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Cardinal Pio Laghi burning in Hell.

Above image - the nuncio Pio Laghi saluting Videla, Massera and Agosti 9/7/1977; above them the nuncio Torregrossa saluting Hitler; URL:
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[Remember that many sources of information present the typical deceptions of the leftism, covering the role of Mastermind of the Vatican under the classical Communist spin which wants to present it like a "weak wreckage of history which tries to survive with the help of Fascism". But such guys know very well that their the same leftism and Marxism is only an over-structure/product of the Roman Catholic feudalism, for this reason they need to present the Vatican as a "secondary force" in the shaping of the world - it is only for this reason that the "progressive leftism" is tolerated by Rome].

Cardinal Pio Laghi is dead and burning in Hell.

 "....He died Pio Laghi, the apostolic nuncio in Argentina between 1976 and 1980, in complicity with the military genocide. Another accomplice of the dictatorship that simply went to bed and died without justice is done.
It 'was one of many who have enjoyed impunity institutionalized.
He was a great friend of the 'Admiral Massera with whom he played tennis. Was perfectly aware of what was happening in ESMA so that he was the intermediary to save some
desaparecidos. He always defended the political model of the dictatorship and is also arrived, with a nerve, to declare that if he knew what was happening in Esma he  would surely have denounced it......".



Navy Petty-Officers School of Mechanics

[News found in Comedonchisciotte, comment by lucamartinelli under the post about the "flights of the death" "L'ULTIMO VOLO DELLA MORTE NELLA MEMORIA DELL' ARGENTINA" or "THE LAST FLIGHT OF DEATH IN MEMORY OF 'ARGENTINA"

I already knew about evil Pio Laghi,  but I never had time to develop the matter.

For Pio Laghi see: 

Pio Laghi


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Living in Bariloche [?the Jesuit-Nazi hidden face of Slovenia?]

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vincent said...

Rome, Nasa, nazi,cherub,to lift up one's wings, Israel and Jerusalem in the same chapter with strange numerology 12:10 10:19
Ezechiel 12:10 "this burden concernet the prince(strong:naziy-05387) in jérusalem and all the house of israel that are among them"
10:19"and the cherubims lifted up their wings (nasa-05375) and mounted up(raw-mam-07426 [rome]"
burden: vaticanus oracle augure