mention of a second gunman and going with the “lone gunman” explanation, which holds about as much water as the “lone gunman” explanation of the JFK assassination.
“A lone gunman killed 27 people at an elementary school here, including 18 children, in a terrifying early Friday morning shooting spree,” reports USA Today. It makes no mention whatsoever of a second gunman.
NBC News is also now chiming in with the “lone gunman” version of the story, eliminating any mention of a second gunman from its coverage of the tragic event.
Another story authored by NBC News carries the title, “26 dead after lone gunman assaults Connecticut elementary school.” Once again, no mention of a second gunman as reported by eyewitnesses.
When key elements of the story keeps changing, something is fishy
Journalists are trained to ask questions, and one of the questions I have right now is: Why was the second gunman suddenly dropped from media coverage after the first few hours of this story developing?
And why is there always a second gunman in these recent mass shootings that seem to be engineered to maximize emotional shock value due to the sheer horror of all the innocent deaths?
This story is continuing to develop, and we’ll keep asking questions here on Natural News. Our hearts and prayers go out to the children and families impacted by this violent tragedy. Given the terrible loss of life that has taken place here, shouldn’t we all seek to get to the bottom of WHY these shootings all seem to fit a common pattern of multiple mind-controlled shooters followed by an almost immediate media cover-up of the facts?
For the sake of those children who were killed today, I want to get to the bottom of this and expose the REAL story, for the purpose of stopping this violence from targeting yet more innocents in the future.




vincent said...

"take care of this world, because it is orphaned" Ramana Maharshi,
will you expose the reason of the children sacrifices on christmas day?
have a good time, thank you for your priceless work.

avles said...

avles said...

WHY DID THEY HIDE THIS? Probably the feedback effect of a new massacre was not turning positive for the agenda of the gun control? And ordered the media to silence it?

"......On the morning of 24 (two days ago) I looked at the news on the Internet, and I saw that many sites (CNN, Huffington Post, BBC) carried the news of another massacre that took place a few hours before the State of New York : a deranged man set fire to a house, then waited for the arrival of the fire and began to shoot wildly at them.....
Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, none of the major networks still gave the news. "That's weird - I say - not even a helicopter begins to send images from above, waiting for the arrival of the reporter?" (This is usually the local TV helicopters are racing to get there first, and then give direct to the whole nation).

avles said...

Maybe a COUNTER-ORDER, because the expected reaction from public opinion was NOT arriving?

Was it performed to purposely attack the firemen in their convinction?

Again look at the timing: day 18 dec the rep Dennis Baxley did the proposal

Day 21 Dec the second massacre

Two days after another massacre

Both massacres are "like they were" engineered to destroy the rep Dennis Baxley proposal. The last massacre probably silenced as people is going to open the eyes about the agenda on gun control based on continue massacre

avles said...

And here a very recent news. Wasn't the rep Dennis Baxley's proposal void?

Now another person makes the same proposal:

School Zones should be patrolled by Armed Volunteers according to Sheriff Arpaio
December 29, 2012 5:17 pm TheUnhivedMind 1 Comment

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Armed volunteers should patrol school zones

Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:20PM

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has chimed in with an idea to prevent school shootings like the recent attack on an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

seen in:

avles said...

MASSIMO MAZZUCCO seems to be in America for a MISSION...




....three Vatican's Angels?