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Cardinal Scola riding the Tiger of the Purgatory.


Never asked yourself why in Italy and generally in strong Roman Catholic countries
the prison system tends to be inhuman respect the North Europe? 
But maybe because it is part of a Satanic religious machine which must represent the  blasphemy of the....Roman Catholic Purgatory?

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    Cardinal Scola knows it well, knows who are the first responsible of the degradation of the penitentiary system in the country. Not the Mossad neither the Reptilians. Italy is not a Muslim country, Not Jew, nor Orthodox. Neither Protestant. The Vatican is the master of Italy. But now the Roman governor of Milano, cardinal Scola, is playing the fool. The Vatican Octoppussy with her countless army of Temporal Coadjutors in the military police, in the civil police, in the judiciary system and especially in the parliament and in the administrative system, coordinated the selfish egoism of individuals or groups in the name of the "they-all-are-our-poooor-sheep". For her use.
    Rome blessed them and encouraged them, and even materially helped them.

    Now the Satanic fruit of the destruction of the country "Italy" are falling in the hands of the Vatican. And where to find support, the most important in a society where the state and the legality are on the way of disintegration?   

     In the jails.

    There the purposely created inhumane conditions will automatically push the inmates - in order to escape such purgatory if not the death - to fulfill any kind of request of the Vatican, of the governors of the Rome's emperor [the pope]. In an age of riots: to kill & murder in order to win Roman Catholic points and to exit from the Purgatory.... 

    Are you ready?

"...The homily at Midnight Mass in the Cathedral. On the eve in San Vittore [Milano's jail] with inmates
Scola: "We are called to contemplate
the path God has chosen to save us'
From: Il Corriere della Sera online
 The archbishop: "We meet as a child, just like our children: this is the normal disconcerting»

SAN VICTOR - On Christmas Eve, the Archbishop celebrated Mass for the inmates of San Vittore  [Milano prison]. To those who have responsibility for the country, said Cardinal Scola "we ask that spell out in their programs what they intend to do for the Italian prisons." The cardinal spoke of "unacceptable conditions" due "to the overcrowding and a concept still too punitive sentences'. The archbishop did not recoil to deal with the story of Don Alberto Barin, the prison chaplain arrested in Milan in recent weeks on suspicion of sexual violence against inmates. "I mention now a very mild episode - said Scola -. Don Alberto is now in prison, is no longer with you, but it is someone like you. "Cardinal Scola then invited the inmates of San Vittore not to forget the good that still the priest did in his years of service in the prison in Milan.
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 URL: http://milano.corriere.it/milano/notizie/cronaca/12_dicembre_25/scola-omelia-messa-mezzanotte-natale-duomo-san-vittore-detenuti-2113298780741.shtml

 Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas. 



"...Which must represent the  blasphemy of the....Roman Catholic Purgatory?" . 

    It descends from this the fact that the death penalty seems to be used in honor to a certain sense of (pedagogical) spectacle? ["the greatest spectacle. Not Holywood. The Vatican" - by Lorenzo Cherubini]. Where continue judicial errors and executions of then-innocent people are an allusion to the the "unrighteousness" of the eternal damnation of the Hell, so much hated by Jesuits?....
    Above only image [collage] - based  JTC's "Alberto" series - part one at page 24, when Alberto Rivera tells how the purgatory is intended to justify every act of crime committed by 'good' Roman Catholics  for the sake of the pope, the church and their Jesuit mastermind ['good' RC ones are the ones who put the loyalty to the Romish church and the pope above all. 'Bad' RC ones are the one who refuse this, and are treated by their 'mother' church no more or less as 'heretics']. A the center of the image: governor of Milan for the Un-holy Roman Empire, cardinal-prince Scola.

     SCOLA - usual dear old wolf under  sheep clothing of "politically correctness" - nothing else. We are approaching the Biblical chaos, the age where the church of Rome will kill the saints and true believers shall die for her Satanic hand like flies. Riots, mass murders, revolutions, massacres are requiring a very efficient Satanic religious machine of the Purgatory which will assure the future Vatican assassins about the 'righteousness' of their bloody job.  Therefore it is a deadly necessity to keep an hand in the "permissive" glove, as the "permissive" card. Tettamanzi simply justified the "sin" that later will be used by the Purgatory-machine. The guy Scola is firmly on the 'tradition' of the Romish church, but at the same time with the necessary "open mind" [smuggled as "religious deviation", etc.] in order to justify the Satanic machine of the Roman Catholic 'pardon' [Purgatory]:

".......[by a comment of Francesco B.11 giugno 2011 20:06]...... I do not know who put around the bale that Scola is a prelate linked to tradition, a new Siri! It 'a mistake, a colossal humbug! Scola is a man of the Council, in all respects. I've never heard of dogma and doctrinal rigor in his homilies, his speeches are imbued with social and political issues, without any reference to supernatural realities. It is also not particularly fond of Catholic devotional forms such as processions, novenas, rosaries and pilgrimages. He never celebrated Mass in the extraordinary form and has no intention of doing so. It has only been a celebration in the ancient rite just to say "look, I'm here too, now the Pope will be pleased with me! A way to get publicity and to show tolerance towards all. For him, the tradition is only one of many charisms of the Church, and that's that
 Accept the traditionalists just as ecumenically accepted the faithful of all religions. So much so that, in Venice, in dialogue with Muslims, rabbis, Orthodox and so on without any particular distinction. he never disapproved any construction of a mosque in Venice, indeed, he agreed. he never put into practice examples of celebrations of Benedict XVI intended to push forward the reform of the reform: no crucifix on the altar during Mass, Latin or nothing "coram Deo, "no communion on the tongue and kneeling. and this should restore Catholicism in Milan? But do me a favor! There would bishops as Negri and Oliveri, who, in fact, will never make career! Career is made by the Nosiglia , the Betori and, indeed, the Scola, namely the "politically correct" .... the seminar Milan will continue to bleed more, Milan is in no danger of a Catholic restoration, you tranquilize the novatores ...

URL:  http://blog.messainlatino.it/2011/06/se-scola-va-milano-chi-venezia.html

 PURGATORY [see year 593]: 

 Rome's Heretical Inventions:

URL:  http://www.cai.org/files/theme-sheets/en/a2/sa2035au.pdf

300 A.D. Prayers for the dead.*
300 A.D. Making the sign of the Cross.
320 A.D. Wax candles.*
375 A.D. Veneration of angels and dead saints,
and the use of images.
394 A.D. The mass, as a daily celebration.
431 A.D. Beginning of the exaltation of Mary;
the term 'Mother of God' first applied
to Mary by the Council of Ephesus.
500 A.D. Priests differentiated from the
common man by dress (clothing).
526 A.D. Extreme Unction.
593 A.D. The doctrine of purgatory established
by Gregory I.

600 A.D. Latin language, used in prayer and
worship, imposed by Gregory I.
600 A.D. Prayers directed to Mary, dead saints
and angels.*
607 A.D. Title of pope, or universal bishop,
given to Boniface III by Emperor
709 A.D. Kissing the pope's foot, began with
750 A.D. Temporal power of the popes
conferred by Pepin, king of the
786 A.D. Authorised worship of the cross,
images and relics.
850 A.D. Holy water, mixed with a pinch of salt
and blessed by a priest.
890 A.D. Worship of Saint Joseph.
927 A.D. College of the Cardinals established.
965 A.D. Baptism of Bells, instituted by Pope
John XIII.
995 A.D. Canonization of dead saints, by Pope
John XV.
998 A.D. Fasting on Fridays and during Lent.
1079 A.D. Mandatory observance of the mass.
1090 A.D. The rosary, mechanical praying,
invented by Peter the Hermit.
1184 A.D. The Inquisition instituted by the
Council of Verona.
1190 A.D. Sale of indulgences.
1215 A.D. Transubstantiation proclaimed by
Pope Innocent III.
1215 A.D. Auricular (talking in someone's ear)
Confession of sins to a priest instead
of God, instituted by Pope Innocent
III at the Lateran Council.
1220 A.D. Adoration of the Wafer (Host),
decreed by Pope Honorius III.
1229 A.D. The Bible forbidden to laymen and
placed on the Index of Forbidden
Books by the Council of Valencia.
1251 A.D. The Scapular invented by Simon
Stock, an English monk.
1414 A.D. The cup forbidden to the people at
communion by the Council of
1439 A.D. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma by
the Council of Florence.
1439 A.D. The doctrine of seven sacraments
1508 A.D. The Ave Maria (Hail Mary) -
completed fifty years later and
approved by Pope Sixtus V about
1600 A.D.
1534 A.D. Jesuit Order founded by Ignatius
1545 A.D. Tradition declared of equal authority
with the Bible by the Council of Trent.
1546 A.D. Apocryphal books added to the Bible
by the Council of Trent.
1560 A.D. 'Creed' of Pope Pius IV imposed as
the official creed.
1854 A.D. Immaculate Conception of the Virgin
Mary proclaimed by Pope Pius IX.
1864 A.D. The 'Syllabus of Errors' proclaimed by
Pope Pius IX and ratified by the
Vatican Council; condemned freedom
of religion, conscience, speech,
press, and scientific discoveries
which are not approved by the
Roman Church; and also asserted
the pope's temporal authority over all
civil rules.
1950 A.D. Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily
ascension into heaven shortly after
her death) proclaimed by Pope Pius
*approximate dates
Author and source unknown

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