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And Rome will put enmity between thee and the woman...


 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, 
and between thy seed and her seed; 
it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. 
[Genesis 3:15 KJV]

*   *   *



Above image - Medvedev and Ratzinger signing an "historical agreeement". Ten days before the attack to Berlusconi, Dec. 2009

   Psychiatric war is raging on to cover the issue of the attack to North Europe by instigating the South Roman Catholic countries via economical crisis? Was the recent failure of the "Maya Prophecy" another episode of such psychiatric religious war? To create disillusion, dis-enchantment, a sense of void and confusion is the purpose, stay sure. A creation directly inspired by Satan. To make the people to believe in nothing. To destroy the last chapter of the Bible, the Revelation.  Instead to burn Bibles and Bible believers [at least for the first phase of the war...], instead to directly attack them just when the Bible is fulfilled with what is happening, it is better to destroy the human faculty and the same concept of "to-believe-in-something". When this goal will be reached, the "phase-two", the physical elimination tout court, will start.

    But then there's another agenda, the psychiatric agenda to put a total war between the female and male gender in the Western 'christian' world. I covered this topic in my "Sex With the Vatican" blog. The blog was anti-scriptural and an open invite to fornication. So I suppressed it. In any case there were some goods discoveries. War among sexes was the central one. Destroy the understanding between men and women, i.e. to further destroy the possibility of a legal, Christian marriage. To arrive to the central point: demographic decrease [for the benefit of the expansion of not-Christian China for example?]
and fornication. Simple, isn't it? Use Genesis 1:15 to destroy Exodus 20:14...:

14 Thou shalt not commit adultery .[KJV]

    A certain Jesuitical Vatican anti-Jewish (and of course anti-scriptural) perfidy appears under the guise of the frame of a visible management of this psychiatric-religious war. The Lord of the age before Abraham - Genesis - is put against Himself, the later Lord of the chosen people of Exodus.

    Another of such fingerprint is found  just in Christmas days, when the Christmas tree, a pagan cult, is used as not-so-much allusive vector of anti-Jewish, anti-scriptural hate. In fact it was through the tongue of Jeremiah that the Lord  warned the Jews about such pagan object. Therefore every attack and exposition on the Christmas tree today is immediately marked as
"anti-Christian", "Jewish perfidy" -generated. Please, don't tell me that you don't know that every year there's the competition among regions and countries which will be the next-year supplier of Crhistmas pagan tree for the Vatican, the pagan tree then exhibited on saint Peter square for the feast of the birth of the guy they continue to insist from 1700 years to call "Jesus Christ". As you should not ask me why Roman Catholic Jim Carrey played the role of the Grinch with such an ardor...


    Well, let's come back to the "sex". Look here. Three/four days ago an Italian priest wrote on a leaflet that the crimes on the women ["femini-cide"] are for great part due also to the behavior of the same women.         

Flyer on femicide
Candlelight vigil in San Terenzo
Protest in Carrara:
Mass in miniskirt
Bagnasco, "Each other serious and sad"
AUDIO Talk to the priest


If Don Courses (INTERVIEW / VIDEO): on the beach of San Terenzo the candlelight vigil to reflect on this year 122 women killed by men. Period of rest before returning to the priest in the parish. A Carrara another initiative launched via facebook

 La Spezia, 28 December 2012 - took place this afternoon on the beach of San Terenzo the candlelight vigil to reflect on 122 women killed this year at the hands of men. It 'was the association organizes "If not now, when." The event is related to the act of Don Piero courses, the parish priest of the church of San Terenzo, which has posted (and then was forced by the Bishop of La Spezia Bishop Luigi Ernesto Palletti to remove) the shock flyer which stated that the women are the cause of the feminine-cide. The priest was not suspended but will spend a period of rest before returning to the parish.

 Meanwhile, from Carrara comes another initiative launched via facebook. In the Cathedral Sunday Mass in miniskirts and cleavage to show their disagreement with the words on femicide Don Piero courses. The initiative has already received multiple memberships. '' We want to express our disagreement so - says the promoter of the initiative Alessandra Verdini - and we will present how we dress to church every day, enhancing our femininity.'' The location of the protest was chosen after a period of rest that you wrote the priest of San Terenzo:'' Otherwise we carried out this initiative in his church and this we will do if, when and where the priest will return to celebrate Mass'' .
 '' No message directed against the parish priest of the Cathedral, Don Raphael Piagentini - continues the promoter of the initiative - which indeed on several occasions demonstrated its openness but we can not fail to mention the fact that the claims of Don courses are not only but its a large part of the Church and of our society.'' '' In every city there should be an event like this but we can not forget that women Carrara 7 July 1944 challenged openly and drove the Nazis, we want to update the values ​​and see them in a plague of contemporary society such as violence physical and psychological that too many women suffer every day within the walls of home or at work.''

     The initiative of the priest is something more than an attempt to deviate the attention from the Vatican as the final beneficiary of this psychiatric religious war. The national case of the priest accusing women to "instigate sex violence" exploded just-in-time with the case which is shacking today India

Delhi Rape Protest Pictures Capture Mass Demonstrations Against Indian Sexual Assaults (PHOTOS)

Posted:   |  Updated: 12/28/2012 5:16 pm EST


Thousands of college students, teachers and activists rallied in New Delhi over the weekend, clashing with riot police near the India Gate.
The protests were set off by the brutal gang rape of a medical student on a city bus on Dec. 16. The victim, who was flown to Singapore for treatment Wednesday, is now clinging to life after sustaining serious injuries in the brutal attack. As of Friday, her condition was reported to be deteriorating, according to the Associated Press. 

    December 16. Sixteen like XVI. Two days after the Connecticut 2012 shooting. I leave you with some other news. Good lecture.

Sonia Gandhi addresses nation on rape victim's death; Sheila Dikshit's attempt to join protests fails


 NEW DELHI: Promising swift and fitting punishment for the Delhi gang-rape accused, Congress President Sonia Gandhi today said the nation's "beloved daughter" will get justice and her fight will not go in vain.....Etc.


 India to Buy Russian Weapons Worth $3bn To Strengthen Defense

Monday, 24 December 2012, 04:09 Hrs   |


And  four days after this contract Putin signed.....:
Putin signs bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children
...then reported also in my:

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Merry Christmas - III.

    Don't worry, not only U.S.A., also India is a property of the Vatican, in force with the 1213 contract [not only the reign, but also the "future pertinences" i.e. colonies of United Kingdom automatically were considered Vatican property]:

" On October 3, 1213, by treaty, King John ratified his surrender of his kingdoms to the Pope, as Vicar of Christ who claimed ownership of everything and everyone on earth as tradition.

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2013 – "Year of Italian Culture" [with Cherubims]. 

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world


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this is the old stuff generated when I was unsaved, which I only in part agree today with. Geo-politic is a blind alley, and useful to be analyzed only if a Biblical teaching can arise from it.
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